Giving guitarists all that they could need within one compact multi-FX pedal unit, the Boss ME-90 is the newest addition to the vastly popular ME series, a range that has indisputably enabled players to have an array of tones and effects at their disposal in seconds. 

Hassle-Free Sound

The Boss ME-90 provides a user-friendly interface, which is driven by intuitive knobs, and offers a diverse selection of effects. This allows you to easily create and adjust configurations and tones, similar to a pedalboard filled with various stompboxes, but without the hassle of tape, power distribution, and multiple cables.

By selecting an amp model or effect type from the provided categories and adjusting the knobs accordingly, you can effortlessly achieve your desired sound. Jam-packed with 36 preset patches that offer high-quality tones suitable for professional use, the BOSS ME-90 also comes along with an additional 36 user patches for storing your own customised creations, so you’re never short on space when saving presets.

Professional Grade Effects at Your Fingertips

With the ME-90, you gain full control over an extensive array of BOSS effects, as it offers seven distinct categories filled with options derived from the flagship GT-1000. This comprehensive selection covers everything you could possibly need, ranging from overdrives and distortions to pitch/mod effects, delays, and high-quality reverbs.

In addition, you'll have access to 11 dedicated Pedal FX, a looper, and specialised effects like acoustic simulation and down-tuning. There are 60 effect types to choose from, and through BOSS Tone Studio, you can access over 20 additional effects. To incorporate external pedals, the ME-90 provides a convenient send/return loop, allowing you to save the on/off status of these pedals within your patches and position the loop before or after amp models in your signal chain.  Check out the BOSS ME-90 Tone Studio for the full range of effects at your disposal. 

Adaptable Real-Time Control

Featuring eight footswitches with smooth, quiet operation and an expression pedal with an integrated toe switch the ME-90 allows users to utilise Memory mode to call up complete patch setups with the footswitches, and then switch to Manual mode for direct on/off control of each effect category within the patch. 

In addition to that, the footswitch LEDs light in different colours for quick identification in the heat of a performance. It’s also possible to set all LEDs to light in a fixed colour for each mode if desired. You can also control your ME-90 from the BTS for ME-90 app:


Innovative AIRD Technology

The ME-90 supplies an impressive array of features that are sure to captivate any guitarist's creativity. Drawing inspiration from the highly-acclaimed GT-1000, this device incorporates meticulously crafted amp models, powered by cutting-edge AIRD technology, guaranteeing an unparalleled emulation of tube tone and a responsive playing experience. 

Boasting an enticing selection of eleven onboard amp types, ranging from pristine clean combos to ferociously aggressive high-gain stacks, the ME-90 allows musicians to effortlessly explore a wide spectrum of sonic possibilities. For those seeking further tonal exploration, the BOSS Tone Studio provides access to additional amp selections. Furthermore, each amp model is accompanied by its own dedicated cabinet sound, enabling seamless integration with PA systems or recording equipment. 

To truly make your sound your own, the ME-90 also grants the ability to load three of your preferred speaker impulse responses, offering a personalized touch to your sonic creations. With its exceptional features and unwavering commitment to tonal authenticity, the ME-90 solidifies its position as an indispensable companion for musicians who crave versatility and sonic excellence.

Travel Ready

Delivering a host of improvements to the table, the BOSS ME-90 is lighter than its predecessor without sacrificing any of its durability and overall functionality. Redesigned for better control, you can power it with batteries or an AC adaptor, and a rear-panel switch optimizes outputs for amps or PA systems. In addition, the USB-C output turns it into a computer audio interface for music production software, making it ideal for further tweaking to BOSS Tone Studio communication is also included.

Watch Dagan test out the ME-90 on our YouTube

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