PRS S2 Guitars

The PRS S2 Range is essentially the most affordable way you can pick up an American Made PRS guitar! If you're seeking paramount quality in sound, tone, and style at a great price then look no further than PRS S2.

American Made PRS at an accessible price

PRS S2 Guitars are crafted and assembled in the Maryland PRS factory. This means you're guaranteed quality and craftsmanship in your PRS Guitar at an affordable price-point. It only takes a glance at the range to instantly recognise these guitars are iconic PRS models. Stunning finishes combine with professional-level electronics and workmanship for an S2 Guitar that will last a lifetime in the right hands.

A range of quality and iconic PRS models

The PRS S2 range features a host of iconic and notorious PRS models such as the Custom 24 or the Standard 22. There are highlights everywhere you look in the S2 Range, whether that's the PRS S2 Satin Standard 24 Walnut Electric Guitar which delivers sublime, rich and well-rounded tone or the PRS S2 Custom 24 Whale Blue Flame Maple Guitar - a spectacular looking axe that will stand up to years of hard-touring.

A name you can trust

You're investing in a name you can trust with PRS, but these American made PRS guitars which means ensure you've got a spectacular amount of quality on offer. Don't be fooled by their striking and intricate aesthetic - PRS S2 Models are quality assured guitars that will last through years of heavy touring.

What does PRS S2 mean?

S2 means Stevensville 2 which is taken from the name of the second manufacturing line created inside the PRS Stevensville MD shop.
The PRS S2 range of guitars are all made in the Maryland factory in a production line and are the most budget-friendly way you can pick up an American made PRS guitar. The introduction of the S2 also ushered in some new body types for PRS - the Mira and Starla which boasted a grungier offset look.

Shop PRS at PMT Online

If you're looking at picking up one of these stunning PRS S2 guitars then look no further than PMT. Call into your nearest PMT store for expert advice or browse the full range online below. We have specialists on hand to help you make the right choice no matter what your budget, style or sound is.