Fender Precision Bass

The Fender Precision Bass or Fender P Bass for short is the most iconic bass guitar ever made. Put simply, the electric bass didn’t exist before Leo Fender invented it. Since it was first introduced back in October 1951 by Leo Fender, the P bass has had a profound effect on music with its unique sound and visually stunning look.


The first commercially available version of the Fender P bass was produced in October 1951. This original version had a “slab” (non-contoured) body that featured two horns, which would then serve as the inspiration for the Fender Stratocaster.


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Simple in its design, the Fender Precision bass featured a bolt-on maple neck and a single pickup. Fast forward to today and not much has changed.

A contoured body is more comfortable to play and the split single-coil pickup has been added. However, the bass remains true to its original design, vastly unchanged.

Why would you fix something that wasn’t broken? This is easily the most iconic instrument from the Fender bass guitar lineup.


The Fender Precision Bass features a split-coil pickup which produces that classic Fender Precision Bass sound which can be heard on the likes of ‘What’s Going On, ‘My Generation’ and almost every Iron Maiden record!

This split-coil pickup in partnership with the single volume and tone knobs allow for easy tone sculpting. The pickup provides a punchy, yet thick and resonant sound that stands out in the mix without becoming overbearing.

Should you want the option of more tonal variety, the American Performer Precision bass also includes a Yosemite split-coil P Bass middle pickup and Yosemite single-coil Jazz Bass bridge pickup – ideal for the discerning bass players out there who need more from their sound.


The classic double-cutaway design allows players to take full advantage of every fret and really get the most out of their performance.

You can enjoy the lower registers and slide right up to the higher tier frets with ease.


Simple yet effective; the Fender Precision 4 saddle bridge helps your Fender P bass stay in tune, allows for increased sustain and ensures the intonation of our guitar is spot on.

This simple, yet effective feature cannot be overstated and is one of the major reasons bass players love the P bass – it sustains for days!


  • When was the Fender Precision Bass invented?

    The Precision Bass (also known as the P-Bass) was introduced as the world's first commercially-made, solid body electric bass in 1951.
  • Why is the Fender Precision Bass so popular?

    The Fender Precision Bass was the first well produced, electric bass guitar on the market. As such, for many years the sound of the p-bass was the sound of modern music, and it's a sound that holds true to this day.
  • What does PJ Bass mean?

    A PJ bass is a Precision bass, with an added single-coil Jazz pickup for some added brightness and solo bridge tone. It's best to think of a PJ Bass as a standard Precision, but with an extra bid of sonic versatility when it's needed.