ADAM Audio introduces the all-new A Series range of IP-networked DSP loudspeakers - we round up the latest features and find out why you should upgrade today

Producers, audiophiles, and gear geeks rejoice - ADAM Audio has unleashed a fresh range of feature-filled loudspeakers, the A Series.

This all-new selection comprises the following 5 models:

The A Series speakers all come with a host of exciting upgrades and are expertly-designed for use in a variety of scenarios - with the A4V an awesome option for smaller studio environments, all the way up to the 3-way A77H and A8H models.

Keep reading as we take a deep dive into the specifications and find out why you should upgrade to the A Series - but first, let’s take a closer look at the original AX Series that put ADAM Audio on the map..

ADAM Audio AX Series Heritage

The ADAM Audio AX Series has been a go-to choice for all sorts of audio applications for over a decade, and the A Series promises to carry the torch with some of the best-value loudspeaker options available.

Whilst the A8H and A44H speakers are new additions to the lineup, fans of the A77X and iconic A7X will find plenty to love in the new A77H and A7V models.

The new horizontally-orientated A44H speaker is a sleek alternative to the A7V, boasting similar characteristics via a 19-inch wide construction that makes it ideal for mounting near to screens or in a standard shelf rack.

The A5X and A3X models have been streamlined into the new A4V model, which promises accurate and full-bodied sound from a compact, practical design.

ADAM Audio A Series
ADAM Audio A Series

A Solution for Every Space

No matter the space in which you choose to set-up your A Series monitors, you can do so with full confidence in their ability to achieve transparent, natural sounds.

Home studios often lack professional-grade treatment, and any anomalies present in the room will alter the sound of your monitoring solution - even with completely flat, neutral speakers.

By taking advantage of the A Control software from ADAM, you can access full-bandwidth parametric EQs that may be saved and stored for use in different environments.

Furthermore, the monitors feature the option to integrate room-correction software on-board courtesy of Sonarworks. This allows you to set up the monitors based on your room and save the settings for flawless sound every time. ADAM tells us that this room-correction software is better in speakers than in your DAW as you avoid the need to switch-on and switch-off the plug-ins when the settings are saved to your speakers, freeing-up processing power and simplifying your workflow - more on that later!

In addition to IP-control over your audio, the ability to utilise Wi-Fi networking for assembling your rig is also immensely helpful when setting up Atmos and Surround rooms.

With a wide-variety of immersive applications becoming more and more commonplace - whether it be gaming, film, or Atmos music - it’s clear that ADAM is looking to the future with the A Series.

ADAM A Series Immersive Set-Up

A Series Features

Let’s dig into the features of the A Series and find out exactly why you should upgrade your set-up - and why we think they offer such good value for a range of applications..

New X-ART AMT Tweeter & HPS Waveguide Design

The newly-designed tweeter and HPS waveguide design promises lower distortion and higher power handling, so audio is clearer and boasts a new level of clarity. Moreover, they give you better directivity control - and they’re rotatable. The ribbon is hand-folded in Berlin, and the tri-colour LED is user-friendly and offers easily understandable user feedback.

New MLM Woofer & Midrange Designs

The MLM woofer and midrange designs feature up to 7 layers of mineral sheet with a well-damped cone. The soft parts are optimised to minimise any asymmetries, and there’s also a lower distortion motor and higher power handling here too.

New Port Design

The new port design on these speakers gives you access to higher capacity and lower turbulence, with a greater low-frequency maximum SPL and lower distortion once again.


Angled cabinets reduce edge diffraction, with a well-braced construction to avoid resonances. The A Series industrial design feels rugged and built to last, too.

Room Adaptation Controls

The room adaptation controls come via an interface that is especially easy-to-use, so no matter your experience level you can have perfect audio in super-quick time.

ADAM Audio A Series A4V

IP Remote Control

The IP control on the A Series works with standard (10/100) network switches. This feature essentially ensures your set-up is future-proof, as it allows for product updates, new features, voicings, and more moving forwards.

Remote control of your audio via A Control means that you can remain fixed to a listening position when changing up the sound of your speakers - producers need not worry about reaching behind mounted speakers in order to alter the sound, as they can do it all from the ADAM software.

XLR and RCA Analogue Inputs

All A Series monitors feature flexible input connectivity, with XLR and RCA analogue inputs.


The A Series comes with some pre-defined ‘voicings’ available to take advantage of.

‘Pure’ is perfect for mixing and mastering, when true transparency is of utmost importance.

‘UNR’, or Uniform Natural Response, is a response curve of ADAM’s own design based upon some legacy products such as the AX range. It’s dynamic and natural - perfectly-suited to production, composition, and writing.

The ‘Ext.’ option is for custom voicings generated with A Control that can be pushed to the monitor via an Ethernet connection.

ADAM Audio A Series A44H

Want to learn more about the ADAM Audio A Series? Need help setting up ADAM monitors? Call us on 0151 448 2089 or check out your local store to speak to one of our Experts about your needs.

What You Need To Know About the A Series - answered by ADAM Audio

We asked the team over at ADAM some questions before the launch of their latest loudspeakers, and here’s what they had to say..

The AX series were legendary - why the re-design?

The AX range is 13 years old and is now an industry standard, but being 13 years old, the technology and manufacturing processes used are dated. So much has changed over the years and we want to keep up with the latest trends whilst providing the best monitor for the end user. Using the most up to date materials, technical innovations and manufacturing processes, hence the new redesign.

I have a small, bedroom-sized studio - what is the best monitor to choose?

We have three models in the new range which can be used in smaller size studios and each one is different in its own unique way. The A4V is a very compact monitor perfect for the smaller studios which need accuracy and punch. Next is the A44H which is a new configuration to our previous AX range consisting of dual 4’’ woofers in a horizontal cabinet with lush midrange and a tight bottom-end. Finally, the A7V is the perfect size for desks and meter bridges taking over from its predecessor the A7X which has become an industry standard for engineers and producers worldwide. Our signature tweeter can be found throughout the whole A Series and the only difference between the models is the speaker configuration. Something to remember when auditioning speakers is that you should always look to purchase a speaker with more power rather than just enough which will help to eliminate distortion and ear fatigue.

What are the main benefits to the 3-way design on the A77H compared to the 2-Way A44H?

A three-way loudspeaker has a separate driver to reproduce the frequencies that would otherwise have to be reproduced by the woofer. The result is a lower distortion which subjectively means a more open/transparent/revealing sound. In the case of the A77H, the additional benefits of it being a larger product are a higher max SPL and lower LF cut off. Both the A77H and A44H use the identical AMT tweeter so the main differences you find will be in the mids and low end extension.

We hear that Sonarworks SoundID Reference can be integrated into the new A Series?

Sonarworks SoundID Reference can be used to measure your loudspeakers in your room and calibrate them for a better sound quality. There is nothing new there as it is a well-established product in the market for many years. What is new with the A Series is that a filter set generated by Sonarworks can be uploaded into the loudspeakers so that a computer is not needed to perform the EQ'ing in real time. The additional benefits are that if you still have a computer for other tasks, say running your DAW, it will not be loaded by this extra work and that latency is minimised.

What are the main benefits of DSP-based room correction?

Let’s look at why we have implemented this functionality into the A Series and it may help you to understand what the main benefits of DSP based Room Correction are. We designed the A Series in mind to have a flat frequency response but if the end user’s recording environment doesn’t have good solid room acoustics, then this defeats the whole object of having flat response monitors and it will be highlighted through playback. In a nutshell, your room acoustics determine how your monitors perform in your room, so we thought it was important to have Room Correction as an optional function embedded into our new range to neutralise any anomalies you may have in your room. The 2 main benefits of DSP-based room correction are to fix your room anomalies and also allow you to hear accurately what you are listening to, which will enable you to make decisions based on what you can hear.

Sonarworks are market leaders in the Room Correction field, and are a company we have certainly admired for a while, so it was only natural that we decided to work with them and utilise their expertise.

What are the 3D/multi-channel/immersive audio capabilities of the A Series?

All the A Series products have sufficient quality and SPL to be used in a Dolby Atmos or 3D/multi-channel/immersive audio systems provided the room and listening distance is appropriate for the selected model. The A Series will be included in Dolby’s DARDT spreadsheet once the required measurements have been made and supplied to Dolby so customers can correctly specify the loudspeakers for the room.

Are Multi-Layer Mineral (MLM) fibres used on any other monitors, and what are the sonic benefits to this material?

Multi-Layer Mineral fibres are used by other monitor manufacturers but ours are produced in a unique way. The soft surround of the woofer itself is optimised to minimise asymmetries reducing resonance and reflections, an aluminium diecast basket light but robust enough to house the heavy magnet needed for superior efficiency, multi-mineral layers great for self damping and ultra clean response, long excursion voice coil enabling better performance and a more efficient cooling system.

How is ADAM considering the environment with the launch of the A Series?

The A Series uses an MDF cabinet instead of plastic or aluminium, in addition to some of the most efficient electronics such as SMPS and Class D amplification. The product can be recycled at the end of its lifecycle, and in the event of breakage, spare parts will soon be available. We also continue to actively pursue other actions to reduce CO2 emissions, such as removing plastics from our carton inserts and using recycled metals as opposed to virgin aluminium and steel.

What are the benefits of updating the firmware and how easy is the process to update the firmware?

All firmware updates are executed using the A Control Software via the Ethernet port at the rear of the monitor. It is very easy to update your firmware; when your A Control Software is activated you will be automatically notified if there is a new firmware available and if you would like to install it. Follow the on-screen instructions and away you go! Keeping your monitors up to date with the latest firmware will ensure maximum optimisation and performance.

Are the A-Series cabinets wall-mountable? If so, what size are the threads?

All 5 models in the new A Series have the capability of being wall mounted, ceiling mounted and stand mounted. The mounts are connected at the base of the speaker cabinet using an additional adaptor plate which in turn connects to most commonly available third party stands and brackets. The metric screw size is an M8 but please be aware that the maximum depth of the cabinet screw should be no longer than 10mm.

I'd like to try before I buy - where can I hear them?

The ADAM A Series will be on demo at all participating PMT Stores.