All new Ashdown bass guitars, amplifiers and pedals have been revealed ahead of NAMM 2020

Ashdown has finally joined the bass guitar game, releasing a selection of incredible Ashdown Bass Guitars designed in collaboration with Dan Lakin (of Lakland fame) along with new pedals and amplifiers. Let's take a closer look at the new gear announced ahead of NAMM 2020 which also includes pedalboard-friendly amps that fit in the palm of your hand, rack-mountable and portable amp heads and some very stylish cabinets.

Ashdown Bass Guitars

Pictured from left to right: Ashdown The Low Rider Bass Guitar, Ashdown The Saint Bass Guitar, Ashdown The Arc Bass Guitar, Ashdown The Grail Bass Guitar. You're probably thinking, it's about time Ashdown joined the bass guitar world, right? Well, we're stoked to announce that the team at Ashdown have collaborated with the legendary Dan Lakin, previously of Lakland bass guitars, to create hard-working bass guitars that won't break the bank. The new range of Ashdown bass guitars includes the Low Rider, the Saint, The Arc and The Grail - all of which feature professional level appointments and sturdy construction that pro-level bass players will love. All basses include Hipshot Tuners and Wilkinson bridges ensuring your notes are powerful, resonant and tuning is reliable. All bass guitars also feature a Lightweight Alder body, so your back isn't going to ache after those 3-hour gigs and jam sessions! The Grail features two humbucking pickups, the Saint features a PJ configuration. The Arc features a classic P style split-coil and the Grail features two single-coil pickups. All these bass guitars are under the £1,000 mark, so they're aimed at the mid to pro-level players out there. Shop all Ashdown Bass Guitars.

Ashdown ANT & NEWT Powered pedals

The Ashdown FS-ANT-200 Powered Bass Amp Pedal When you don't want to be carrying amps around, the Ant and Newt powered pedals are ideal. Ashdown's The Ashdown Ant is a pedal-board friendly bass amp that pumps out 200 watts of pure Ashdown bass tone into any 8/4 ohm cabinet. This takes all the guesswork out of using backline and delivers the same sound no matter the venue. This has been designed for those who use the likes of pedals, modelers and effects processors, and allows you to plug directly into the PA for easy setup. Ideal for those who run Kemper, Helix setups etc. The Ashdown NEWT 200 Powered Guitar Amp Pedal The Ashdown Newt is a pedal-board guitar amplifier that also delivers 200 watts of power for guitarists. It can also power an array of guitar cabinets. With a minimum load of 4 Ohms, the Newt can power 2x16 ohms comfortably or providing around 75+ watts out of a single 16-ohm cabinet. These pedalboard amplifiers are ideal for players who want to set up in seconds and enjoy a powerful sound they can rely on at all times. They also partner incredibly well with the likes of Kemper, Helic and other modeling systems.

New Ashdown OriginAL, EVO II & CTM Bass Heads

Ashdown has continued to push the envelope with their new range of heads and cabinets including rack-mounted options. The Ashdown OriginAL-500H Bass Head The new range features an extremely powerful Ashdown OriginAL-500H Bass Head. This builds on the success of the 300W version but increases the output to 500 watts for those who want to blow the windows out of their practice room or play the festivals of the world. The Ashdown CTM-200R Valve 3u Rack Bass Head The Ashdown CTM-200R Valve 3u Rack Bass Head is a rack-mountable 200 watt all valve bass head packed with four KT-88 power tubes as well as 2 x ECC-832 2 x ECC-82 1 x ECC-99 pre amp valves - this thing is pure power. The Ashdown RM-800-EVO II Lightweight 800w Bass Head The Ashdown RM-800-EVO II Lightweight 800w Bass Head has been reintroduced this year as the EVO II - it's also half the weight of the previous EVO version. Footswitchable drive and a cool Sub-Harmonic generator will really appeal to those who want to kick their sound up a notch. Ideal for those who need something portable that they can use at gigs of all sizes. The Ashdown RM-300-EVO II Lightweight 300w Bass Head The Ashdown RM-300-EVO II Lightweight 300w Bass Head is a lower wattage version at a budget-friendly price tag, allowing players of all levels to enjoy that classic Ashdown sound and portability. You still have all the benefits of the 500/800 heads, so there's no loss of functionality.

New Ashdown ABM Bass Heads & Cabinets

If you've got a rack-mounted setup, then the Ashdown ABM 600-DR-EVO IV Dual VU Rack Bass Magnifier Head is ideal. The Ashdown ABM 600-DR-EVO IV Dual VU Rack Bass Magnifier Head This 600w Dual VU 3U Rack Ashdown Bass Magnifier Head features and all valve drive for incredible dynamics. You also have a 9 band EQ, Compressor and Sub Octave at your disposal. Dual VU meters help you see where your sound is at all times and the fact you can rack mount it makes it an ideal addition to a studio and live set up. The Ashdown abm-210h-NEO Ashdown has also announced a range of ABM-PN Cabinets. These cabinets are extremely lightweight and capable of pumping out 500w of sound. The AMB-PN (PRO NEO) cabinets come in either a 1 x 15”, 2 x 10” and 1 x 12” setup. Each cab is loaded with 8 ohm Ashdown Blueline Speakers and features a Black Vinyl, Silver Cloth Grill With HF Unit. We've got a feeling they'll sound as good as they look! Shop a full range of Ashdown gear over at PMT today or call into your local PMT store to try out a full selection for yourself. Check out all the latest announcements and NAMM 2020 news.