A new range of FSR Fender Left-Handed Guitars have been announced. Lefties rejoice, Fender have been listening!

new Made In Japan FSR Fender Left-Handed Guitars Announced  It's obvious the team at Fender have been listening to the left-handed players out there as they have just announced a range of new Limited-Edition FSR Fender Left-Handed Guitars. This new range of FSR Fender left-handed guitars includes a selection of offset guitars including the Jazzmaster, Mustang and Jaguar models, along with a Made In Japan Telecaster Thinline which have been specifically designed for the lefties out there. These guitars are all from the FSR Japan range and offer incredible playability, tonal options and that rock-solid reliability that we’ve come to expect from MIJ Fender guitars. Oh, and they look really cool too! Let’s take a closer look at the new FSR Made In Japan Limited-Edition Fender Left-Handed Guitars.

Fender Japan Traditional 70s Telecaster Thinline, LH, Natural

Fender Japan Traditional 70s Telecaster Thinline, LH, Natural First up we have the Limited-Edition Fender Traditional 70s Telecaster Thinline Left Hand in a Natural finish. This guitar looks like it’s straight out of the 70s and has been meticulously crafted by the luthiers in the Fender Japan factory. These Fender Made in Japan (MIJ) models offer the Fender fan something a bit different to the traditional Fender series with different pickups, hardware and slightly different specs. The semi-hollow ash body produces a resonant wand warm tone that blues and country players will appreciate, whilst the semi-hollow body provides that classic airy sound we want from a Thinline. The "U" shaped maple neck with a 7.25" radius maple 21 fret fingerboard provides a vintage playing experience whilst the Wide Range Humbuckers provide that classic vintage tone with modern reliability.

Fender Japan Ltd Edition Traditional 60s Jazzmaster LH, Black

Fender Japan Ltd Edition Traditional 60s Jazzmaster LH, Black The Fender Japan Ltd Edition Traditional 60s Jazzmaster LH pictured here in a Black finish not only looks incredible but sounds amazing, too. Each of these Fender Japan Ltd Edition Traditional 60s Jazzmaster LH guitars feature matching headstocks and come in either Black, Flamingo Pink and Surf Green, so a wide range of styles are covered. You have a snappy and resonant Alder body loaded with vintage-style Jazzmaster pickups that produce everything from crystal cleans to the fuzzy, grunge style tones these guitars are known for. A vintage-style Maple "U" Shaped neck with 7.25" Radius Rosewood Fingerboard offers a comfortable playing experience and the range of classic Jazzmaster pickup selectors and tone circuits provide the sonic options you need. A classic 6-Saddle vintage-style Bridge with Floating Trem has also been included to keep the vintage Jazzmaster fans happy! A beautiful guitar and a highlight from the new limited-edition Fender left-handed guitars. Available in:

Fender Japan Traditional 60s Mustang Left Hand

Fender Japan Traditional 60s Mustang Left Hand, Candy Apple Red The new Fender MIJ (Made in Japan) Traditional '60s Mustang Left Handed guitars take on the iconic style first introduced in 1964. As with the rest of the offset new limited-edition Fender left-handed guitars, the range of Traditional 60s Mustangs feature matching headstocks. This one we’ve highlighted is in a cool Candy Apple Red and is adorned with a matching headstock that looks incredibly cool. This awesome 60s style Mustang emphasises that classic Fender 60s style as it features a slim Alder body and a “U” shaped Maple neck which offers a vintage-style playing experience. A Mustang bridge with dynamic vibrato tailpiece finishes off the classic styling. A set of Fender-designed vintage low-output Single-Coil pickups provide all that awesome Mustang tone that can go quite easily from cool, surf rock tones to all-out Grunge and Rock. These guitars really sing when you add some distortion to them and help you bust out that Nirvana-esque growl. Available in:

Fender Japan Traditional 60s Jaguar Left Hand, RW, Arctic White

Fender Japan Traditional 60s Jaguar Left Hand, RW, Arctic White The final offering from the Fender limited edition left-handed guitars series comes in the form of the awesome Fender Ltd Edition Traditional 60 Jaguar LH RW Arctic White with Matching Headstock. This thing oozes cool and will help provide players with that classic power and cutting tone that Jaguars are known for. The look of this guitar instantly takes you back to the 60s and the surf rock phenomenon, but don’t be afraid to hook this thing up to a heavily distorted tube amp as it will really come alive. Again, you have the "U" shaped maple neck and a 7.25" radius rosewood fingerboard which provides that vintage playing style. But it’s the classic Jaguar Single-Coil pickups that really put you back in the 60s. You can enjoy crisp, glass-like cleans or enjoy a grit and growl, unlike any other guitar. The resonant and snappy Alder body features a Polyester finish that will age nicely over time whilst the matching Arctic White headstock tops off the guitar nicely. Shop the full range of FSR Fender Left-Handed Guitars over at PMT online or call into your local PMT store to place a special order today! fender left handed fsr