Yamaha Synthesizers

Yamaha Synths - An Undeniable Legacy

Yamaha Reface keyboards are designed and developed around the practical needs to on-the-go musicians. Reface stands for reimagining Yamaha's legendary synth portfolio. In many ways, these original models set the benchmark for portable keyboards and the boom in synthesizer popularity during the 1980s.

Yamaha Reface Synths

Products such as the DX7 or the CP80 are just a few of the legendary innovations Yamaha has decided to 'reface' in order to bring back excitingly versatile keyboards. The Yamaha Reface CP, Reface YC, Reface CS, CS80 and the CP5 are all miniature keyboards but don’t let the size fool you, they sound nothing short of spectacular. The Reface series keyboards have built-in speakers and are able to be carried anywhere due to their battery operable nature. They also feature MIDI and USB connectivity, as well as being able to play along with MP3 players due with the aux line in.

Yamaha synths for all levels and budgets

No matter what experience you are - Yamaha is likely to have a synth that's right for you. This is most likely down to the varying price-points and affordability on offer. If you're new to the synth then the Yamaha Reface DX FM synthesizer is a great affordable option. Don't be fooled by the price and size, this synth packs some cutting edge and iconic eighties sounds. At the other end of the spectrum, would be the Yamaha Montage 8 Synthesizer 88 Key which is seen as the future of modern synthesis. This weighted hammer action keyboard comes loaded with sounds and effects.

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