PRS CE24 Guitars

PRS CE24 - a rock and roll essential

PRS CE24 Guitars are ideal for rock and roll players as the bold-on neck offers up a snap and response that's a must for fans of the genre. Combine this iconic style with the legendary PRS design and finishes and the PRS CE24 is a real winner.

PRS CE24 - PRS' bolt-on neck offering

These PRS models bring together classic PRS aesthetics with a traditional bolt-on neck. This essentially boosts the natural tone and clarity that we've come to expect from PRS guitars. If you're after a versatile guitar that can handle a variety of tones and playing styles then look no further than the PRS CE24, it's an instant classic.

PRS CE24 - An elegant range

There are plenty of highlights in the PRS CE24 range, meaning you should be able to find your new favourite guitar no-matter what your style, sound or budget is. We love some of the limited edition CE24 models such as the PRS Ltd Edition CE24 Faded Fire Red Smokeburst Wrap. Other highlights include staples like the PRS CE24 Electric Guitar in Whale Blue. Although these guitars appear intricate and striking - they're actually excellent, robust instruments that will last for a lifetime in the right hands.

The PRS CE24 is for a variety of players

Whether you're looking to capture that perfect tone on your studio recordings or find a reliable guitar that can handle a rigorous touring schedule - then you're in the right place with the PRS CE24. These guitars really are for players who have serious intentions at sticking at the craft for a long time or professional guitarists. This is purely down to the amount of quality on offer across electronics, hardware and construction. We'd also recommend the PRS CE24 no matter what sound or tone you're seeking - these guitars comfortably offer up endless options and possibilities.

Shop PRS CE24 at PMT Online

If you're looking at picking up a PRS CE24 model then be sure to head down to your nearest PMT Store where our staff will be on hand to help. You can also get in touch with our friendly experts online if that's more convenient. We can recommend the perfect PRS guitar for you depending on sound, style and budget requirements.


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