Elixir Strings began back in 1995 developing innovative push-pull cable designs. Although Elixer worked with strings, They didn't tend to touch or even think about developing anything for guitars.

To allow for better research and to keep the cables lasting longer while experimenting, Elixir began coating them with Polyurethane. It wasn't long before a clever clogs at the factory decided it would be a great idea to attempt to coat a set a guitar strings for incredible durability.

The problem was the think polyurethane coat sounded absolutely terrible. Elixir themselves compared the first test, to stringing a guitar with day old spaghetti.

It was back to the drawing board then to see if the Elixir team could thin down the coating and make a guitar that not only sounded reasonable. but beat the sound of conventional guitar string rivals. They began analyzing their favorite brands of guitar strings and using a dynamic signal analyzer to detect the frequencies and response that regular guitar strings carried.

Attempt after attempt. making fine tweaks and using feedback from over 5000 players who received the prototypes, Elixir got it right. Producing the worlds first coated guitar string that sounded better then the competition but lasted significantly longer.

We now have Elixir Polyweb and Nanoweb strings and we thank them for it. Try a pair today, order online from PMT House of Rock!


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