Get the lowdown on Yamaha’s updated 2022 Revstar range in our complete Yamaha Revstar guitar review

Drawing inspiration from Yamaha’s electric guitar design heritage in combination with Yamaha Motors’ history of classic café racer motorcycle designs, the Revstar guitar has become one of the most recognisable guitar silhouettes since it was launched in 2015.

The new 2022 Revstar guitars offer a complete series update across three tiers - Professional, Standard, and Element - as well as displaying two different pickup configurations with versatile switching options and a stunning selection of racing-inspired finishes.

Perhaps most excitingly (at least for a certain subset of players), the range now also includes Left-Handed Revstar models for the first time ever.

Keep reading for our full Revstar review as we take a closer look at the specs and features that make these one of the best guitars of 2022!

2022 Revstar Features

Chambered Bodies with Acoustic Design (Full Range)

Developed with Yamaha’s Acoustic Design process, the Revstar range is crafted using advanced measurement and modelling tools which lower the weight and optimise the balance of the guitar.

By developing the chambering patterns, a very precise tone can be sculpted that also increases the resonance of the instrument

Carbon Reinforcement (Professional/Standard)

Another upgrade that is implemented during the Acoustic Design process, carbon-reinforced necks can now be found on each of the Professional and Standard Revstar models. The Professional selection also uses carbon reinforcement throughout the entire body of the guitar.

2022 Yamaha Revstar Neck

5-Way Switching (Professional/Standard)

Professional and Standard model Revstar guitars are also fitted with an original circuit that marginally delays the opposite pickup in positions 2 and 4. This offers two-pickup guitars an increased level of versatility that you’d usually only find in three-pickup models.

2022 Yamaha Revstar Pickup Selector

Two Pickup Configurations (Professional/Standard)

Like the sound of a Yamaha Revstar with P90s? Both Professional and Standard models are available with two P90-style single coils and Yamaha’s original racing tailpiece, or with a two humbucker configuration if that’s more your style.

2022 Yamaha Revstar P90

Dry Switch (Element)

A mainstay that has been around since the inception of the Revstar, this switch brightens your tone by introducing a high-pass filter circuit. Better still, it does so whilst avoiding additional noise or power drops that are often associated with conventional coil splits.

2022 Yamaha Revstar Dry Switch

Focus Switch (Professional/Standard)

By shifting the resonant peaks of the Revstar tone whilst simultaneously increasing the power, this boost function grants you the sound of an overwound pickup. It’s great for pushing an amp aggressively or for mimicking ‘rolled-off’ jazz tones.

2022 Yamaha Revstar Focus Switch

Left-Handed Models (Standard/Element)

For the first time in the history of the Revstar you can now get Left-Handed models across the Standard and Element range. Keep reading for more information on what models and finishes are available!

Initial Response Acceleration (Professional)

Exclusive to the Professional selection, the exclusive IRA process from Yamaha gives your guitar a ‘played-in’ sound by treating it with very specific vibrations after the axe has been fully-constructed. This helps to release stresses between components, meaning they’re ready to go straight out of the box.

2022 Yamaha Revstar Professional

Yamaha Revstar Specs

Scale Length 628.6mm (24 ¾")
Construction Set-Neck
Body Chambered Mahogany*
Neck Mahogany*
Fingerboard Rosewood
Frets 22 Jumbo (Stainless Steel on Professional & Standard)
Origin Japan (Professional); Indonesia (Standard & Element)

*Some variations will be present across each of the Revstar models - for example, Professional and Standard models also feature the carbon-reinforced necks mentioned above, as well as Maple Tops (and further carbon reinforcements on the body of Pro models).

Click below to see the entire range and compare the different specs across each of the Revstar tiers:

Revstar Lefty

The RSS20L and RSE20L are the first-ever left-handed Revstar models to be released.

Available in the awesome Swift Blue finish or the ultra-smart Black version, these guitars ooze class and offer a chance for all lefties to add the unique Revstar to their collection.

These models come from the Standard and Element tiers, meaning that they’re a suitable choice for a huge range of guitarists - from those picking out their first gig-ready guitar upgrade to the more proficient player who wants a little more variety from their axe.

Let’s take a closer look at which of the Revstar tiers is best for each sort of player..

Which Revstar Guitar is Right for Me - Professional, Standard, or Element?

2022 Yamaha Revstar

If you’re unsure about which Revstar guitar to opt for after looking through their respective features and specs then we’re here to help.

If you’re a fairly new guitarist who is looking to upgrade from your first instrument then we recommend the Element series. It offers bold new sounds and tones with an extra hint of quality that won’t break the bank.

The Standard Revstar model is a solid choice for the more experienced player who needs some further tonal options - or perhaps wants to add a visually striking guitar to their arsenal.

For the discerning shredder who appreciates the finer things from their guitar we recommend the Professional model Revstar. These guitars prioritise innovation in construction and tone, offering a degree of quality that is particularly distinct to the Made in Japan model.

It’s also worth noting that the Professional models come with a Hard Case for transporting your axe between shows and on tour. The Standard models, on the other hand, come with a Gig Bag that’s ideal for moving between rehearsals and local shows.

2022 Yamaha Revstar Case

The Element models don’t have an included case, but you can check out our selection at PMT below:

Yamaha Pacifica vs Revstar

If you’re an entry-level guitarist who likes the sound of the Revstar you might be better opting for something from the Pacifica series. The 012 and 112 models are expertly-designed with beginners in mind, offering features that will help you to hit the ground running when it comes to learning an instrument. Check them out below:

With that being said, we would never discourage a new player from choosing a guitar that inspires them - so come and check out the full-range of Yamaha guitars at your local PMT Store and see which one feels best.

Still want to know more about the 2022 Yamaha Revstar guitars? Need some extra help with choosing the right guitar for your collection? Call us on 0151 448 2089 or check out your local store to speak to one of our Experts about your needs.