We show you 6 reasons why the Roland VAD drums could be better than acoustic drums, and why this is the best hybrid drum kit for drum snobs

If you're not convinced about changing over from acoustic drums to the world of electric, then you need to take a look at the Roland VAD drums. These incredible hybrid drum kits offer the same functionality as an electronic drum kit but with the added look, and most importantly, feel and the response of an acoustic kit. This is the best of both worlds in a package that acoustic drum snobs will really get on board with. So, in an aim to convince the most steadfast acoustic drum players out there to take a look at this incredible new hybrid drum kit, we thought we'd offer up 6 benefits of the Roland VAD Drums.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Roland VAD Drums?

In summary, the main benefits are:
  • Control the volume levels without compromising technique
  • Looks and feels like an acoustic kit
  • Real drum shells
  • Thinner, more realistic cymbals
  • Separate direct outputs
  • Customise the room sound
Here's a little more detail for you:

1. Control The Volume Levels Without Compromising Technique

Using the VAD kits you can control the volume level of the drum kit without compromising your technique or playing style. You have total control over every aspect of your sound, including volume levels. This means you get the same response and dynamic sound at all volumes.

2. The Look And Feel Of An Acoustic Kit

The VAD Series is designed to look and feel like an acoustic drum kit so the audience would not be able to tell that it’s an electronic kit. This is ideal if you're not keen on the look of an electronic drum kit - which if we're honest, looks nothing like an acoustic kit. The VAD drums are perfect for players out there who want the control that an electronic kit affords, but don't want to stray away from the visual aesthetic of an acoustic drum kit.

3. Real Drum Shells

For the player, Roland has adapted the drums (added an extra two-ply to the shell itself) so each shell feels more like an acoustic shell under the stick. The sizes of the drums themselves have also been designed to feel like a real drum kit when you sit behind them.  All shells, including the 10" and 12" rack toms, a 14" floor tom, and a 20" kick have all been constructed using full-depth wood shells. This in conjunction with the mesh heads, makes it almost indistinguishable from an electric kit.

4. Thinner, More Realistic Cymbals

The cymbals are thinner and more flexible on the VAD drums compared with other electronic cymbals. This means that when the cymbals are struck, they react as an acoustic cymbal would with a natural swing that you would expect from metal cymbals.

5. Two Direct Outputs

The TD-27 sound module has two direct outputs for you to mix and monitor particular drum voices separately to that of other sounds on the kit. This is especially useful should you want to send kick, snare, and other sounds to an audio console or mixing desk for independent mixing.

6. Customise The Room Sound

With the new Pure Acoustic Ambience Technology in the TD-27 module, you can customise the room that it sounds like you’re in, ranging from Studios to Halls. You might be playing a tiny venue with terrible room acoustics - it happens! With this in mind, the Roland VAD drums are perfect for beefing up the sound and overall feel. You can make that working mans club sound like you're drumming in Wembley stadium! Check out our demo video below, where we look at the key sounds and benefits of the Roland VAD Drum kit - this is not your regular hybrid drum kit! Shop all Roland electronic drum kits over at PMT Online today or call in to your local PMT store to try out a full selection for yourself.