Electro Harmonix Cathedral Reverb Pedal
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Electro Harmonix Cathedral Reverb Pedal

Electro Harmonix Cathedral Reverb Pedal From the Holy Grail to the Holiest Grail, Electro-Harmonix have always produced some of the finest r..

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Electro Harmonix Cathedral Reverb Pedal

From the Holy Grail to the Holiest Grail, Electro-Harmonix have always produced some of the finest reverb pedals you could buy. Now, the new Cathedral Programmable Stereo Reverb ups the ante and is set to become yet another classic Electro-Harmonix reverb pedal. Amen!

A Classic In The Making

With the Cathedral, you'll surround your music with the aria of divine presence. True stereo reverbs reveal your inspirations while programmability recalls your spirit of creation.

The Cathedral is the performer's mantra creating the perfect space for your instrument or voice while offering an elegance that takes your music to a higher ground.

Say hallelujah, brothers and sisters, and worship at the Electro-Harmonix Cathedral!

The Serious Bit

Ok, godly references aside, it's time to get to the nitty-gritty and talk about what this stompbox actually does.

Firstly, you get 8 different modes to choose from, with each mode giving you a different sonic palette to work with. In addition, each mode changes the function of some of the pedal's control knobs, so it's worth really taking some time to sink your teeth into this pedal before using it in the live or studio setting.

The eight modes are as follows: Grail Spring - taken directly from my favourite ever reverb pedal, The Holy Grail; Accu Spring - a brand new spring design that's exclusive to the Cathedral; Hall - which makes use of a smooth, lush sounding reverb algorithm; Room - a medium sized room setting, similar to Hall but with a smaller sounding space; Plate - a recreation of the metal plates commonly found in the top recording studios of the 60s and 70s; Reverse - an emulation of the famous Reverse Reverb trick utilised by the likes of Jimi Hendrix; Grail Flerb - taken directly (once again) from the awesome Holy Grail; and finally, Echo - which turns your pedal into a digital echo that can be controlled with the Tap Tempo switch.

A lot to take in, yes? Maybe so, but every bit of it is worth it - I don't think I've ever come across as versatile a reverb pedal as this before - it has everything you could want!

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  • Two SPRING modes including the Spring reverb taken from the Holy Grail and a new Accutronics Spring tank emulation.
  • Top notch, professional HALL, ROOM, PLATE and REVERSE reverb algorithms.
  • GRAIL FLERB mode is the Holy Grail Flerb with greater adjustability.
  • ECHO mode makes the Cathedral into a versatile two second digital delay.
  • Up to two Seconds of Pre-Delay, with Feedback allow for reverberant echoes.
  • Tap Tempo Footswitch sets the pre-delay time with your foot.
  • Instantaneous infinite reverb by pressing and holding the TAP FSW.
  • Tone controls on the reverbs allow for further refinement of the sound.
  • True stereo in and out.
  • Ultra low noise and transparent signal path
  • Studio quality A/D and D/A converters.
  • Save and load up to 8 presets: 1 preset for each different mode.


  • 24 bit AD and DA converter
  • True stereo inputs and outputs
  • 8 programmable reverb styles with the ability to load and save
  • Tap Tempo to set pre-delay time up to 2 seconds
  • Feedback control for pre-delay section
  • Damping/ Tone control available for each reverb mode
  • Modes: Grail Spring, Accu Spriing, Hall, Room, Plate, Reverse, Grail Flerb, Echo
  • Hold tap tempo for infinite reverb
  • power supply included


Weight (kg)1.0000
Effectsreverb - plate, spring, room, hall, reverse, flerb
Power Supply9 volt power supply provided
Warranty2 years

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