Fender Jazz Bass

The Fender Jazz Bass guitar or J Bass for short is the 2nd model of bass guitars designed by Leo Fender. This bass offered a brighter tone than the Fender Precision bass guitar thanks to a richer midrange and treble. Originally conceived in 1960 as the Deluxe Model’ this bass guitar has now found its way into the fabric of popular music itself.


Thanks to its ability to stand out in the mix due to a lesser low end and lower midrange, the Jazz bass was fundamental in creating the sound of the disco, funk (especially slap bass) blues, progressive rock, heavy metal and Jazz fusion genres.

It’s impossible to deny the effect the Fender Jazz bass has had on the world of music.

Originally conceived as a partner to the Jazzmaster guitar, the Jazz bass was originally intended to appeal to Jazz guitarists, however, it would be adopted by almost every style of music thanks to its sonic versatility and superb playability.


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We dread to think what the world of music would sound like without this iconic bass which provided players with a world of tonal options. The simple act of adding two single-coil pickups and the ability to reduce the volume/turn off each pickup and sculpt the overall tone resulted in many a signature bass sound.


The use of dual single-coil pickups and independent volume controls allows the user to create their own sound. The addition of a single Tone knob means you can isolate each pickup, or blend the two to create unique voicings.

Roll the Tone knob back and you have a unique sonic palette to play with. This addition of added control over your sound means you can sculpt your ideal bass tone directly via the bass.

Want a heavier sound? Roll the tone back a touch and turn the volume of the neck pickup right down and enjoy the lush, heavy-hitting sounds of the bridge pickup. Need something to carry that chorus along? Reintroduce the neck pickup and watch the song come alive!

The Fender Jazz Bass has something for everyone!


In summary, the main differences between the Fender P Bass and The Fender Jazz, come down to shape, neck width and pickups: The Jazz bass has an offset body style. The P bass has a double-cutaway similar to a Stratocaster.

The Precision bass neck is thicker at the nut at around 43mm. The Jazz bass neck tapers towards the nut and has a 38mm width at its narrowest point. The Fender Jazz bass features dual single-coil pickups whereas the Fender Precision ‘P’ Bass features a hum-cancelling split-coil pickup.


  • When was the Fender Jazz Bass invented?

    The Fender Jazz Bass was first designed and released alongside the company's Jazzmaster guitar in 1960. Originally named the Deluxe model, and aimed at Jazz musicians, the versatility of this bass soon appealed to players from all walks of life.
  • Are Fender Jazz Basses any good?

    As one of the most popular electric bass guitars ever made, it's safe to say Yes, they are. Thanks to a fast-playing neck, and versatile electronics, the Jazz Bass is a stand-out performer in almost ANY musical genre or playstyle.
  • Does anyone famous play a Fender Jazz bass?

    Whilst the list of famous performers who favour the Jazz Bass is a long one, some names you may recognise are as follows: Flea, Jaco Pastorius, Geddy Lee, John Paul Jones, Marcus Miller, Larry Graham, and many more besides.