The new range of Shure bundles available at PMT online and in store allow you to create your perfect portable recording rig. These awesome bundles offer a convenient way to get started in field recording, podcasting and studio recording as well as live performance. Here’s a closer look at the Shure bundles available to order now, and the benefits of each bundle pack.


We do love a Shure SM58 bundle here at PMT! The Shure SM58 is an absolute live performance essential, and it’s always best to bring your own if you are performing live or rehearsing. Live venues will always be a mixed bag of gear, and the gear they do have might not work properly!  Are the microphones clean, will they have a working mic stand; these are all questions you might find yourself asking if you’re unprepared. This is where the Shure SM58 Stage Performance Kit really comes in handy. With this Shure SM58 bundle, you get a Shure SM58 microphone with an XLR cable and microphone stand, plus a mic clip. This means you are ready to go at a moment’s notice and you don’t have to worry about the venue’s broken mic stands dodgy cables and dirty microphones! This Shure SM58 bundle is perfect for the gigging musician and an ideal option for the likes of schools, churches and public speaking applications.


The Shure PSM300 Twinpack Wireless Monitoring System is ideal if you have two performers who want to utilise wireless monitoring on stage, but you don’t want to pay for two transmitters. In this wireless pack you get 1 x Shure PSM300 Stereo Wireless Transmitter, 2 x Shure P3R Premium Wireless Bodypack Receivers and 2 x Shure SE112 Sound Isolating Earphones. This pack allows you to send two channels of 24-bit digital audio wireless to two performers on stage – perfect for 2 vocalists, a vocalist and a guitarist, or any musicians or public speakers who need a live monitor feed. This is also a great option for church use, as well as school and theatre use as you have incredible quality monitoring capabilities thanks to the sound isolating headphones that are comfortable to use.


If you prefer higher sound isolation and the added stability of a metal receiver, then the Shure PSM300 Twinpack Pro Wireless Monitoring System is ideal. In this great Shure Bundle, you get 1 x Shure PSM300 P3T Stereo Wireless Transmitter, 2 x Shure P3RA Premium Wireless Bodypack Receiver and 2 x Shure SE215 Sound Isolating Earphones. This is a pro-level wireless setup that offers an easy-to-use option for professional use. You can send two channels of audio wirelessly to onstage performers and enjoy the fact the Shure PSM300 is constantly scanning for the cleanest channel to keep your sound pure. This also provides a 90 meter range which makes it great for outdoor use and larger set ups where you need to be mobile.


The Shure Digital Recording Kit is perfect if you need to monitor audio on your computer or mobile phone and an ideal option for field recording, reporters and podcasters with a minimal, portable setup. In this Shure bundle you get 1 x Shure PGA58 Dynamic Vocal Microphone, 1 x Shure MOTIV MVi Digital Audio Interface and a set of Shure SRH240A Headphones – everything you need to monitor audio in one convenient package. The Shure PGA58 takes inspiration from the legendary SM58 and PG58 microphones and effectively rejects unwanted noise, capturing great audio. The Shure MOTIV MVi connects your XLR mic or line level instrument to your computer and allows for easy recording. Best of all, you have phantom power and you can utilise the five DSP preset modes to get the best sound and take complete control via gain, limiter settings etc. Finally, the set of Shure SRH240A Headphones offer a wide frequency range and are suitable for all kinds of audio, providing great isolation with minimal leakage.


You’ll love the Shure Portable Videography Kit if you’re a YouTuber, videographer or roving reporter as it gives you the kit you need to record and monitor audio in high quality. If you want to be able to record high quality audio whilst filming with your smart phone, you need this Shure bundle. In this handy kit you get a Shure MV88+ Video Kit, a set of Shure SE215 Professional Sound Isolating Earphones and a Shure AMV88-FUR Windjammer. The Shure MV88+ microphone has been designed to be used with the free ShurePlus MOTIV audio and video apps and allows you to capture, save and share recorded content easily. A lightning cable and USB-C cable have been included so you can hook the MV88+ to your other devices too! The windjammer rejects any unwanted wind noises (obviously) and the high-quality, 24-bit/48 kHz recording means you can record everything from spoken word to live gigs. This is a great option for podcasting, and recording high quality audio at a moment’s notice and is an ideal piece of kit for the portable videographer.


If you need a portable podcasting set up the Shure Mobile Recording Kit is perfect. This Shure Bundle gives you a Shure MV5 Digital Condenser Microphone and a set of Shure SRH240A Headphones so you can capture and monitor high quality audio with ease. The Shure MV5 includes three DSP presets so you can set up your mic for different applications and is supported by the ShurePlus MOTIV app which enables mixing on your iOS device. The Shure SRH240A headphones give you deep bass with clear mids and highs which makes them perfect for all manner of music monitoring as well as spoken word. Whether your editing podcasts, mixing music or creating your very own YouTube channel, this can handle it all. Shop a full range of Shure products over at PMT online or call in to your local PMT store to speak to our experts about your live needs.