Shure In-Ear Monitors

Shure In-Ear Monitors are used by professional performers and musicians around the globe. Designed to give you a clear, wireless reference point for your mix, these Shure in-ear systems are crucial for guitarists, drummers, singers and keyboard players when touring on bigger stages.

By delivering a hassle-free feed of your personal or band mix directly into your ears, you're guaranteed crystal-clear performance night after night.


Sometimes, wedge monitors and backline speakers just don't get the job done. There are often issues with feedback and signal clarity that don't allow you to hear yourself loud and clear. That's where the Shure PSM Series in-ears come in!


More and more performing musicians and drummers are turning to the Shure PSM Series for In-Ear monitoring on stage. Traditional foldback and wedge-shaped monitors have their flaws, being too big and bulky to take to every gig. The PSM200 and PSM300 series solve this problem with a more personal, direct wireless monitoring solution. Simply connect some earbuds with the PSM Belt Pack receiver, and connect the transmitter with your PA or Mixing Desk and get high-quality reference audio for your entire mix.