Novation introduces the first ever fully-integrated FL Studio MIDI keyboard range with the FLkey 37 and FLkey Mini

In news that will be welcomed by producers around the world, Novation has today launched the first ever MIDI keyboard controllers fully-integrated with FL Studio.

Offering seamless music production that feels instinctive and powerful, the FLkey Mini and FLkey 37 offer a range of qualities that put all of the essentials for music creation at your fingertips.

Keep reading as we take a deep dive into the differences between the FLkey Mini and FLkey 37, as well as inspecting the full scope of their features so you can decide which FLkey is best for your set-up.

FLkey FL Studio Controller

FLkey Mini

The FLkey Mini is a premium, compact 25-mini-key MIDI keyboard that gives you hands-on control of the most important features in FL Studio.

Suitable for producers of all skill levels, the FLkey Mini ensures that creativity keeps flowing no matter where you are. An ideal companion for producers on the road, the intuitive design means that you can spend less time working at your computer screen and get closer to the music.

Built to the usual high standards that you’d expect from Novation, this controller features the finest mini keys that Novation has ever produced - so you can travel safe in the knowledge that your gear is robust enough to withstand the rigours of the road.

The extensive list of features mean that it’s equally-suited to small home studios, too - check out all of our favourite specifications further down in this article.

For now, take a closer look at the FLkey 37..

FLkey Mini FL Studio Controller

FLkey 37

For complete and unlimited command of FL Studio, the FLkey 37 is the ultimate production tool.

Featuring controls for the Sequencer in addition to the Channel Rack and Mixer, this controller also allows you to fully utilise creative Chord and Scale modes, lending an unrestricted and creative feel to the workflow that allows you to make more of your music.

With just one finger you can play a range of unique chords and move around different scales, unlocking a plethora of new harmonies and sounds - all whilst tweaking each individual parameter in real-time.

Get to grips with the full feature list below!

FLkey 37 FL Studio Controller

FLkey Features

The FLkey range is bursting with tools that help you connect with your music - check out some of our favourite features here..

Seamless Integration with FL Studio
The FLkey range is the first fully-integrated FL Studio MIDI keyboard controller, so set-up is seamless and allows for complete and unlimited control when you need it.

Step Sequencer
Programming drums is easier than ever with FLkey. Utilise the Step Sequencer for beats with a real human feel, mapping the 37 pads to the sequencer for extra-fast beat creation.

Channel Rack Playability
Play directly into the Channel Rack and get away from the grid within your DAW. Speed up your music-making and stay focused as you create.

Scale Mode
Always hit the right notes and discover new melodies with Scale Mode. Break boundaries with your playing as you experiment with different scales, exploring fresh new ideas free from the fear of playing wrong notes.

Instrument Control
Use the pads to trigger FPC and SliceX for expressive beat creation, and take advantage of Note Repeat for crisp rolls that highlight the individuality of your music.

Plug-in Control
Take full advantage of your Image Line plug-ins and record completely natural-sounding automation with the knobs found on the FLkey. Tweak parameters on the fly and make sure each aspect of your creation sounds fully authentic as you create it.

Preset Browsing
Browse your favourite presets directly from the FLkey - meaning you can stay away from your screen and concentrate where it really matters.

Custom Modes
Completely tailor your workflow with custom controls on each pad and knob.

Mixer Control (FLkey Mini) and Channel Rack Control (FLkey 37)
Take the Mixer away from the screen and control it directly from the FLkey 37 and Mini. The 37 model also allows for full Channel Rack control.

Creative Chord Modes (FLkey 37 only)
The FLkey 37 gets extra-special here, with a selection of 3 Creative Chord Modes that allow you to perform and build songs in extra-fast time. Choose Fixed, User, or Scale mode and play with complete uninhibited freedom.

Extra Software

Each of the FLkey controllers also comes with a selection of additional software completely free of charge.

In addition to a six-month trial of FL Studio Producer, you also get access to:

  • XLN Audio Addictive Keys
  • AAS Session bundle
  • Spitfire Audio Expressive Strings
  • Klevgrand DAW Cassette
  • Klevgrand Reverb
FLkey Extra Software

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