An American icon, Fender was founded in Southern California and by the end of the 1950s had established a worldwide influence that extends from the studio to the stage

With options ranging from entry-level guitars, basses, and acoustics, to instruments for professionals on the world’s biggest stages, as a brand, they’re all-encompassing.

Whether you're after an Electric or Acoustic instrument, a high-grade amplifier for the stage or studio, or you're looking for some inspirational new effects pedals, then Fender has got you covered.

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More About Fender

Fender is one of the most iconic guitar brands in the world for good reason. With options ranging from new-starter guitars through to instruments for professionals on the world’s biggest stages, as a guitar brand, they’re absolutely all-encompassing whether you're after an Electric or Acoustic Fender guitar.

It’s likely that most of your favourite musicians have used a Fender Guitar at some point in their careers, whether that’s Kurt Cobain, Eric Clapton or Jimi Hendrix. Fender's rich heritage and unparalleled experience in the world of guitars means they remain one of the most respected brands on the market today.


Whether you're looking for a Fender Custom ShopFSRAmerican PerformerAcoustic, or Player Series instrument, we've got them all. Alternatively, you can browse by Fender Guitar styles like the iconic StratocasterTelecaster, JaguarJazzmaster, and Mustang. Don't forget our selection of Fender Jazz Basses and Precision Basses, plus much more available to try in a PMT store near you.


The early conception of Fender Instruments has helped forge the way we make music forever. Although Leo Fender couldn't play the guitar himself, it was his vision that created instruments to inspire generations of guitarists to this day. Not only did Leo have ideas about how guitars should look and feel, but he also knew how they should sound. Plug a single-coil pickup into a Tweed amplifier and you've got the early Fender sound, as popular now as it was back in the 1950s.

The evolution continued throughout the '60s to meet the changing demands of guitarists. Many of the original designs are still being followed to the letter, allowing guitarists an authentic vintage tone. While Fender pushes tonal flexibility with the Mustang modeling range and the Pawn Shop series offers incredible retro valve tone direct from the imagination of Fender's amp designers.


When it comes to solid-body electric guitars, none come quite as highly regarded as the Fender Stratocaster and Fender Telecaster. Both revolutionized guitar design and functionality when they were released in the 1950s, which helped shape the course of modern music today. Both guitar styles were cemented into popular culture by legendary musicians like Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jeff Beck, and many more.

Fender Electric Guitars have traditionally been produced in either the United States or Mexico. The old 'made-in-Mexico' Standard Series was a favorite amongst many guitarists, recently replaced by the affordable Player Series. Whilst experienced players may lean towards an American-Made Fender like the American EliteAmerican Performer, or American Professional series. Mexican-made instruments tend to be a little more affordable.

For those that like to break the mould, check out the offset Fender JaguarMustangJazzmaster, and Duo-Sonic body shapes to stand out from the crowd.


Fender are experts when it comes to bass guitars, and that’s why multiple top musicians such as Paul McCartney, Timothy B. Schmit, and Roger Waters are all avid users of Fender bass guitars.

Some of the most iconic, original bass designs were conceived by Leo Fender as far back as the 1950s. The legendary Fender Jazz Bass and Fender Precision Bass are but two examples of tried-and-tested body shapes that bass players love.

All Fender basses are built to last, with a reputation for reliability and offering a thick low end that musicians covet. Just like Fender electric guitars, the range of Fender bass guitars has signature versions such as the Geddy Lee Signature Jazz Bass guitars, the Mark Hoppus Signature bass guitar, and many more. These bass guitars are built to replicate the look, play style, and sound of your favorite artists. Fender has it all, from vintage classics to more modern bass guitars.

Shop a full range of Fender Bass Guitars over at PMT Online or visit your local PMT store to try out a full selection for yourself. We can even organise a completely custom order from the Fender Custom Shop, so you can get the Fender bass guitar of your dreams, totally unique to your specifications.


If you’re searching for an amp, Fender has created multitudes of great amps for all genres and play styles. Lots of Fender amps are combos, meaning you get multiple effects right out the box. Fender amps have a reputation that proceeds them with classics such as the Mustang, Champion, Hot Rod Deluxe, Princeton, Bassbreaker, Competition Series or the ever-popular Fender Blues Deluxe. Want to sound like Eric Clapton? Grab an Eric Clapton Signature 40W 2x12 Tube Guitar Combo and start jamming like a rock god.

Fender combo amplifiers are loaded with essential guitar effects such as distortion, overdrive, delay, chorus, flanger, and phaser and they come in a variety of different colours.


Fender Guitar FX pedals are the perfect partner for any rig. If you don't use a combo amp on stage with built-in effects, these pedals can populate a pedalboard and allow you to craft a signature sound unique to you. Each Fender Pedal has a trademark character and tone and can shape your guitar's sound in many different ways.

The popular Fender Marine Layer Reverb Pedal is a popular go-to reverb for atmospheric and spacious tone-shifting effects.


We're also home to tonnes of Fender Guitar Accessories like Instrument CablesGig Bags, Hard CasesPlectrums, and Merchandise. Get all your Fender gigging essentials at your local PMT Store.


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  • When did Fender release their first electric guitar?

    The very first Fender Electric guitar (dubbed the Broadcaster for the 2 pickup model, and Esquire for single pickup) was created in 1950 by Leo Fender.
  • How much do Fender Electric guitars cost?

    Fender Electric guitars are available at price points ranging from approximately £500 with the Player Series, through to several £1000s from the Fender Custom Shop - the choices are many and varied!
  • Is a Fender guitar worth buying?

    Whether you are purchasing an entry level Player Series model or a premium-grade American Ultra instrument, the quality is most definitely there. There's a reason Fender are regarded as one of the best brands around.