Find out how to use modelling pedals and effects processors to take your sound to the next level in our Line 6 POD GO Review

When Line 6 first announced their POD GO and POD GO Wireless Effects Processors, a lot of guitarists were excited to see what the next generation of modelling technology from Line 6 would offer. 

The Line 6 POD GO is a budget-friendly model that offers some great features for both beginners and more experienced players who are looking to get into guitar modelling technology. The wireless model offers all of the same features and tones - but also includes a transmitter and receiver that makes setting up a breeze.

In this review, we look at the basics of guitar modelling and explore how it can benefit your rig in different ways. We'll also examine the main features of both models in detail, with an emphasis on how they compare to other Line 6 products and similar modelling technologies.

What is Modelling Technology?

Guitar modelling technology is a process of digitally recreating the sound and behaviour of different guitar amplifiers, cabinets, and effects pedals. This can be done either through software simulation or by using dedicated hardware processors.

When used correctly, guitar modelling can offer a huge range of sonic possibilities that would otherwise be unavailable without lugging around a stack of pedals - even then, the selection of amp and guitar-simulations on offer mean it's more akin to having an entire studio in a pedalboard-sized package.

Why Use a Guitar Effects Processor?

There are a few reasons to use guitar modelling in your rig. Perhaps the most obvious one is that it can save you money; by buying a single effects processor, you have access to a vast range of sounds rather than having to purchase individual pedals and a selection of amplifier setups.

This can be a great way to get the sounds you want without breaking the bank, and is particularly useful for travelling musicians or those who don't have a lot of space on their board.

Another reason to use modelling technology is that it offers players more flexibility. With a few simple tweaks you can go from sounding like Jimi Hendrix at the start of your gig before unleashing a heavy metal tone and then switching over to an acoustic sound - all from the same pedalboard.

Using modelling technology for the basis of your rig can also be a much more dependable way to set up. You no longer have to worry about separate patch cables or power sources for your effects as everything comes from the single unit at your feet - and it delivers digital precision that trumps analog gear in terms of reliability.

Keep reading for our Line 6 POD GO Review and a closer look at the wireless POD GO, too!

Line 6 POD GO Guitar Effects Processor Pedal

Line 6 POD GO

The Line 6 POD GO Guitar Effects Processor Pedal is an awesome option for those who want to get started with modelling technology but aren't sure if they're ready to splash out on something like a Helix model. 

It's a fraction of the price but still offers great sound quality and an impressive range of features.

The POD GO is a portable, battery-powered modelling amp that can be taken anywhere. It's housed within a tough, durable board and has clear connections to Line 6's Helix family, sharing the same HX Modelling engine and amp models. 

It’s incredibly simple to find your own unique tone thanks to the POD GO’s easy plug-and-play configuration, ultra-portable lightweight design, and best-in-class tones. The 4x4 24bit/96kHz audio interface ensures that your sound quality is never compromised, and the combination of third-party IR loading, a stereo effects loop, and expression pedal/footswitch input mean the possibilities are near-enough endless.

Line 6 POD GO Rear

With POD GO Edit App support it's now easier than ever to get started with editing, storing, and creating presets thanks to features like Snapshots. This feature enables you to create up to four variations within a single preset - super handy for slight variations of a 'core' tone when gigging.

The simple GUI with large colour display means that it's always easy to see your settings, too - even under stage lights when it matters most.

The Line POD GO is a budget-friendly modelling solution that packs a punch. It's perfect for home practice, studio recording, or gigs of any size. If you're looking for an easy way to get into modelling technology, the Line 6 POD GO is the perfect solution!

Line 6 POD GO Wireless Guitar Processor

Line 6 POD GO Wireless

Now though, we look at a wireless solution that's just as good as the wired one.

The Line 6 POD GO Wireless is the ideal partner for gigging guitarists who want to stay free from long cable runs and all of the trouble that they bring.

This unit matches its powerful modelling technology with an easy-to-use wireless system to create powerful tones wherever you are on stage. The wireless system comes in the form of a built-in Relay receiver and an included G10TII transmitter - one of our favourites for those who want to play without wires.

Click here to see our in-depth review of the G10TII in our Wireless Guitar Systems Comparison Guide.

Line 6 POD GO Wireless

Boasting all of the same features as the standard model, we recommend the wireless model for those who need to streamline their set-up even further.

Getting ready for a gig is super simple when using this unit, and your bandmates will appreciate the time saved at rehearsals - plus it means you can stand wherever you like and never have to worry about cable creep, jack noise, or untimely tangles.

For a budget-friendly modelling unit that combines high-end wireless technology with awesome tone, we recommend the Line 6 POD GO Wireless.

Line 6 POD GO Shoulder Bag

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