When you want to step up your podcast equipment game or take your podcast to new levels, you should look at a range of the best podcast mixers available. There are a few key benefits to using mixers when you’re podcasting; mainly they give you better physical control over your audio sources and sounds, and some even allow you to trigger samples and jingles. Of course, it depends on what you need for your podcast, a lot of which we’ve covered in our essential podcast equipment blog, but it’s worth considering using a mixer as they really do make things a lot easier when you’re running a podcast! So today we’ve pulled together a list of the 6 best podcast mixers that (we think) will make your life easier, improve the sound of your podcast and allow you to expand your channel in ways that you might not have thought possible.



First up in our list is the Rode Rodecaster Pro, which we think is one of the best podcast mixers thanks to the fact it’s actually been developed specifically for podcast use. There’s nothing the team at Rode haven’t thought about here as it not only simplifies the entire mixing process but turns your podcast set up into a fully-fledged broadcasting extravaganza by introducing FX, trigger pads and connectivity to a wide range of different inputs and outputs. The Rodecaster Pro makes everything really easy for you, which is perfect if you’re just starting out in the world of podcasting or you’re a pro-level podcaster looking to expand their set up with more functionality. You have 8 smooth faders to control your levels, 4 dedicated headphone outputs as well as 4 x microphone inputs which is ideal if you want a handful of guests on your show. The cool thing about this podcast mixer though is the fact you have a dedicated micro USB, phone and Bluetooth channels, opening up a world of connectivity. This means you can stream music both wired and wirelessly and even take live calls. Last of all, there is a dedicated channel with trigger pads so you can launch samples and jingles. The Rodecaster Pro makes setting up a podcast so easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start one sooner.

Rodecaster Pro


Time and time again the QSC TouchMix 8 Digital Mixer, and the entire QSC range of mixers for that matter, have been relied upon by sound engineers in need of an all in one solution for recording and mixing sound with minimal fuss. Ok, it’s predominantly a live sound mixing desk, but stay with me here as it’s definitely a great option for podcasts too. You have 8 channels at your disposal, 4 of which are combi-inputs which is ideal if you have musical guests who want to plug an electro acoustic or line level instrument in at the same time. The digital mixer gives you a world of control over your sound, in fact you have a 4-band full parametric EQ and variable high-pass filter on all input channels as well as gate and compressor and a range of effects – which again, makes it perfect for musical podcasts as you can mix high quality sound as you go. You can also run multiple monitor mixes for your guests and record your session directly to the unit for editing later on; just transfer over to your PC via USB when you're ready. All this control and the fact it only weighs around the same as a laptop makes it a great option for podcasters with a small set up and one of the best podcast mixers on the market today.

 QSC TouchMix 8 Digital Mixer


Alto make amazing quality mixing desks for all budgets and all manner of set ups, whether large or small, so obviously we’re including their ZMX862 6 Channel Mixing Desk in our best podcast mixers list.

If you have a smaller sized set up this is perfect as even though it’s an 6-channel mixer, it’s very compact without scrimping on quality of connections. We love this option as it's super affordable and offers great connectivity to your devices so you can record, playback and mix on the fly utilising the user-friendly layout.

There are 2 combi inputs so you can connect microphones as well as line level instruments. If you haven’t got a lot of room and you want superb control over your sound without going digital, this is a great option.

 ZMX862 6 Channel Mixing Desk


We feel the Yamaha MG10XU USB Mixing Desk is one of the best mixers for podcasts thanks to the large number of channels (10 in total), +48V phantom power for condenser mics (an essential for spoken word) and the extremely useful USB connectivity.

There is actually a USB interface built-in to the mixer which allows you to record your podcast directly to your DAW, thus removing the need for an audio interface. The ‘D-PRE’ mic preamps offer incredible sound quality that you’ll really notice when listening back to your session and a sonic quality that your listeners will appreciate during streaming. Each microphone input features phantom power so you can safely use any condenser microphones you might have and benefit from Yamaha’s coveted MG series compression which allows you to boost your low signals and improve all-round consistency without the need for external processors. This means you basically get radio station quality sound on a budget.

Last but not least you get SPX FX processing which includes an array of reverb, modulation, distortion and pitch effects so you can change up your sound when you’re perhaps doing a live session with a band.



If you want to create podcasts and stream directly to the internet wherever you are, the Roland GO:Mixer Pro is ideal. If you’re a vlogger, this is actually your dream come true as the Roland GO:Mixer Pro makes creating instant content with up to 9 audio inputs a breeze.

This palm sized audio mixer allows you to connect all your audio sources including powered microphones such as condenser mics, guitar/bass and line-level gear as well as pin-mics and media players. If you create music via a mobile device or tablet, this is perfect as the GO:Mixer Pro is a perfect partner with apps like Garageband and more as you can record a variety of audio sources at once, create overdubs and even use it to stream live to the likes of IGTV or YouTube.

Best of all, it’s powered by 4 x AAA Alkaline batteries and can provide up to 4 hours of battery life – it’s so portable you can record anywhere you like. One of the best podcast mixers for those who don’t want or need a home studio!

Roland GO:Mixer Pro


 If you prefer to use an iPad to create and record your podcasts, then the Mackie DL806 Digital Live Sound Mixer is the perfect option and one of the best podcast mixers for those with limited space. The fact that your iPad simply slides into place and the rugged, compact design ensures you can travel with it anywhere makes it a great option for podcasters, journalists and reporters on the move. You have boutique quality Onyx microphone preamps, so all audio captured via microphone will sound warm and accurate whilst the 24-bit Cirrus Logic AD/DA converters provide unparalleled sound quality across the entire board. There are 8 channels in total, 4 of which are combo inputs for line level instruments, so there’s plenty of versatility. In addition, your guests can also control their own sound as the Mackie DL806 can support up to 10 iOS devices at once. You can also mix wirelessly, which is especially handy if you’re having an array of musical guests or multiple speakers at the same time and you need to stay out of the way! Finally, you can playback music from your iPad apps and incorporate it into the mix.  There's also the option to take total control over the assignable 2-channel recordings for when you want to play them back or export the for editing later on. 

Mackie DL806 Digital Live Sound Mixer

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