Ibanez Electric Guitars

Japan's finest. Ibanez’s electric guitars are their bread and butter and you will see nothing but quality axe’s here. Ibanez makes an electric guitar for every situation. However, they are most famous for their heavy sound that metal players love. 

In 2021 Ibanez have curated an excellent range of electric guitars to suit all. From their top tier Prestige models to their classic RG design.



Quite possibly some of the most recognizable guitar designs around, Ibanez’s RG range is their flagship electric guitar. With over three decades of innovation under its belt - this guitar knows how to pack a punch. This cornerstone of Ibanez electric guitar design is still as much of a hit now as it was in the 80’s,


Their prestige range of electric guitars are perfect for the metal-head. They shred like no other. As the highest tier of their electric guitars, these guitars are some of the finest guitars that Ibanez have to offer and you can certainly tell.


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