The new range of Ibanez 2021 guitars, basses and pedals have been revealed ahead of NAMM 2021 – we round up a selection of the best new products available for pre-order today.

It’s a great way to start the new year with the range of new Ibanez 2021 guitars, basses and pedals being revealed ahead of NAMM 2021. Although the full NAMM show isn’t happening, it hasn’t stopped the brand from releasing some incredible new products – all of which you can get hold of today.

Let’s take a look at some of the cool pedals, bass guitars and Ibanez guitars from the new 2021 range.

New Ibanez 2021 Guitar Pedals

Ibanez make some of the best pedals the world has ever seen - just think about the Tube screamer and the OD85 and you’re already in the realms of “must have guitar pedals”. Within the past 5 years, the brand has been moving towards smaller pedals to help save room on your pedalboard.

The Ibanez BTMINI Mini Phaser Pedal and Ibanez PHMINI Mini Booster Pedal will make great additions to your board and are essentials for those who want high quality sound, but don’t want to utilise too much space on their board.

Ibanez BTMINI Mini Phaser Pedal

First up we have the new Ibanez BTMINI Mini Phaser Pedal. This hails from the mini-Ibanez pedal series made in Japan, offering incredible sound quality all wrapped up in small package that won’t take up too much room on your board but will fill out your sound nicely.

You have the classic speed and depth controls with an added feedback feature. However, it’s the stage switch we’re really keen to hear! You have a 4 stage & 6 stage switch which allows you to enjoy subtle modulation to increased warbles. Ideal for those who want a variety of phase sounds.

Ibanez BTMINI Mini Phaser Pedal

Ibanez PHMINI Mini Booster Pedal

Everyone who plays guitar solos needs a boost pedal. It’s the law. However, we don’t always want to forego the space on our board for one! The and Ibanez PHMINI Mini Booster Pedal solves that problem by taking up little room but providing a massive sound with added control over our level, Bass and treble.

The true bypass engineering ensures your guitar tone is preserved too.

Ibanez PHMINI Mini Booster Pedal

Ibanez 2021 Guitars

Now on to the guitars! As usual, Ibanez has released a range of awesome options for players of all genres. We can’t list them all here, so you can check out the full range HERE, but for now, here’s a selection of our favourites from the 2021 Ibanez guitars series ahead of NAMM 2021.

Ibanez SEW761FM

Ibanez SEW761FM

Bursting into 2021 is the new Ibanez mini-Ibanez SEW761FM. This new model features some killer appointments that players of all genres will enjoy. You have a HSS configuration for versatility. The use of DiMarzio True Velvet single coil neck and bridge pickups and a DiMarzio The Tone Zone humbucker ensures you have power and clarity without becoming overbearing.

Rosewood fretboard, Wizard III roasted maple neck and Flamed maple top with meranti body all finished off with gold hardware makes this a great addition to the discerning players arsenal. This is a highlight of the Ibanez 2021 guitars range.

Ibanez RG5170B Prestige

Ibanez RG5170B Prestige

Next up we have another absolute must have from the Ibanez 2021 guitars range - the Ibanez RG5170B Prestige. This one is for the metal heads out there (like me) who love a good shred, but need the ability to utilise some nicer, single coil action.

The all-black finish with gold hardware catches the eye, but it’s the sound of your Fishman Fluence pickups that will catch your ear!

You have a HSH configuration with Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker Alnico neck pickup, Fishman Fluence Single width ceramic single coil pickup in the middle and a Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker ceramic bridge pickup. This combination of ceramic and Alnico pickups ensure you have a lot of versatility at your fingertips.

Speaking of fingertips, you’ll love the feel of the jumbo stainless-steel frets with Prestige fret edge treatment and Bound macassar Ebony fretboard – you’ll be able to fly around the fretboard with ease!

A lo-Pro tremolo bridge, Luminlay side dots, basswood body and Super Wizard HP 5-piece Maple Wenge neck all ensure you’re ready for the toughest of performances.

Ibanez RG565 Genesis Guitar

Ibanez RG565 Genesis Guitar
Ibanez RG565 Genesis Guitar Emerald green

For the new Ibanez 2021 guitars, the brand has looked to its rich history and dug out the original plans of the RG line. The Ibanez RG565 Genesis harks back to the origins of the RG line and utilises the same design and styles that made the original models so sought after.

It’s a simple design, with some 80s style finishes to choose from; Emerald Green or Fluorescent Orange, but a guitar that packs a serious punch.

You have a strong and reliable, Super Wizard 5pc Maple/Walnut neck with Maple fretboard and Jumbo frets for ease of playing. The Basswood body combined with the Infinity R / V8 pickups ensure you have tonal clarity and depth whilst the use of Gotoh machine heads in partnership with the Edge tremolo bridge means you can wail on that whammy without going out of tune.

This is a straight up performers guitar!

Available in Orange or Emerald Green.

Ibanez AZ24047 Prestige 7 String

Ibanez AZ24047 Prestige 7 String

If you’re seven string guitar player looking for a guitar that doesn’t scream METAL then you’ll love the Ibanez AZ24047 Prestige 7 String. This is a cool, understated guitar that packs a big sound under the hood. The Black finish is offset with the inclusion of a Roasted Maple neck, which looks great and feels even better thanks to the A27 Oval C S-Tech Wood design. This feels smooth and sturdy when you’re hitting the chords and big riffs.

You have 3 x Seymour Duncan Hyperion 7 pickups in a HSS configuration for tonal clarity with a Dyna Mix9 switching system and Alter Switch so you can basically play any genre and completely take control over your tone.

Chrome hardware, Luminlay side dots and the Gotoh tremolo bridge ensure you’re ready for gigs and those intense recording sessions!

Ibanez AS2000 Prestige

Ibanez AS2000 Prestige

Quite a few semi hollow body guitars have been released in the Ibanez 2021 guitar series, and one such highlight comes in the form of the Ibanez AS2000 Prestige. For the Jazz, blues and country players out there the Ibanez AS2000 Prestige guitar offers some lush tonality and a great looking option for the guitarists out there who want to look good on stage (who doesn’t?).

You have 2 x Super 58 humbucking pickups at your disposal, so you’re covered for those big chords and the subtle fingerpicking styles too. The tri sound switch ensures you have the versatility you need for all genres and styles too.

The bound Ebony fretboard with Abalone block inlay finish off the guitar nicely and feel great under your fingertips whilst the medium frets with that coveted Prestige fret edge treatment ensure you’re comfortable at all times.

The gold hardware and Gotoh bridge and tailpiece are reliable and sturdy so you don’t have to worry about gigs, recording or rehearsals – your guitar has got your back!

Ibanez AAD300CE-LGS Acoustic Guitar – Advanced Acoustic Guitar

Ibanez AAD300CE-LGS Acoustic Guitar

Ibanez has launched their Advanced Acoustic guitar series as part of the Ibanez 2021 range and have basically taken an incredible step forward when it comes to the overall design of what an acoustic guitar can do.

The Advanced Acoustic series has been designed to deliver a richer, brighter, and louder tone, with what they say offers an unprecedentedly wide dynamic range. They have achieved this sound by making their Dreadnought style guitar 5% bigger than usual, thus naming this new body shape the “Grand Dreadnought.”

The reinvented design ensures you get a far more powerful sound that really brings out the qualities of the tonewoods used and the articulation and nuances of your playing. The Advanced Acoustic series has basically taken the acoustic guitar to new heights!

The Ibanez AAD300CE-LGS Acoustic Guitar in particular features the new Grand Dreadnought design with Advanced Access Cutaway body so you can hit the higher frets.

The use of X-M bracing provides a clear bottom and crispy treble sound with trimmed warm mid-range which sounds incredible when partnered with the Dual Pickup system with AP11 Magnetic Pickup and Contact Pickup.

Performers will love the fact you have dual outputs (Mono Out / Stereo Out) so you can hook up to two amps. The Thermo Aged neck with low oval grip with rounded fretboard edge is comfortable to play and the scalloped bridge is a lighter-weight option that improves the vibration efficiency ensuring your notes ring out! Again, performers are thought of here as the luminescent side dot inlay ensures you can see what you’re doing on stage!

This is a new generation of acoustic guitars for the discerning player and another highlight in the Ibanez 2021 guitars series.

Ibanez 2021 Bass guitars

Obviously, we’re always excited to see what new bass guitars the team at Ibanez have up their sleeves each year ahead of NAMM 2021 and the new range of killer bass guitars from the Ibanez Bass Workshop have really impressed us. Let’s take a look at a selection of the highlights from the Ibanez 2021 Bass series.

Ibanez EHB1000S – Ibanez EHB Short Scale

Ibanez EHB1000S – Ibanez EHB Short Scale
Ibanez EHB1000S – Ibanez EHB Short Scale - Pink Gold Metallic Matte

A headless bass may divide a few players, but we’re confident this one will impress even the most ardent of bass purists. The new range of Ibanez EHB1000S short scale, headless bass guitars are designed for those who need killer tone, straight out of the bass guitar case. The shorter 30” scale ensures a snappy, yet comfortable playing experience and the addition of some great pickups provide players with a world of tonal options.

You have 2 x Bartolini BH2 pickups to flick between or blend as you wish via the Vari-mid 3-band EQ and EQ bypass switching system, so you’re ready for all genres and playing styles.

The neck itself is made from a combination of Roasted maple and Walnut and features graphite reinforcement rods – so it’s going to be suer reliable and withstand decades of touring.

The American basswood body ensures a deep and resonant sound and the combination of Ibanez custom headpieces with MR5HS bridge provides that tuning stability you need as a bass player.

Available in Sea Foam Green Matte and Pink Gold Metallic Matte.

If you’re a fan of the 5-string version, the EHB1005SMS multi-scale bass guitar gives you that spot-on intonation and the lower frequency when you need it. Pictured below:

Ibanez EHB1005SMS EMM Emerald Green Metallic Matte 5 String Electric Bass
Ibanez EHB1005SMS EMM Emerald Green Metallic Matte 5 String Electric Bass

Ibanez RGB300 Bass Guitar

Ibanez RGB300 Bass Guitar
Ibanez RGB300 Bass Guitar - Soda Blue Matte

Bass players rejoice as the RG style guitar is in bass form for 2021! The new Ibanez RGB300 bass guitars have been designed in homage to the classic RG style Ibanez electric guitars, providing players with that classic look and a huge amount of tonal versatility.

You have Dynamix P and J pickups which give you a wide variety of sounds already. But Ibanez has spoiled us by providing the Ibanez Custom Electronics 2-Band EQ system so we have total control over every aspect of our sound, from overall output to blend to treble and bass.

The poplar body is snappier than other bass guitars as you need to stand out in the mix, and the Jatoba fretboard is comfortable to play. A B10 bridge keeps your intonation and tuning stable whilst offering increased resonance and the medium frets mean you can comfortably play thrash metal without straining your hand too much.

Another great product in the Ibanez 2021 guitars range. Available in Black Flat and Soda Blue Matte.

And they’re our top picks for the Ibanez 2021 guitars series launching at (what would have been) NAMM 2021. Be sure to check out the full range of new Ibanez 2021 pedals, guitars and bass guitars over at PMT online today and get your pre-orders in early.