Korg Grandstage 73 Stage Piano
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Korg Grandstage 73 Stage Piano Korg Grandstage 73 Stage Piano Korg Grandstage 73 Stage Piano

Korg Grandstage 73 Stage Piano

by Korg
Korg Grandstage 73, an amazing new 73 key stage piano that redefines live digital piano performance. KORG Grandstage STAGE PIANO Combining K..

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Korg Grandstage 73, an amazing new 73 key stage piano that redefines live digital piano performance.


Combining KORG’s extremely popular and globally acclaimed flagship piano sound engine and meticulously selected keyboard sounds, KORG’s top level weighted keybed, an amazing set of features and housing it all in a beautiful digital stage piano that pays tribute to acoustic pianos, the KORG

Grandstage has risen then bar and then some.

Incredible Sound Engines

Seven powerful sound engines come together in the KORG Grandstage to give you the ultimate stage piano.

SGX-2 (Six Acoustic Pianos)

With piano sounds from top-level instruments from across the globe, SGX-2 is the ultimate acoustic piano sound engine.

Sounds from five different grand pianos have been expertly captured, using the best pianos from Berlin, Heidelberg, Austria, Japan and the newly sampled Italian grand piano.

Considered world-leaders, these grand pianos are now available to you in what could possibly be the best stage piano on the market.

A newly sampled upright piano sound is also included, giving you that quaint, intimate character that isn’t found on grand pianos.

SGX-2 contains high-capacity non-looped stereo samples of these pianos in every key, using up to 12 levels of velocity switching in order to perfectly reflect the expressiveness and nuances of acoustic pianos, including damper resonance, reproducing the spaciousness you get when the pedal is pressed – it even has the mechanical noise.

Taking on board feedback from a number of professional pianists, the Korg Grandstage also provides monaural piano sounds for each of the acoustic piano programs. Voiced from monaurally recorded sources rather than from mixed down stereo samples, the SGX-2’s monaural piano sounds shine through fantastically, even when performing with a full band.

EP-1 (Six Vintage Electric Pianos)

The Korg Grandstage’s EP-1 electric piano sound engine provides you with six vintage electric piano sounds; the classic I, II, V and DMP tine piano models and the 200 and 200A reed piano models.

Using MDS (Multi-Dimensional Synthesis) technology, the EP-1 sound engine delivers a fantastic evolution of velocity switching, allowing it to respond smoothly to even the subtlest of changes in keyboard dynamics.

Amps, cabinets speakers and vintage effects are all faithfully and realistically reproduced, completing the incredible simulations of these classic performances of yesteryear.

CX-3, VOX and Compact (Three Organs with Classic Character)

The CX-3 is a tonewheel organ sound engine, delivering an incredible reproduction of KORG’S classic combo organ, originally on the market back in 1980.

A newly designed VOX transistor organ sound engine gives you a faithful reproduction of the VOX organ that hugely impacted popular music in Europe and the US from its original release in the 1960s.

Last but not least is the Compact transistor organ sound engine, which accurately reproduces the compact organs that defined rock sound back in the 1960s and 1970s.

Using the rotary speaker effect built into each of these distinct sound engines, the Grandstage 73 offers an enjoyable, rewarding and extremely realistic organ playing experience.

AL-1 and HD-1 (A Wide Range of Awesome Sounds)

Using the AL-1 analog modelling sound engine, the Korg Grandstage 73 can produce the amazing and unique sounds of well-defined reeds and thick brass instrument performances.

With the HD-1 you can make use of a fantastic variety of distinctive keyboard instrument sounds such as a harpsichord, a mellotron, a pipe organ and an eight-level multi-sampled clavi sound to name just a few.

Designed for Stage Playability

Even with a huge and comprehensive range of features and sound programs, Korg have ensured the design of the Grandstage piano is extremely intuitive, allowing lighting fast selection of the sounds you want, without any fuss or confusion.

The most frequently used sounds usch as piano, electric piano and organ can be recalled with ease from the right-hand keyboard section, with sounds such as synth and strings being easily recalled from the ensemble section found on the left-hand side.

EQ, dynamic and effect controls are all easily accessed with the front panel buttons and knobs.

Reverb and delay effects are pretty essential to any dynamic and emotional piano performance and so Korg provide them here as master effects, allowing to you use the panel controls to easily and instantly switch between the effect types and adjust depth.

A newly developed reverb circuit is used in the Korg Grandstage, delivering an amazing new level of potential. HALL and ROOM reverb settings apply “iVerb” which adds a natural spaciousness and incredibly smooth reverberation to your sound while selecting SPRING applies “Spring Reverb”, perfect for awesome vintage organ sounds.

Korg have most certainly designed the Grandstage to be focused on seamless, straightforward operation so the player can concentrate on their performance.

Japanese Engineering

Made in Japan, and showcasing premium Japanese quality engineering Korg’s Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 (RH3) keybed.

With the combined skills of a small, dedicated expert team, the RH3 keybed offers the most realistic response you can find on a digital piano.

Like what you would expect from an acoustic grand piano, the keyboard of the Grandstage is divided into four regions, with the lower registers feeling heavier while the upper registers feel lighter, conveying every last nuance and touch from your fingertips so you get the most realistic and enjoyable playing experience and sound.

As a tip of the hat to the acoustic pianos from which this stage piano draws its inspiration, the Grandstage 73 has a beautifully elegant design, reminiscent of the finest pianos in the world.

Brightly lit LEDs ensure great visibility, even on a dimly lit stage or with adverse lighting conditions and to add some extra visual flair to your performance, the rear panel KORG logo can be lit up – with colour adjustments, brightness and illumination modes all under your control.

Grandstage 73 – Made for The Stage

From its intuitive operability and amazing sounds to its equally incredible looks, the Grandstage 73 was designed from the ground up to be performed with on stage.

Working perfectly in pretty much any band set up or musical style, the Grandstage 73 is extremely versatile and uncompromising on all fronts.

Korg Grandstage 73 Stage Piano Key Features:

  • Seven sound engines: the SGX-2 with its six acclaimed acoustic pianos, plus the EP-1, CX-3, VOX, Compact, AL-1, and HD-1
  • A user interface designed for playability on stage
  • Reverb and delay that are easy to control
  • Dynamics knob lets you instantly control the sound's crispness and expressivity
  • Favourite buttons let you instantly recall the sound you want
  • Smooth sound transition creates a natural-feeling change when you switch sounds
  • Three-band equalizer lets you shape your sound
  • Layer/split capability lets you easily combine sounds
  • Panel lock prevents unintended operation
  • RH3 keyboard responds to even the subtlest nuances of your playing
  • Design that combines both elegance and individuality
  • Music rest, pedal, and keyboard stand are included
  • Made in Japan – Premium Japanese Quality


Number of Keys73 keys

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