We look at the main differences between Shure Wireless Systems, including the all-new GLX-D+ Dual Band range

With the incredible selection of Shure Wireless Systems out there, it can be hard to decide which option is right for you. Figuring out which option will suit your needs and how much you really need to spend to get the best result can be quite the task, but fortunately choosing the right Shure Wireless System is not actually that complicated once you break it down to a few key bullet points – which is why we’ve done that for you now!

In this blog, we’re going to look at each wireless system to highlight the key points and offer up some insight as to when and why you might want to upgrade. Here's the differences between the Shure Wireless System range, broken down into easy to read bites...

Shure GLX-D+ Dual Band

Shure GLX-D+ Dual Band

The all-new Shure GLX-D+ Dual Band range is the answer to your license-free wireless needs.

Offering the same 2.4GHz frequency range as the first generation of GLX-D Wireless, plus an additional range in 5.8 GHz, users are treated to a cleaner and larger spectrum area for reliable performance every time.

No matter if you’re completely new to wireless systems or a veteran of the stage, the hassle-free setup and management of this kit means that you can focus fully on the things that really matter.

With smart rechargeability and an improved runtime of up to 12 hours, the GLX-D+ Dual Band prioritises reliability for musicians and presenters, allowing for complete confidence as each and every aspect of use is handled automatically.

Available with multiple iconic microphone options (including the SM58) in tabletop, half-rack, and guitar pedal system configurations, it’s easily integrated into any live rig or stage setup.

The guitar pedal option is one of our favourites – housed in a sturdy metal casing that can be easily incorporated into your pedalboard (9V DC power), it includes a tuner with a new ¼” guitar input that makes it simpler than ever to go from practice to live performance. No matter whether you choose to plug directly into the pedal or go wireless, you can easily switch between two or more transmitters linked to a single receiver.

Here’s how the GLX-D+ Dual Band compares to the previous GLX-D models:

  GLX-D+ Dual Band GLX-D / GLX-D Advanced - now discontinued...
Range 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz - 2.5x more spectrum Single Band (2.4GHz only)
All Tabletop, Rack, and Frequency Manager are part of the GLX-D+ Dual Band System GLX-D (Tabletop) vs Advanced (Rack Receivers & Frequency Managers)

Guitar Pedal

Output 1/4" Connector AND a new input 1/4" Connector

Output 1/4" Connector
Battery Life
Up to 12 Hours in 5.8GHz operation (usual range) or 17 hours at 2.4GHz Up to 11 Hours

If you need to know more about the original GLX and GLX Advanced models, scroll down to find out the details...

Shure BLX Wireless Systems

The Shure Wireless BLX systems are the entry-level option for those who want high-quality sound straight out of the box and a no-fuss instant wireless connection. This is an ideal option for live speakers and the casual gigging musicians out there. However, it’s worth noting that it does operate on the Channel 38 frequency, which requires a licence at £75 per year.

The lower price point, battery operation, and extra channels might convince you to opt for the BLX over the GLX-D+ Dual Band. There’s also a Dual RX option here, although you miss out on the guitar pedal option, enhanced digital audio clarity, and the extra-easy Auto Frequency Management that come with the GLX-D+ Dual Band - which also gives you full rechargeability as standard.

Shure SLX-D Wireless Systems

The tailored solution for your wireless needs, those who are looking for the most complete performance will find what they need from the SLX-D Systems.

With rock-solid RF performance, crystal clear digital audio quality, and guided frequency setup embedded in every receiver, this range provides the extra quality that professionals will appreciate.

For those looking for extra flexibility, a first-class selection of handheld, lavalier, and headset microphones, plus ethernet linking, the SLX-D is the perfect choice; however, users might opt for the new GLX-D+ Dual Band due to the ease of use it provides.

Shure GLX-D Wireless Systems - now discontinued...

The Shure GLXD Wireless Systems have been designed for those who need a completely professional setup that is portable, reliable, and packed full of features designed for regular gigging musicians.

Overall, the Shure GLXD Wireless Systems present an opportunity for professional bands, church sound systems, public speakers and more to enjoy high-quality sound with quick and automatic set-ups between receivers and transmitters, as well as rechargeable batteries so you’re never caught out without power.

In fact, the batteries can actually be charged on the receiver unit whilst the microphone/bodypack is not in use. You can even charge one battery and use another at the same time. Probably best of all, is the fact you do not need a licence to use the unit, saving you at least £75 per year.

Shure GLX-D Advanced Wireless Systems - now discontinued...

The Shure GLXD Advanced Wireless Systems are designed for larger setups and those who need the option to expand their wireless offering should they need an array of different musicians or vocalists to perform.

The Shure GLXD Advanced Wireless Systems are all designed to be installed within a rack system and to work with the Shure GLX-D Advanced Frequency Manager UA846Z2, which automatically connects all receivers to each transmitter within 6 seconds (usually less!). They also operate on the licence-free frequencies, so you don’t ever have to worry about paying for a licence.


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