When it comes to choosing a high quality digital piano for around the home and something that beginners and experienced/professional players alike can enjoy, there are two heavyweights in the digital piano world that you really need to try out – the Roland FP-60 and Roland FP-90 Digital Piano.

But which one is right for you?

And why should you choose one over the other?

Let’s take a closer look and provide the differences between the Roland FP-60 vs Roland FP-90 Digital Piano.



  • Heavier at 24kg
  • SuperNATURAL modelling
  • 4 Speakers
  • Comes with Mic input
  • 10 piano designer options
  • Wooden Keys
  • PHA50 Key Action


  • Piano: 15 Tones
  • E.Piano: 16 Tones
  • Strings: 11 Tones
  • Organ: 15 Tones
  • Pad: 15 Tones
  • Other: 278 Tones (Including 8 Drum Sets and 1 SFX Set)

The Roland FP-90 Digital Piano is an industry-standard digital piano for around the home, consistently relied upon by players of all levels to get a fantastic, hyper-realistic sound and lush playing experience.

Although it’s a little more expensive than what beginners or first-time players might want to spend for a first piano, it’s definitely worth the investment if you’re serious about playing.

We also believe it qualifies as one of the greatest pianos for professional players and performers ever made thanks to the SuperNATURAL Piano Modelling technology, authentic grand piano touch, and 4 high-quality speakers and that’s just touching the surface. 

Ok, so what type of player is this best for? 

Well, weighing in at 24kg the FP-90 is heavier than the FP-60, but that doesn’t mean it’s destined to only ever be a static digital piano.

If you’re travelling infrequently or moving it around on rare occasions, you’ll appreciate the fact it’s not going to be back-breaking work - it's not super heavy or awkward, but just be aware of the weight.

You can move it around, but if you’re regularly gigging, you might prefer the smaller FP-60 as it's lighter.

White Roland FP90 Digital Piano
The Roland FP-90 is also available in white

This is ideally suited for around the home or school, offering beautiful sound straight out of the box with beautifully sampled grand pianos, electric pianos, strings, organs, synths, drums and more, along with 30 user registrations allow you to store your favourite sounds and useful settings like layers and splits for quick recall.

This is ideal for performances in theatres and studio work, thanks to the fact you have a built-in microphone input complete with a dedicated vocal effect channel which includes compression, doubling and reverb, allowing you to create top-notch performances.

Teachers, students and performers alike can take full advantage of the built-in Bluetooth technology which allows you to connect the FP-90 to your tablet, smartphone or other Bluetooth enabled devices to stream music through the high-quality speakers.

In addition, the FP-90 partners perfectly with the free Piano Partner 2 app, which is free on the Google and Apple app store. This nifty app helps to encourage a positive learning experience that allows you to learn how to play the piano in your own time.


Roland FP60


  • Lighter at 19kg
  • SuperNATURAL Sampling
  • 2 speakers
  • No mic input
  • 4 piano designer options
  • PHA4 Key Action


  • Piano: 15 tones
  • E.Piano: 16 tones
  • Strings: 11 tones
  • Organ: 15 tones
  • Pad: 15 tones
  • Other: 279 tones (including 8 drum sets, 1 SFX set)

If you’re in need of the same performance capabilities as the FP-90 but want something that is easily transported and carried to gigs, then the Roland FP-60 Digital Piano is an ideal option for you.

This professional-level digital piano is less expensive than its bigger brother but still crams in the same SuperNATURAl sound engine, complete with the same amount of tones and effects – all wrapped up in a lighter, more convenient option.

Ok, so what type of player is this best for? 

As it's lighter, weighing in at 19kg, the FP-60 is portable and a great option for those who need a digital piano that they can manoeuvre when necessary, whether to take it to the studio, practice sessions or to a live performance.

It's got all the necessary features you need to perform and learn at your own pace. However, you lose the mic input with this option - which may or may not be an issue for you.

There are 2 speakers to play with (the FP-90 has 4) but fear not though as the chassis and design have been tweaked to incorporate these two speakers and project a huge, rich sound, eliminating the need for an external sound system when you're using it at home - however, you will need one if you're performing outdoors.

This ensures you can enjoy superb quality sound at home, in the classroom or in the studio!

There’s no sacrifice on quality whatsoever as you also have the extremely playable PHA-4 keyboard with escapement and Ivory Feel keys for inspiring grand piano touch – this feels amazing to your touch.

White Roland FP60
The Roland FP-60 is also available in white

The Roland FP-60 also includes Bluetooth connectivity so you can stream backing tracks through the speakers and connect to the free Piano Partner 2 app so you can learn at your own pace, play along to an impressive catalogue of rhythm accompaniments.

In addition, MIDI over Bluetooth is supported so you can connect your FP-60 with Garageband and other MIDI music creation apps. If you want something for the home or studio that you can easily take out on the road with you, this is your best option!


Key Action PHA4 PHA5-
Sound Engine SuperNATURAL sound engine (sampling) SuperNATURAL Modelling (modelling)
Piano Designer 4 Options 10 Options
Mic Input No Yes
Speakers 2 4
Weight 19kg 24kg
Customer Regular Giggers Players only taking it from A-B
Example Pianist for a touring band A student taking the piano from home to Uni

Are you still confused as to which option is right for you? Why not speak to one of our Roland piano experts today at PMT Online on 0151 448 2089 or call into your local PMT store to try these out for yourself. Our team is on hand to help you make the right choice based on your needs.

Updated: 2020-07-01