Fender Effects Pedals

Fender effects pedals were first introduced in 2018 with the introduction of the Pugilist Distortion, level Set Buffer, Bends Compressor, Marine Layer Reverb, Mirror Image Delay and Santa Ana Overdrive. Led by Fender Vice President of Product Development Stan Cotey, the range of Fender effects pedals were the first of their kind from the brand, offering unique sounds, workhorse tones that guitarists need and some very important features that professional musicians will really appreciate! These pedals are completely new sonic tools for working musicians. No clones, just unique Fender tones and useful effects packed into hard-wearing, hard-working and stunning FX pedals that players will appreciate.




The range of Fender Effects Pedals showcases Fender’s commitment to sonic innovation. You won’t be disappointed! These Fender effects pedals comprise of completely unique designs utilising super high-quality components. Each and every pedal was born and designed in Southern California with expert insight from gigging and studio musicians. After spending 25 years in professional audio and 12 years engineering Fender tone, Fender Vice President of Product Development Stan Cotey turned his hand to crafting some of the best effects pedals guitarists have seen or played!


There are a few unique design features that set Fender effects pedals apart from the other options out there. Tone aside, guitarists and musicians will enjoy the likes of the bright LED Fender amp jewels which adorn each pedal, allowing you to see when your pedal is on. Custom lights within each knob have been included so you can see where your settings are in low-light situations whilst the anodized aluminium exteriors are hard wearing and ultra-reliable. These Fender FX pedals have been designed to take the harsh rigours of the road and keep on giving! Power isn’t a problem, as each pedal is powered via either a 9V adapter or 9V battery – which is easily accessible via the magnetic battery door. Quick battery changes are a breeze on the Fender FX pedals range.


The first six pedals that launched the range set tongues wagging and really cemented Fender as the tone purists dream. The Pugilist DistortionLevel Set BufferBends CompressorMarine Layer ReverbMirror Image Delay and Santa Ana Overdrive led the way for the Fender effects pedals range offering a world of tone and useful features that players of all levels appreciate. Whether you need a lush Reverb pedal, new Delay pedal with added dotted 8th functionality or lush creamy Fender overdrive, the range of Fender effects pedals have got you covered.

Fender would eventually follow up with the likes of The Pelt FuzzFender Tre-Verb Digital Reverb and Tremolo PedalFender Full Moon Distortion Pedal and more!

There’s something for everyone here whether you need to sculpt a completely new sound or tame your existing tone. But Fender isn’t stopping there. Stan and his team of expert pedal designers are aiming to release many new pedals with each coming year. And we simply can’t wait!


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