New Boss Waza-Air Headphones & SY-1000 Pedal Announced


New Boss Waza-Air Headphones & SY-1000 Pedal Announced ahead of Namm Show 2020

New Boss Waza-Air Headphones & SY-1000 Pedal Announced

The team at Boss have announced two awesome new products including the Boss Waza-Air Headphones and all-new Boss SY-1000 Pedal ahead of their official release at NAMM 2020.

Boss WAZA-AIR / Wireless Personal Guitar Amplification System

new boss waza air headphones

To say this is a leap in technology is an understatement. The all-new Boss Waza-Air Headphones Wireless Personal Guitar Amplification System is basically a wearable amplifier. This new set of headphones provide an over-ear 3D sound system with natural “Amp-in-room” tone, effectively placing you in the room with a virtual amplifier.

Regular headphone amplifiers tend to lack that real feel and 3D experience. The New Boss Waza-Air Headphones change all that by restoring the natural dimension, resonance, and “moving air” feel. The headphones utilise an integrated gyro sensor tracks head movement as you play along. It’s like playing in a studio or on stage with a Katana amplifier via your headphones. Turn your head and the amp stays in position!

You have 3 realistic and immersive environments to choose from which you can select via the free BOSS Tone Studio app for iOS and Android. Surround mode places the amp in a virtual room and sounds like you’re in a studio recording booth. Static mode provides natural spatial localization, where the combined amp and room sound continually changes depending on where the user moves their head.

The awesome Stage mode places the user centre stage, with the amp sound coming from a virtual backline behind them. Thanks to built-in Bluetooth functionality you can stream your favourite music in conjunction with Stage mode and simulate a live performance. You can set your amp to classic tones and essentially play on stage with your favourite band! The music streams from the backline just like a real band, too.

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All functionality of the Boss Katana amps has been preserved – it’s essentially a katana amp strapped to your head! Five-amp types, over 50 effects and six onboard memories for storing your own presets should keep any guitarist happy.

Thanks to the inclusion of the headphones and WL wireless transmitter, you’re ready to go straight out of the box. Truly a wireless, immersive sound experience like no other.

You really need to experience these headphones in person to fully appreciate them – we recommend checking them out as soon as possible!

Boss SY-1000 Guitar Synthesizer

boss sy-1000 pedal

Building on the success of their SY-1 and SY300 synthesizer pedals, the Boss SY-1000 Guitar Synthesizer offers a new world of functionality, patches and sonic options for guitar and bass players.

The team at Boss have created a new Dynamic Synth and refreshed historic versions of their BOSS/Roland instrument modeling and synthesizer technologies for this version. There’s also high-speed DSP, and evolved GK technology offering the most expressive and responsive playing experience yet.

One of the key benefits of the BOSS SY-1000 guitar synthesizer comes in the form of user patches. Users can build patches with three simultaneous instruments and combine them to create massive soundscapes.

You also have 10 oscillator waveforms available as well as 6 filter types, amplifier control, two LFOs, and two 16-part step sequencers for automating pitch, filter, and amplitude parameters.

Boss have also included 2 additional synth instruments. The OSC Synth is an analog-style engine with numerous filter options and full ADSR control. You also get a faithful sonic recreation of the GR-300, Roland’s legendary analog guitar synth from the early 1980s.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a range of classic electric, acoustic, and bass guitars, each with independent tuning, EQ, virtual amp settings, and more to get to grips with. This as a performance tool that pro-level guitarist will adore.

It’s worth noting that the Roland GK-compatible pickup and 13-pin cable are required to take full control of all synth and modelling features. But it’s well worth the extra investment.

Shop Boss gear over at PMT Online today or call in to your local PMT store to view a full selection.

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