Take a closer look at the all-new range of awesome dual-channel Catalyst amplifiers from Line 6

2022 is already off to a flying start for guitar gear aficionados, with some of our favourite brands treating us to some epic new releases in the past few weeks. Now though, industry icons Line 6 have decided to join in with the fun and treat us to a fresh selection of amplifiers.

Shaking up their existing offering and giving us a glimpse towards an exciting new direction for the brand, Line 6 says that the Catalyst is a back-to-basics dual-channel amplifier that combines traditional performance with modern versatility.

Keep reading to find out all about the specs, features, and why you should add one to your rig this year..

What is a Line 6 Catalyst Amplifier?

Each of the Line 6 Catalyst amplifiers is crafted with six original amp designs based on the critically-acclaimed and hugely popular HX modelling circuitry.

Available in 60w, 100w, and 200w 2x12 variations, these amplifiers offer a variety of completely original stunning sounds that are ready for use on any stage and in any studio - as well as at home and in the practice room.

Line 6 Catalyst Amplifier

Filled to the brim with features, we took a closer look at the specs and found a powerful beast ready to become the workhorse of the modern guitar player..

Line 6 Catalyst Specs and Features

Boasting an ultra-responsive gain structure and powerful, dynamic 3-band EQ controls, each of the Catalyst amps is primed for players to imprint their individual tone upon whilst retaining a sound that is synonymous with Line 6.

The addition of attenuation controls means that these amps are suitable for use in any environment, but players need not worry about losing any responsiveness or grit when playing at lower levels - the tones are identical and retain the same clarity at any output.

The FX Loop here doubles as a power amp-in for use with modellers, and the range is also fully MIDI-compatible for controlling FX and the like - both via DIN and USB. You also have access to an AUX-in and Direct Out in addition to Headphones connectivity, meaning your options for practising and performing are near-endless.

The on-board USB Audio Interface means that recording your guitar is easier than ever, so the Catalyst range is a great choice for bedroom producers who will benefit from the multitude of options available to them.

The optional Footswitch is also available to purchase separately, allowing you to take full-advantage of the dual-channel capabilities in a live environment when gigging - and don’t forget to grab an amp cover to keep it safe during transport, too!

Line 6 Catalyst Footswitch

Line 6 Catalyst Effects

One of the coolest things about the Catalyst is the array of effects available to the player, and how well-suited each tone is depending on how you dial it in. Each drive setting is specific to the selected amp model, meaning that you get a different style of boost to match your current tone.

In addition to the customised boost circuit you have a dedicated reverb section with 6 different types to choose from, with classic Hall and Spring tones alongside more niche offerings like the Plate reverb.

There are 18 additional effects that are all controlled with a simple one-knob set-up, giving you access to a range of delays, fuzz, octaves, chorus, phaser, and even synth sounds. By taking advantage of the free Catalyst Edit app (available on Desktop or Mobile), each of the effects and presets on the amp can be modified, therefore giving you deep editing capabilities that are extra-handy for changing things up quickly and efficiently.

If you’re more likely to use your own pedals and FX with the Catalyst amp, you can do so safe in the knowledge that these amps have ample headroom and take to stompbox sounds exceptionally well.

Line 6 Catalyst Amp

Who is the Line 6 Catalyst for?

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the gigging circuit or just getting started out playing guitar at home, the Catalyst series has something to offer you.

These amps are simple to use yet contain a wealth of technology that you can delve into as much as you wish. Bedroom players will appreciate the attenuation control and impressive choice of effects, whilst those who are ready to sell-out gigs will be able to take advantage of the raw power available even when simply plugging-in and playing.

Thanks to the impressive selection of amp designs you can use the Catalyst across a range of genres and styles, and with features like the on-board Interface they’ll be popular with producers as well as more typical shredders.

If you’re in the market for an amplifier that meets the needs of the versatile, modern musician in 2022 - but you still want access to effortless, uncomplicated tones - then don’t delay in checking out a Catalyst amplifier today.

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