Best Small Audio Mixer Battle – 5 Great Options [2020]


These small audio mixer options battle it out for the top spot in terms of size, price and functionality - here's our top 5 options that suit small budgets and big requirements!

best small audio mixers

A small audio mixer is perfect for musicians with smaller PA set ups, those using backing tracks and studio owners who just want something small to mix their sound with.

These mixers are all under £200 with most of them under the £100 mark and are ideal for podcasters, field recorders, reporters as well as live and studio musicians. We love these as they can provide the control you need for in ear monitoring, provide stunning audio quality when recording vocals and make your live sessions a lot easier to control.

Here’s are some of our favourite small audio mixers in price ascending order.

1. Alto Zephyr ZMX52 5 Channel Mixing Desk - £49.99

Alto Zephyr ZMX52 5 Channel Mixing Desk


First up we have the Alto Zephyr ZMX52 5 Channel Mixing Desk which is incredible value for money at just over £40. We think this is a contender for best small audio mixer as it includes a range of different inputs and outputs for a wide range of uses as well as EQ controls to sculpt your sound.

For under £50 you get a mono channel with dedicated microphone input complete with Phantom Power for condenser microphones. You also get a balanced TRS input and a two-band EQ along with two-track inputs for audio playback, so you can use it to monitor as well. The fact you can play backing tracks or music between sets via the CD/Tape input makes it perfect for DJ’s and bands who need to incorporate music into their set.

The smaller size makes it perfect for those drummers or musicians out there in control of click or backing tracks as it’ll fit in a laptop case or keyboard case with ease.

2. ART USB Mix - Project Series - £93.00

ART USB Mix - Project Series

The ART USB Mix - Project Series is the smallest option in our best small audio mixer blog making it a great partner for travelling musicians, those in control of the click, vocalists and producers with smaller setups.

This three-channel mixer features a combi XLR/Line in jack as well as balanced ¼-inch TRS inputs for stereo or mono line-level sources and ¼-inch TRS output jacks that can work with balanced or unbalanced lines. Finally, you have a ¼ inch TRS headphone jack that allows for easy monitoring.

The wide array of inputs and palm sized construction makes it perfect for field recording as you also have independent controls for all inputs as well as control over your main output and headphone monitor. Finally, the Green/Red LED signal/clip indicator allows you to keep control over the mix and the fact you can switch to USB playback for channels 2 and 3 makes it a perfect option for those recording straight to laptops.

3. Roland GO:Mixer Pro - £110.00

Roland GO:Mixer Pro

Next up we have the Roland GO:Mixer Pro - which industry-standard for a portable device. We think this is easily a contender for the best small audio mixer as you get to mix up to nine audio inputs, including pro-quality powered microphones, guitar/bass and line-level gear. Plus it comes in at just over £100.

This is particularly ideal if you're recording onto mobile device for recording multiple sound sources on the fly. The compact and portable size is handy for use alongside tablets and smartphones, the small nature of this mixer essentially means you can take it anywhere - ideal for creators who are constantly on the move!

4. Yamaha MG06X 6 Channel Mixing Desk with Effects - £119.00

Yamaha MG06X 6 Channel Mixing Desk with Effects

We love the Yamaha MG06X 6 Channel Mixing Desk with Effects as it includes world class preamps and (as the name suggests) a host of effects that are perfect for singers and performing musicians.

Within this 6 channel mixer are two Class A D-PRE microphone preamps which bring out the best in whatever you’re recording, whilst the +48v Phantom Power allows you to record with condenser mics.

We love this small audio mixer as it includes 3 reverb types as well as 3 delay types which really add a whole new presence and atmosphere to your sound, especially if you’re a solo performer who is singing and using a line level instrument at the same time.

Considering the price and amount of control, you get a LOT of quality features usually found on desks 3 times the price – so if you’re a producer, solo performer, podcaster or field recorder this is a bargain!

5. RCF F6X 6-Channel Studio Mixing Console - £130.00

RCF F6X 6-Channel Studio Mixing Console

Last but by no means least we have the RCF F6X 6-Channel Studio Mixing Console which has been designed for home studio use and small recording sessions. This budget friendly 6-channel studio mixer features 2 combi XLR/Line inputs with pro-level preamps so you can enjoy lush recordings whether you’re recording vocals, spoken word or instruments.

The fully balanced audio path and state of the art EQ puts a world of high-quality sound and expert control in your hands whilst the inclusion of RCF’s PRO DSP FX circuitry offers you a choice of 16 professional quality effects types. Choose from studio quality Reverb, Delays, Chorus, Flangers and Echoes to sculpt your sound and add a world of atmosphere and presence to your sound.

At just just 1.8kg it’s extremely portable and can be easily added to your live and studio workflow. Easily one of the most useful small audio mixers in the world right now for live and studio musicians, podcasters and reporters - bascially anyone who needs control over live and recorded sound.

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*Prices correct and updated 2020-01-07

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