KMA Audio Machines

KMA Audio Machines is a small boutique pedal manufacturer based in Berlin, Germany. They're a company that understands the need for inspirational effects to allow you to take that extra step in the creation of your music.


Combining precision German engineering with the craft, innovation and passion of a company that truly loves their creations, the pedals that KMA Audio Machines produce are simply out of this world. From the circuitry up to the rugged metal chassis, each and every pedal is created by hand, using only premium grade components.

Many of their creations are the result of taking a well-known or well-coveted circuit, and adding current technology into the mix, making them appeal to both vintage tone-hounds and modern musicians alike. All of their pedals are True Bypass, making them appeal to the tone-purists out there, and are versatile enough to produce sounds suitable for every situation. Whether it's the awesome Fuzzly Bear with tones based around the famous Jordan Bosstone, or the incredible Moai Maea Octaver pedal - which gives you 3 octaves to adjust, each of which can be activated individually! - the only limitation with these pedals is your own imagination.

And the best thing of all? Despite being handmade, hand designed, and using only the best components, all of KMA Audio Machine's boutique devices come at a price that's affordable for most working musicians and tone enthusiasts.