Yamaha Montage M Series

Discover the future of sound with Yamaha's groundbreaking MONTAGE M, the ultimate flagship synthesizer for musicians and producers alike.

MONTAGE M boasts three cutting-edge Sound Engines that open doors to limitless creativity. AN-X transports you to the golden age of warm vintage analog synths, while FM-X takes you on a journey into the realm of dynamic FM synthesis. AWM2 delivers impeccable sample-based replications of acoustic instruments, bringing an unprecedented level of realism to your compositions.


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Unleash the power of the Motion Control Synthesis Engine, introducing a fourth dimension of automated real-time control to your sonic arsenal. With an array of intuitive Controllers and the Sub Display, you'll have immediate hands-on access to fine-tune your soundscapes.

Seamlessly bridging the gap between stage and studio, MONTAGE M offers deep computer connectivity and integration, ensuring your music-making experience is as versatile as it is inspiring.

Designed to cater to the needs of synthesists, keyboardists, and pianists, MONTAGE M ushers in a new era of sound, control, and workflow, revolutionizing music creation as we know it. Elevate your musical journey with MONTAGE M – where innovation meets expression.