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Most professional guitarists know that if they want a selection of the finest dual-channel effects pedals and power supplies on the market, they need look no further than TrueTone.

TrueTone Effects Pedals and Power Supply Units

Originally founded in 1995 as Visual Volume, TrueTone is the brainchild of CEO and founder Bob Weil, who began designing and developing his first LED-Scaled volume pedal as early as 1988. By January 1995 Bob was ready to showcase this groundbreaking pedal (the Visual Volume) at the Winter NAMM show of that year, and the rest (as they say) is history.

Jekyll & Hyde

Within two short years, Bob had developed the world's first true Dual Effect pedal: the Jekyll & Hyde. This dual-circuit Overdrive and Distortion pedal offers pinpoint control over every facet over each circuit, giving you bags of tone at your disposal.

However, unlike the pedal's namesakes (Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde), both aspects of its personality can be active at the same time, and the result is mindblowing.

In the 20+ years since its original incarnation, the Jekyll & Hyde has seen two major upgrades to keep up with the demands of the modern guitarist. No need to worry though, because despite the upgrades the spirits of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde are as present and menacing as ever!

1 Spot Power Supply

In 2001, Visual Sound (later known as TrueTone) released the 1 Spot, which is widely regarded as the worlds first compact pedalboard power supply. These simple, 9v PSU takes up a single spot on an outlet strip, and can noiselessly power over twenty guitar pedals (handling up to 1700mA of current) with ease.

The phenomenal design of these pedals allows them to even convert international voltages (100V-240V) automatically, without the need of a transformer.

Recent years have seen the 1 Spot's benchmark technology utilised in the creation of the 1 Spot Pro series of power bricks. These noiseless, fully isolated power units have arrived in the following formats:

  • CS6 - 6 x 9VDC Outputs (2 Switchable to 12Vdc, 2 Switchable to 18Vdc), and up to 1600mA Current Handling
  • CS7 - 7 total outputs - 6 x 9Vdc (4 of which are Switchable to 12Vdc), 1 x 18Vdc, and up to 1900mA Current Handling
  • CS12 - 12 total outputs - 9 x 9Vdc (4 of which are Switchable to 12Vdc), 2 x 18Vdc, 1 x 9Vac, and up to 3000mA Current Handling

Despite being relatively new, TrueTone 1 Spot Pro power bricks are already being used on some of the worlds biggest stages, and that certainly isn't by accident.

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