Are you in a band, or are you a solo artist, who perform live but doesn't have your own sound engineer? The new RCF M18 Digital Mixer is the ideal solution if you want a consistent live sound, always!

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Why Do the pros use their own sound engineers?

There's one thing all professional live acts have in common - they all bring along their own sound engineer, for a consistent sound each time they play live. Most pros wouldn't dream of doing otherwise - a trustworthy sound engineer is as vital to the live experience as a band member. After all, it's the sound engineer who "translates" what's being played onstage to the audience, by delivering a good mix. Some  bands may prefer a louder bass, or a quieter vocal, or a brighter guitar... in other words, there are countless ways a live sound can be mixed, and it's up to the front of house sound engineer to deliver the goods. If the sound engineer knows the band well (either being their full-time sound person, or working at a venue a band plays regularly) then it's an easy job. Otherwise, as so often happens with smaller acts, it's a matter or luck, time and perseverance: does the sound guy have sympathetic ears for your music? Do you have time to do a good sound-check? Did the band communicate exactly how they want to sound? Can the sound guy be even bothered? In other words... so many variables, that inevitably things can and do go wrong, sound-wise...

The RCF M18 lets YOU Control the mix!

The beauty of the new RCF M18 digital mixer is that it can give the artist the control of the mix, via wifi! The unit itself is very compact, because it doesn't have any sliders of knobs like traditional mixers, making it very convenient to carry and to place anywhere near the stage.

RCF M18 Mixer

The RCF M18 has all the inputs and outputs you're likely to need,  including 8 Mic Preamp Inputs,10 Line inputs, 1 Stereo Main Outs and 6 balanced Aux outputs!

M18 ipad control

You then control the mix via your iPad: you're able to add FX, save settings and even use amp simulations if you prefer to just plug your guitar straight to the mixer. Think about it - you can make sure the mix is always exactly how you want, at every gig!

Of course, the RCF M18 can also be considered a good choice for venues with limited space for a bigger mixer, such as cafes and pubs where they just want to offer a compact PA for occasional use. It's also a great choice if you're a promoter putting on your own gigs or Open Mic night. The M18 is the perfect addition to the RCF PA Speaker systems, for  a compact and light setup.

Check the M18 product page for more info - this mixer could make a real difference next time you perform live!

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