Check out the latest new gear releases from Fender, Gretsch, Jackson, EVH, and Charvel, including exciting Artist Signature guitars and fresh finishes for 2022

On the back of Summer NAMM - one of our favourite events of the year - we’ve compiled the most recent announcements from some of the biggest names in the guitar gear industry and selected our favourite picks that you can get your hands on at PMT.

We’ll be checking out an all-new Jim Root Signature Model by Charvel, a Limited Edition Jim Dandy Gretsch, a selection of extra-special EVH guitars, and much more.

First, let’s take a look at what Fender has to offer..

New for 2022 Fender Gear

Fender are back with some incredible new releases this year, including a whole host of ukuleles and some awesome acoustic options for beginners.

Get the lowdown on some of the most exciting bits below and find the next piece of gear to add to your collection!

2022 Fender Acoustasonic Guitars

American Acoustasonic Jazzmaster All-Mahogany, Bourbon Burst

These all-mahogany American Acoustasonic models come equipped with the game-changing Fender and Fishman®-designed Acoustic Engine and are available in both classic Telecaster and Jazzmaster silhouettes.

Innovative and filled with tone - what’s not to love?

No matter which you choose between the Natural finish or Bourbon Burst, these guitars are sure to turn heads.

2022 Fender Amplifiers

Fender amps are the choice of countless professionals, and for good reason. The brand is still innovating in 2022, and these two new models prove it.

Fender Pro Junior IV SE

Fender Pro Junior IV SE

A no-nonsense 15-watt all-tube tonal beast, you can’t go wrong with the latest iteration of the Pro Junior.

Straightforward and free from unnecessary extras, this amp takes you from clean to mean in no time at all - perfect for the player who prioritises a solid base to build their sound upon.

Fender Mustang LT40S Desktop Amp

Fender Mustang LT40S Desktop Amp

If you need effects and flexibility from your guitar amp then look no further than this addition to the Mustang amp family - the LT40S.

Boasting 40 watts of stereo power and a pair of high-fidelity, full range 4-inch speakers, this amp combines an easy-to-use interface with app integration and a ‘greatest hits’ of guitar tones from across the history of popular music.

For amp modelling made simple, the Mustang is the answer.

2022 Fender Acoustic Guitars

Fender have got you covered when it comes to their acoustic range, and their 2022 collection supplies beginner and intermediate players with a fusion of iconic design, high-quality construction, and enhanced playability.

Fender DE FA-135 Concert

Fender DE-135 Concert WN Black

Built for the stage, this lively axe sounds and plays at a level far above its price range.

Developing players will appreciate the extra-comfortable nato neck, whilst the modern Fender 3+3 headstock and Viking bridge ensure the tone is of a superb calibre - with the looks to match.

Find it in the following finishes:

Fender FA-115 Dreadnought

Fender FA-115 Dreadnought

If you’re just looking to get started on your musical journey then this Beginner Pack will get you going in the right direction.

In addition to the beautiful FA-115 dreadnought acoustic guitar - which features a spruce top, X-bracing, and compensated bridge saddles - you’re also treated to a gig bag, picks, a strap, a spare pack of strings, and a free 90-day subscription to Fender Play with access to hundreds of online lessons.

The FA-115 Pack is available in the following finishes:

Fender FA-135CE Concert

Fender FA-135CE All Mahogany

Similar to the DE FA-135 above, the single-cutaway FA-135CE model has all of the necessary features to give players versatility and playability where it matters most.

If you’re planning on plugging-in and playing live, this guitar has renowned Fishman® electronics - so you know it won’t fail you when you enter the world of live music.

Check out our favourite all-mahogany option above, then take a closer look at the specs and other finishes below:

2022 Fender Ukuleles

If you’re on the hunt for a ukulele to add to your collection then you’ll be pleased to know that Fender have unleashed a rather large new selection for you to take your pick from.

Check them all out below!

Fender Avalon Tenor Ukulele

Fender Avalon Ukulele

A larger sibling to the ever-popular Venice Soprano model, the Avalon Tenor model gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to portability and tone.

The all-basswood construction and slim "C"-shaped neck profile offer a classic Fender playing experience, and with classic colour options and a painted 4-in-line Strat headstock this ukulele will bring joy to all.

Available in:

Fender Zuma Exotic Concert Ukulele

Fender Zuma Exotic Uke

Striking and elegant, the Zuma Concert Ukulele grants players a natural tone that matches the beautiful looks and open-pore satin finish.

Our favourite feature is the no-tie bridge that allows you to make string changes with ease - meaning this little instrument is a perfect option for leisure and studio play.

Available in:

Fender Rincon Tenor Ukulele

Fender Rincon Tenor Ukulele

This ukulele sings with a deep, rich, and wholly unique voice that brings style to the stage. Built entirely from Ovangkol, it takes its name from one of Southern California’s most loved surf spots.

Fender Montecito Tenor Ukulele

Fender Montecito Tenor Ukulele

Constructed from Acacia wood - a relative of Koa, which is an increasingly popular choice for all sorts of instruments - this uke takes its name from the chic California town that many celebrities call home.

Fender Venice Soprano Uke

Fender Venice Soprano Uke

Take the spirit of Venice wherever you go! Head to the beach, to a jam session, or down to the studio with this classic-sounding instrument.

New for 2022 Jackson Guitars and Basses

Jackson are a firm favourite of ours at PMT, and we’re thrilled to see a trio of new offerings from the X Series - pick out your favourite below..

Jackson X Series Warrior™ WRX24M in Ferrari Red

Jackson X Series Warrior™ WRX24M in Ferrari Red

High-output humbuckers, a compound radius fingerboard, and a recessed Floyd Rose Special Series Tremolo unit - this guitar is built for riffs.

Slick and raw, the famous X Shredder body in Ferrari Red makes this Warrior WRX24M a must-have for the budding metalhead.

Jackson X Series Concert™ Bass CBXNT DX V in Fireburst

Jackson X Series Concert™ Bass CBXNT DX V in Fireburst

Combining modern Jackson features with a distinct look that borrows heavily from the bass guitars of yesteryear, the CBXNT DX V in Fireburst is truly stunning.

Use the tone-boosting active electronics and P/J pickups with blend control to nail your favourite tones no matter what style of music you’re playing.

Jackson X Series Soloist™ SLX DX In Manalishi Green

Jackson X Series Soloist™ SLX DX In Manalishi Green

Lead guitarists rejoice - this Soloist SLX DX model has been designed with speed and supercharged playability in mind.

Finished in the beautiful Manalishi Green, it’s sure to inspire your next epic solo.

New for 2022 Gretsch Guitars

Gretsch has spoiled us this year, with a selection of new finishes across their range - including the Streamliner, Electromatic, Roots, and Professional collection.

2022 Gretsch Streamliner Collection

Gretsch Streamliner G2655 New Colours

Gretsch G2655 Midnight Sapphire

Looking for the sound and vibe of a semi-hollowbody in a solidbody package? Look no further than the Streamliner G2655.

Here, we have the hardtail version in two classy new finishes:

Gretsch Streamliner G2622T New Colours

Gretsch Streamliner G2622T

When you mix a chambered spruce centre block with Broad’Tron Humbuckers you’re bound to get good things, and the huge, open tone of this axe proves it.

Now available in two new finishes:

2022 Gretsch Electromatic Collection

Gretsch G5222 Double Jet BT New Colours

Gretsch G5222 Double Jet BT

One of Gretsch’s most iconic instruments, you can now get the BT version in the following new finishes:

Gretsch G5232T Double Jet FT New Colours

Gretsch G5232T Double Jet FT

If you’re more a fan of the FT version of this legendary instrument, then you can treat yourself to these beautiful designs:

Gretsch Double Jet LEFTIES New Colours

Gretsch Double Jet LEFTIES

If you’re a leftie then you can choose either of these colours - and take your pick from the BT and FT models too! These unique colourways are undoubtedly bound to be fan favourites:

2022 Gretsch Roots Collection

Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy

Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Nocturne Blue

The Jim Dandy model is an all-time bestseller, and these alluring new finishes prove that Gretsch has no problem giving the people more of what they want.

Check them out in all of their glory here - including the Limited Edition Nocturne Blue colour that we’ve fallen in love with:

2022 Gretsch Professional Collection

Gretsch G6134TFM NH Nigel Hendroff Signature Penguin

Gretsch G6134TFM NH Nigel Hendroff Signature Penguin

The Hillsong Music Director Nigel Hendroff brings us a selection of Signature Penguin guitars, available in two beautiful colourways.

Get the full specs on each model below:

Gretsch G6131 MY RB Red Beast Limited Edition Malcolm Young Signature Jet

Gretsch G6131 MY RB Red Beast Limited Edition Malcolm Young Signature Jet

This one is for AC/DC fans, as Gretsch has painstakingly recreated the heavily-modified guitar that Malcolm Young used for much of his career with the band.

New for 2022 EVH Guitars

We’ve got 3 new guitars from EVH that are certain to inspire - so no matter how you choose to play, you’ll find something that Eddie would approve of.

EVH Stripe Series ’78 Eruption Relic

EVH Stripe Series ’78 Eruption Relic

Best known as the axe from the cover of Van Halen’s 1978 self-titled album, this is the guitar that Eddie played his mind-blowing ‘Eruption’ solo on - an undeniable icon in the history of guitar!

EVH Wolfgang Standard Exotic

EVH Wolfgang Standard Exotic Poplar

The Wolfgang Standard Exotic offers up some exciting new tonewood options to the EVH range, blending a raw, heavy character with boundary-pushing aesthetics that are designed for maximum comfort and playability.

Available in:

EVH Ltd Edition 5150 Series Deluxe in Natural Ash

EVH Ltd Edition 5150 Series Deluxe in Natural Ash

Lightning fast, articulate, and equipped with a pair of EVH Wolfgang Alnico 2 humbucking pickups, this guitar is engineered without compromise.

Complete with a unique killswitch to add a unique style to your playing, it’s the best of modern guitar tech with a throwback design that refuses to go out of style.

New for 2022 Charvel Guitars

Charvel have contributed a few of our favourite new releases this year, with some particularly exciting Signature Models and a selection of gorgeous finishes with features to match.

Get the lowdown on the entire 2022 range here..

Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas SD1 Ash in Sunburn

Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas SD1 Ash in Sunburn

Finished in a jaw-droppingly awesome Sunburn finish, this Pro Mod San Dimas SD1 Ash is the culmination of all of Charvel’s innovation and legacy in a singular package.

The DiMarzio PAF and Super Distortion humbuckers ensure scorching tone, and the blisteringly-quick speed neck means you’ll find comfort and playability like no other.

Charvel Pro Mod SoCal SC3 in Cherry Kiss

Charvel Pro Mod SoCal SC3 in Cherry Kiss

This high-octane axe pays homage to the roots of Charvel and 1980s Southern California, with a workhorse guitar that is unparalleled in performance, tone, and style.

It’s kitted out with some epic modern enhancements though, with Floyd Rose 1000 Series components and a 12"-16" compound radius for complete control of your solos.

Charvel Pro Mod DK22 in Natural Walnut

Charvel Pro Mod DK22 in Natural Walnut

The unassuming Pro Mod DK22 in Natural Walnut hides a plethora of awesome tones beneath its quietly alluring finish.

With 3 unique Seymour Duncan Custom pickups, a sculpted shredder’s cut heel, and Gotoh Custom 510 tremolo bridge, you can expect a full-spectrum of sounds to suit the versatile modern player.

Charvel Ltd Edition Pro Mod SD1 in Sin City Sparkle

Charvel Ltd Edition Pro Mod SD1 in Sin City Sparkle

This incredible axe is finished in one of our favourite colourways of the year - Sin City Sparkle.

You’ll be glad to hear that the Limited Edition Pro Mod SD1 has the tones to match the looks too, with a mixed pair of Seymour Duncan Humbuckers and a graphite-reinforced Maple neck with a Floyd Rose 1000 Series Locking Tremolo System.

Charvel Pro Mod Jim Root Signature San Dimas

Charvel Pro Mod Jim Root Signature San Dimas

Charvel has managed to pack every ounce of Jim Root’s unhinged metal tone into this new signature model for the Slipknot legend.

Equipped with Dual MG Jim Root Signature Daemonum Open-Coil Active Humbucking Pickups - and complete with Active Electronic circuitry - this thing is a total riff machine.

This guitar is available in the following finishes:

Charvel Pro Mod Signature Marco Sfogli SoCal

Charvel Pro Mod Signature Marco Sfogli SoCal

A signature model befitting of the technical genius that is Marco Sfogli, this EMG-equipped axe comes in a luxurious Transparent Purple Burst finish.

It also comes complete with some awesome appointments such as a caramelised Maple hand-rubbed satin urethane Speed Neck, rolled fingerboard edges, and Floyd Rose 1000 Series Double-Locking Tremolo System.

Charvel Pro Mod Signature Frank Bello SoCal Bass IV

Charvel Pro Mod Signature Frank Bello SoCal Bass IV

Anthrax legend Frank Bello is renowned for high-energy and hard-hitting thrash tones. The SoCal Bass IV is set-up to deliver a blend of Precision and Jazz flavours, with signature EMG pickups and active electronics that give you access to contemporary and classic sounds.

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