Ashdown CTM-200-R Valve 3u Rack Bass Head
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Ashdown CTM-200-R Valve 3u Rack Bass Head Ashdown CTM-200-R Right Angle View Ashdown CTM-200-R Left Angle View Ashdown CTM-200-R Rear View

Ashdown CTM-200R Valve 3u Rack Bass Head

by Ashdown
The Ashdown CTM-200R is an all-valve rackmount bass amp head. Sitting comfortably between its big and littler brother, the CTM-300 and CTM-1..

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The Ashdown CTM-200R is an all-valve rackmount bass amp head. Sitting comfortably between its big and littler brother, the CTM-300 and CTM-100, it's 200 watt true-valve design features top construction, modern details, superb reliability and most of all 200 watts of all valve monster power and tone.

Made in England

Engineered in Essex, England, the CTM-200R comes with four KT-88 Power Tubes, and a range of pre amp valves, two ECC-832, two ECC-82 and one ECC-99 which colours the tone and output of the baas amp.

Designed to be taken on the road, or worked in the studio, this amp is housed in 2mm mild steel chassis with spot welded supports. It is then powder coated in black.

Full Valve Goodness

This Ashdown CTM-200R features a four KT-88 which drive the power section, offering an earth shatter 200 watts of all valve power, perfect for all level of gigs up to full on stage shows.

The EQ lets you dial in a 1960s tone or a growling 1970s sound, right up to a modern valve output. The CTM-200R comes with a standard Gain and Master Volume, using Ashdowns classic VU Meter to balance the sound.

Bass, Middle and Treble controls let the bassist position their sound, and with Deep, Mid-Shift and Bright switches offers the player a more fine-tuning of the sonic output.

Valve Bias

The CTM-200R features user adjustable bias for both output valves which keeps the amp sounding better for longer. This can be set by engaging the bias mode of the dual function VU meter located on the front panel.

All output valves being individually fused and easily replaceable if necessary without having to open up the housing with the VU Meter also indicating a valve or fuse failure.

Valve driven DI and Effects loop

The DI Output is valve driven offering total sonic capabilities into the desk on stage or studio. Also the Effects loop is valve-driven offering pure tone preservation.

Ashdown CTM-200R All-Valve Bass Amp Head Specs:

  • Power Output: 200 Watts
  • Power Requirement: 115-240 Volts
  • Speaker Outputs: 3 x Jack 8/4/2 Ohm
  • DI Output: Valve Driven Transformer Derived
  • Impedance: Minimum Impedance 2 Ohm
  • EQ: Passive EQ Section. Bass, Middle and Treble plus shape push buttons
  • Effects Send: Jack
  • Effects Return: Jack
  • Pre-Amp Tubes: 2 x ECC832 2 x ECC82
  • Output Tubes: 4 x KT88
  • Weight (kg)22


Weight (kg)23.0000
Warranty5 years

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