What's the difference between the Roland TD-50 V-Drums vs Roland VAD V-Drums? Read our comparison here. 

We compare the Roland TD-50 V-Drums vs Roland VAD V-Drums to show you the key differences between the TD50 and VAD drums.

If you're shopping for a new Roland electronic drum kit, you're probably trying to make a decision between the Roland TD-50 V-Drums vs Roland VAD V-Drums.

These two high-end electric drum kits are the perfect pro-level electronic drum kit for serious musicians. But what are the main differences between the Roland TD-50 V-Drums and Roland VAD V-Drums?

Leon Friery, Planet Product Specialist at PMT Leeds has put together a comparison between the Roland TD50 and Roland VAD drums so you can make the right decision.

What are the key features of the Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design VAD kits?

VAD stands for V-drums Acoustic Design. The Roland TD range (TD-1, TD-17, TD27 & TD50) continues, with a new separate range of VAD kits offering their own qualities and advantages.

As the name suggests, the Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design VAD kits are designed to look like an acoustic kit whilst offering all the benefits of Roland’s electronic kits. Despite having full size shells, the VAD kits have no acoustic properties so when you’re practicing with headphones on no one else can hear!

What’s new about the Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design VAD kits?

The VAD Kits use the TD-17 module (VAD-306) and the new Roland TD-27 module (VAD-503 & VAD-506) which is derived from the flagship TD-50.

New additions to the TD27 module include Bluetooth connectivity and ambience technology to adjust the “space” you’re playing in. You can even adjust the mic positioning and overhead mic balance to really optimize your sound.

The key visual difference is the fact that the VAD kits are physically different from other electric kits as well, with new cymbals and the usual drum rack being replaced for traditional drum hardware.

You can read more about the benefits of the Roland VAD kits HERE in our blog.

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What are the benefits of the Roland TD-50 Series?

This is a Roland TD-50 V-Drums vs Roland VAD V-Drums comparison, of course, so we need to know what the difference is between the two.

There are still many benefits to the Roland TD50 kit, most of which are found in the module.

It features 8 direct outputs, whereas the TD27 module only has 2. The multi fx, compression and eq settings both globally and for individual drums are more advanced. You can also edit each kit in more detail, an example of this is the ability to change the wire type on a snare. There’s also a physical mixer on the module for quick access as well as balanced XLR outputs.

In conclusion, there’s more to dive into with the TD-50. If you want to spend time really perfecting the sound to your taste, or you want a kit for studio or live use then the TD50 gives you the edibility and tools to do more. Plus, you can have this technology with a smaller footprint on the smaller TD-50K model.

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Why Would I want a VAD over a Roland TD-50 Drum kit?

The main thing to think about when it comes to a Roland TD-50 V-Drums vs Roland VAD V-Drums comparison is the stage presence! It’s all about physical presence with the VAD series. The VAD doesn’t just recreate the feeling on playing an acoustic kit… It is the feeling of playing an acoustic kit. The quality of the shells, hardware and internal sounds are inspiring to play. Visually the VAD kits lend themselves to any music room, studio or stage. They are the original drumming experience, with all the pros of modern technology.

Which is the better kit?

This depends on what you want from your kit of course.

However, in summary here are the main factors that may sway your decision between the Roland VAD and the Roland TD-50 : 

If you want more outputs, more interchangeable options, more power with the bigger module and less footprint, then choose the Roland TD-50 kit. However, if you like the look of acoustic drums, want a more acoustic feel and don't need as much functionality, then the Roland VAD series is ideal. 

PMT has Roland kits set up and demo ready throughout the country. They also have 4 Roland product specialists like myself, who can talk you through your perfect set up. Almost all Roland modules and drum pads are interchangeable. For maximum playing experience and deep functionality, you can always combine the two! This can be achieved using the VAD shells with the TD-50 module. I’d suggest visiting us in-store or picking up the phone if you want to establish the best set up for you.

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