Discover the best drum monitors for electronic drum kits and upgrade your drum amp sound with our favourite picks from Tourtech, Roland, Yamaha and more

If you’re on the hunt for a new electronic drum kit amp, then look no further.

Our guide to the best drum monitor speakers is here, with our favourite picks from top brands such as Tourtech, Roland, Yamaha and more.

We’ll be figuring out what exactly a drum kit speaker is, and highlighting what we think is the best speaker for electronic drums.

Get to grips with electronic drum monitors and find your new amp today!

What is a Drum Monitor?

Also known as electronic drum amps, drum monitors are used to relay the sound of your electronic drum kit back to you and/or to an audience so that you can practise or play live.

Amps for drums allow you to fine-tune your sound and be heard when playing with other musicians. They’re specifically designed to give the best sounds across the frequency range of a drum kit.

You may also hear them referred to as electric drum kit amps or drum monitor amps, but they’ll usually be referring to the same thing.

Keep reading to find out what we think is the best amplifier for electronic drums!

Electronic Drums

The Best Amp for Electronic Drums

Getting a good drum monitor speaker sound can keep you motivated to master drums, or be the difference between a great gig and a bad one.

Here, we breakdown some of our favourite options and show you what features you should look for when choosing a new drum amp..

Tourtech TT-30B Drum Monitor

Tourtech TT-30B Drum Monitor

Despite the fact that these are relatively cheap drum amps, the TT-30B Drum Monitor from Tourtech is our top pick on the list.

Compact and portable, it delivers transparent projection that ensures you’re able to hear every nuance of your drum sound across snares, toms, bass sounds, and cymbals.

Constructed with a 30-watt power amp and a 10" woofer speaker, you’re also treated to Bluetooth functionality alongside the standard AUX line input. This means you can jam along to your favourite songs from a smart device effortlessly, making learning new techniques and tracks easier than ever.

The ergonomic wedge-shaped design allows you to fit it in anywhere, and the 3-band EQ allows you to sculpt the sound perfectly no matter where you choose to place it.

The TT-30B comes bundled with some of our favourite Tourtech electronic drum kits, too - find the full range below:

Roland PM Drum Monitors

Roland PM-200 Drum Monitor

Roland drum amps are some of the best in the business.

Across the PM Drum Monitor range you have access to a variety of wattages depending on your needs, with features to suit drummers of all skill levels.

Rich and dynamic, the sound here is surprising given the minimalist footprint of the monitor.

You’re given access to a full-range audio system with 80 watts of power via a custom 10-inch speaker and tweeter, whilst the angled design is designed specifically for the seated drummer.

An integrated mixer allows for complete flexibility with independent volume controls and a global EQ, whilst the dedicated V-Drums input is combined with 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch line inputs for connecting electronic percussion pads, smartphones, and music players.

Yamaha MS45DR Electronic Drum Monitor System

Yamaha MS45DR Electronic Drum Monitor System

For totally natural, realistic sound, a favourite choice of ours at PMT is the Yamaha MS45DR System.

Bringing together a subwoofer and two midrange satellite speakers, Yamaha have designed a 2.1 channel electric drum monitor system that offers complete stereo sound.

Although this is a slightly more complex rig than the other picks we’ve gone for, it’s easily mounted on electronic drum racks compatible with 1.5” diameter pipes. You are able to situate the 20w satellite speakers to the left and right of your kit for the authentic stereo sound - and with 2cm dome-shaped tweeters and 8cm midrange speaker units, these 20 watt speakers provide a high-quality reproduction of your mid to high frequency sounds.

The included subwoofer sits neatly on the floor amongst your kit, providing epic low-end for your kick and toms. The 20w sub features a cone-shaped subwoofer speaker unit that is refined yet punchy.

A master volume control allows you to adjust the overall output level, but you can also individually adjust the bass volume control that is dedicated to adjusting the level of the subwoofer alone.

All of the cables that you need are included, so getting everything linked up to your modules is super easy for beginners and veterans alike!

Laney DH80 DrumHub 80W Personal Drum Monitor

Laney DH80 DrumHub 80W Personal Drum Monitor

Designed for both home rehearsals and on-stage monitoring, the Laney DH80 DrumHub is an expertly-designed choice for electronic drum and percussion monitoring.

Utilising a single 10" Custom Woofer alongside a 3" Coaxial Tweeter, the sounds are versatile and cover the most sparkling, sizzling cymbals to the thumping lows of both synthetic and natural kick tones.

Complete with the modern connectivity you’d expect - including Bluetooth - you also get two channels for connecting multiple kits, pads, or percussion FX, with an easy grip handle for transporting it between practice and shows.

Carlsbro EDA 30B 30W Bluetooth Electronic Drum Amplifier

Carlsbro EDA 30B 30W Bluetooth Electronic Drum Amplifier

Another solid choice for your drum monitoring solutions comes from Carlsbro.

The EDA 30B is a 30w Bluetooth Electronic Drum Amp that gives high-spec sound that covers the needs of both complete newbies and professionals.

Complete with a 3-band EQ, it’s best suited for rehearsals and jam sessions in smaller spaces. Once again, you have more than enough versatility here to practice along to backing tracks with the ability to sculpt your sound to suit the song.

Final Thoughts

The best drum amp for you is the one that best allows you to hear the sound you want to get from your electronic kit.

Whether you’re looking for a natural reproduction of classic drum sounds or a monitor that’s able to fully display the epic synth percussion of your kit - the drum amps on this list all come recommended by the team at PMT for reliability and versatility.

Get the best sound from your electric drum kit with an awesome drum monitor - shop all of the range at PMT below:

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