Shure Wireless Systems

Renowned across the world as the most trusted name in professional audio, Shure Wireless Microphones and Wireless Instrument Systems are the number one choice for use on the biggest stages.

Across Touring Sound, Live Events, Studio Recording, Education, Conference, Presentation, Broadcast, Live Venues, Content Creation, Music Making, and House of Worship applications, Shure Wireless Systems remain a tried-and-tested solution that won't let you down.

Check out our comparison guide here - including our thoughts on the awesome Shure GLX-D+ Dual Band!


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Wireless Shure Mics have been a formidable industry standard for several decades. Shure Wireless Systems are adored by sound engineers and touring musicians for their ease-of-use and crisp sound quality.

Shure Wireless Microphones have evolved through recent changes to Wireless Channel frequencies, still meeting the needs of modern musicians.


The GLX-D+ Dual Band is a Wireless System that rivals any cable-free system in the world. Hassle-free, ultra-reliable, and with cutting-edge tech that puts priority on your performance - including guitar pedal set up options for seamless pedalboard integration and complete flexibility.


  • Which Shure Wireless Microphone is the best?

    One of the most highly regarded wireless mics on the planet, the Shure PGXD24/BETA58 provides exceptional vocal clarity whilst on stage.
  • What are the perks of a Wireless Microphone?

    Wireless microphones offer a higher level of convenience and practicality that traditional wired microphones typically don't offer.