Studio Headphones are designed for professional recording and mixing applications. Designed to meet the demands of the modern producer, they have a flat natural and detailed sound that allows accurate referencing of audio.

The two main types of studio headphones are closed and open backPMT Online stocks a wide range from all the best brands including BeyerdynamicAKGYamahaMarshallSennheiser & more.


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  • What's the main types of studio headphones?

    When it comes to studio headphones, there's a few options to consider. There's Closed-Back headphones, Open-Back headphones and finally In-Ear headphones.
  • What's the difference between everyday headphones and studio headphones?

    Studio headphones provide a flat frequency response, to accurately provide a true reflection of your session's sound. Whereas everyday/gaming headphones generally consist of a boost to enhance the listening experience.