Handmade boutique analog monophonic octave pedal
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Handmade boutique analog monophonic octave pedal boutique true bypass octave pedal for guitar and bass

KMA Audio Machines Moai Maea Analog Octaver Pedal

KMA Audio Machines Moai Maea, Handmade Boutique Analog Octaver Pedal for Guitar and Bass Silent and solemn, the Maoi Maea hold vigil on the..

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KMA Audio Machines Moai Maea, Handmade Boutique Analog Octaver Pedal for Guitar and Bass

Silent and solemn, the Maoi Maea hold vigil on the hillside of Rapa Nui as they have for countless centuries, with their origins lost in the mists of time. Thanks to KMA Audio Machines you can now recreate the droning and shrieking of the mighty Rano Raraku volcanic crater, from which the Moai Maea were born. Or at least that's what KMA Audio Machines say.

Fully Analog, Hand-Crafted Boutique Octave Pedal

Named for the enigmatic sculpted heads found on Easter Island, the Moai Maea from KMA Audio Machines represents the pinnacle of of octave effects technology. This premium-grade boutique Octaver pedal gives you three Octaves to control (in addition to your unaffected signal) giving you the option of turning a single note into a huge wall of sound.

Monophonic Analog Octaver

The controls on the Moai Maea allows the possibility of creating individual mixes of each octave as well as the original signal, with each octave being activated by it's own individual footswitch - whether you want to for for that shrieking upper-octave, or add a couple of crushing, bass-heavy sub-octaves (or even switch between all three mid-song), the choice is yours to make!

It's worth noting that as the Moai Maea is an analog Monophonic octaver (not polyphonic) the pedal favours single notes over chords - for clean and perfect tracking just stick to single notes, but whilst full chords may produce some glitchy sound effects they can still be put to good use! A neat way of improving the tracking is to situate a compressor/booster/drive pedal in front of the Moai Maea.

Buffered FX Loop

As if the normal Input and Output sockets weren't enough, the Moai Maea also features an excellent buffered FX loop (extra input and output) to help expand your soundscape. This runs serial to the clean path, and features a phase inverter to help combat any phasing issues.

Internal Controls

As with other KMA Audio Machine pedals, the Moai Maea houses a couple of internal controls for fine-tuning. First there's the Internal DIP switch, for phase inversion. Then there's the option of trimming both the fuzz and volume of the High Octave, giving you an overall cleaner sound.

Handmade Boutique Construction

Each and every KMA Audio Machines pedal is designed, assembled, silkscreened, tested, and numbered, by hand in a small Berlin workshop. Despite the premium-grade components and boutique construction though, pedals like the Moai Maea remain an affordable option for most working musicians and tone enthusiasts alike.

If you have any queries regardining the availability of the KMA Audio Machines Moai Maea, feel free to contact our online sales team directly.

Technical Specifications

  • Circuitry: Octaver
  • Control Knobs: OC+1, OC-1, OC-2, and Clean
  • Mode Switches: 3
  • Technology: Analogue
  • Bypass Mode: True Bypass
  • Power Supply: 9v DC Centre Negative, or 9v Battery


Weight (kg)0.7000
Effectsoctaver with 3 octaves
Power Supply9v dc adapter or battery
Warranty5 year limited warranty (see kma audio machines website for further details)

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