Electro Harmonix Triangle Big Muff
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Electro Harmonix Triangle Big Muff

Electro-Harmonix Triangle Big Muff Pi V1 - a Vintage Reissue of The One That Started It All! Back in 1969, EHX founder Mike Matthews develop..

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Electro-Harmonix Triangle Big Muff Pi V1 - a Vintage Reissue of The One That Started It All!

Back in 1969, EHX founder Mike Matthews developed what would soon become the world's best known fuzz pedal: The Triangle Big Muff Pi - the pedal that helped forge a musical revolution!

EHX's Most Famous Pedal is Back!

Now, in celebration of EHX's 50th Anniversary, Mike Matthews has decided to reissue this glorious pedal in an all-new, pedalboard friendly, nano-sized die-cast chassis.

With the original pedals selling for (quite literally) hundreds of £'s, the reissue will come as a breath of fresh air for those of you wanting those vintage, creamy fuzz tones with violin-like sustain, at a fraction of the price.

A 50-Year Legacy

Having been seen on countless stages across the world during the past five decades, the Big Muff has helped to shape the tone of some of the music industry's most recognisable guitar sounds. From King Crimson, The Carpenters, and Pink Floyd, to The Smashing Pumpkins, Korn and many more, the Big Muff has left its mark on the world in the best possible way.

Intuitive Controls

The control layout on the Big Muff has been largely unchanged this past fifty years, with the occasional toggle switch or control knob being added for further sound-tweaking. With the EHX V1 Triangle Big Muff reissue though, it's back to basics: a simple On/Off toggle switch, with controls for Volume, Tone and Sustain.

  • Volume allows you to choose just how much output you get from the pedal... fairly straightforward really
  • Tone helps you to shape the overall sound, whether you want booming bass or pristine treble, you can achieve it with the simple twisting of this control
  • Sustain is where the fuzziness happens - this control adjusts just how much sustain and distortion the pedal produces (turn all the way to the right for full on filth)

Available to Order Now!

The Triangle Big Muff Pi is brand new to 2018, and is available to order at PMT Online and In-Store now!

EHX Triangle Big Muff Specs

  • The authentic V1 Triangle Big Muff reissued in a nano-sized chassis
  • Effect status LED
  • True bypass
  • Vintage look and graphics
  • Comes with a 9V battery, also accepts an optional EHX 9.6DC200mA PSU


Weight (kg)1.0000
Power Supply9v dc (battery or adapter)
Warranty2 years

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