The all new Roland FP-X Series pianos are full size, portable pianos with plenty of features to suit beginners to professionals.

Roland has announced the new Roland FP-X piano series head of what would have been NAMM 2021.

These portable pianos are perfect for those who want to take a full size, portable option to class, jam sessions and gigs offering features that players of all levels will enjoy.
Let's take a closer look at the new FP-X Series pianos.

What pianos are in the Roland FP-x Series? What are the differences?

Roland has announced 3 new FP-X series pianos, namely:

  • Roland FP-30X - The super-popular portable piano—upgraded to suit the modern musician and student.
  • Roland FP-60X - The next-step portable piano with enhanced sounds, powerful speakers, and rich ambience effects for studio and live applications.
  • Roland FP-90X - The flagship portable piano, with premium features throughout that will satisfy the most professional players.

So whats the difference between the Roland FP-X Series?

Portable design

Each model within the Roland FP-X series has been designed to be as portable as possible. The cabinets are durable and lightweight, with the FP-90x, FP-60x and FP-30x weighing in at 23.6kg/52lbs, 19.3kg / 41lbs and 14.8kg/32lbs respectively. You’ll have no trouble taking them to gigs, rehearsals and lessons.

SuperNATURAL piano technology

The FP-30X and FP-60X pianos both feature Roland’s acclaimed SuperNATURAL Piano technology and PHA-4 Standard keyboard. However, the FP-90X, comes complete with the revered PureAcoustic Piano Modeling and very enjoyable PHA-50 hybrid keyboard with acoustic-style wood keys.

Output jacks and headphone inputs

All versions have output jacks that let you connect to PA systems and speakers for gigging as well as headphone outputs with immersive ambience effects that allow you to fully enjoy the performance in silence.

Bluetooth & Midi

All the FP-X series pianos feature Bluetooth MIDI and USB connectivity. The FP-30X, FP-60X, and FP-90X also include Bluetooth audio so you can stream lessons on YouTube and play along to your own tracks.

Roland FP-30X Key Features

Roland FP-30X 88 Note Compact Piano Black

The Roland FP-30X is the lightest option in the new Roland FP-X series, weighing in at just 14.8kg/32lbs, so you’ll have no problem moving it around.

It comes built with the SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine for rich expression, from pianissimo to fortissimo. You have 12 piano tones, 20 electric piano tones and 24 other tones at your disposal which is more than enough for the performers and learners alike. The 88 key keyboard is a PHA-4 Standard Keyboard complete with Escapement and Ivory Feel, which is incredible considering the portable lightweight construction.

You also have 2 x 12cm speakers busting out 11 wats of power so you can use it to teach, jam at home or jam with some friends.

You also have onboard recording software and 30 songs to jam along to – ideal for those who want to hone their skills.

Best for:

  • Beginners

Available in Black and White

Roland FP-60X Key Features

Roland FP-60X 88 Note Compact Piano Black

Next up we have the Roland FP-60X which has been designed for those who want to be able to perform live and record studio quality tracks whilst remaining on a budget. This is ideal for intermediates and performing musicians who need something they can load into a van and take toa gig/studio at a moments notice.

Weighing in at 19.3kg/41 lbs. 15 oz it’s still lightweight and portable but goes heavy on the built-in features.

You have 93 sounds built in including 16 piano tones, 18 electric piano tones, 18 organ tones, strings, synths and SFX sets. There’s not a lot this thing can’t do! The 3D ambience really brings your silent practice to life as you can set the piano to sound like you’re playing in a Studio, Lounge, Concert Hall or Cathedral whilst you’re playing along with your headphones.

These ambient settings can also be applied to the live setting too!

Again you have an 88 key 88 PHA-4 Standard Keyboard with Escapement and Ivory Feel that experienced musicians will appreciate.

You have 8 x 12cm speakers that you can use to their full extent in the live scenario and even hook up a microphone to amplify your vocals with!
Another key difference comes in the form of the My Stage function which partners specially selected piano tones with ambience types to emulate the experience if playing in certain venues and environments.

Bluetooth, MIDI, USB connections and more make it a great studio option that you can easily transition to the live arena.

Best for:

  • Studio musicians
  • Live musicians

Available in Black and White

Roland FP-90X Key Features

Roland FP-90X Premium Portable Piano Black

The Roland FP-90X is the high-end option for the discerning pianist. Just like the rest of the FP-X series pianos, this is a slim and stylish, portable piano that is easy to carry, yet is packed with features and sounds for the musician who demands more from their instrument.

However, this version delivers the ultimate FP-X experience in terms of sound quality, sounds and immersion. Straight out of the box you have 20 piano tones, 18 electric piano tones, 18 organ tones, 27 Strings/Pad tones, 279 Synth/Other tones (including 8 drum sets, 1 SFX set) and 256 polyphony – you have everything you need.

The keyboard itself is worth the extra investment as you get an 88 key PHA-50 Keyboard built from a Wood and Plastic Hybrid Structure, with Escapement and Ebony/Ivory Feel. This means you get the same feel and response as grand piano without the maintenance, room and weight!

You have 8 x 12cm speakers with 2 x 2.5cm tweeters for a full, dynamic sound. The PureAcoustic Ambience sound offers a completely immersive experience that when coupled with the My Stage application, makes you feel like you’re playing in a Studio, Lounge, Concert Hall, Wooden Hall, Stone Hall or Cathedral.

Built in recording functionality, Bluetooth, Midi, 34 internal songs and so much more – this is essentially a grand piano you can carry anywhere!

Best for:

  • Professional musicians
  • Studio Musicians

Available in Black and White

Roland RP701 Digital Home Piano

Roland RP701 Digital Home Piano
Roland RP701 Digital Home Piano, Dark Rosewood

Next up we have the new Roland RP701 Digital Home Piano, which is the ultimate digital piano for families looking to learn and enjoy the piano.

This is a great option if you're just starting out, teaching children to play or returning to the piano yourself. This is still a very affordable digital home piano that will last a lifetime, offer incredible sound and become a feature in your home that will help you create beautiful music.

If you're used to playing an upright acoustci piano, you can make the transition effortlessly as the 88 key PHA-4 Standard Keyboard with Escapement and Ivory Feel is a joy to play.

You have a total of 324 tones at your disposal, so you'll probably never run out of sounds and the control over your sound provides a great platform for simply enjoying what you're playing! 

The 2 x 12cm speakers with a 12 watt output ensures you can hear each note you're playing. You have total control over your sound via the pedals including Damper (Progressive Damper Action Pedal, capable of continuous detection), Soft (capable of continuous detection, function assignable) and Sostenuto (function assignable).

Those discerning acoustic piano players out there will enjoy the onboard Brilliance and Ambience settings whilst the built-in Piano Designer function includes sonic changes like Lid, String Resonance, Damper Resonance and more. You'll barely notice that this is a digital piano!

A total of 377 onboard songs, 287 lessons and many more features for new players ensure you can hone your skills with ease or learn to play piano at your own pace. Split, Dual TwinPiano functionality also allow for immersive learning experiences making it a great digital home piano for families and teachers alike.

Available in Light Oak, Dark Rosewood, Black and White.

Roland F701 Digital Piano

Roland F701-CB Digital Piano Black
Roland F701-CB Digital Piano Black

Last but not least in our 20201 new Roland digital pianos list we have the Roland F701 Digital Piano.

If you want a streamlined digital home piano that won't take up too much room, then the Roland F701 is ideal. This has been designed with the contemporary home in mind offering a stylish, understated look that will match most furnishings and styles.

However, it's not all about the looks!

This is packed with Roland's SuperNATURAL sound engine and PHA-4 Standard keyboard and a twin speaker system that allows you to take full advantage of the 324 tones built-in. If you're practising at home, you'll appreciate the headphones 3D Ambience that really provides complete immersion.

You have 287 lessons built-in, 377 songs built in to play along to and even vocal training functions. Onboard recording features, Bluetooth and MIDI connections also make the F701 a great production partner - ideal for smaller home studios.

Whether you're just learning, just returning or you're a complete professional with limited room, the F701 is a perfect choice.

Available in Light Oak, White and Black.

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