Take a closer look at the all-new SE edition of John Mayer’s PRS Silver Sky model and find out how it differs from the full-priced version

PRS have today launched what could prove to be one of the most popular guitars of 2022 - the SE edition of John Mayer’s awesome Silver Sky axe.

The vintage-inspired and instantly-recognisable Silver Sky is the result of a collaboration between Mayer and the iconic Paul Reed Smith brand, and ever since it was originally released many players have been eager to see an SE model hit the market.

Referring to the original Silver Sky, Mayer says that it is his “vision of what a reboot of the electric guitar should look and feel like”, and the SE continues with this ethos of teaming up the traditional with truly innovative sound.

According to Reverb, the original Silver Sky model outsold all US-made Stratocaster guitars in 2021, and was in fact the 3rd most popular model of the year overall. Now though, players on a budget can get a chance to experience the lush Mayer-inspired tones on offer from PRS with the new SE version.

This axe is available in 4 fresh colours and features some key differences from the standard model - so keep reading for a chance to find out all about the specs and why we think it would be a worthy addition to your collection..

What are the differences between the PRS Silver Sky and the SE Silver Sky?

The first thing that the more eagle-eyed PRS fans may have noticed is that this guitar comes with an unusual 8.5" fretboard radius. The original PRS model is fitted with a 7.25” radius fretboard - so the SE Silver Sky may be a solid choice if you tend to steer clear of instruments with a smaller radius.

The tuners here are also altered, with non-locking PRS Vintage-style this time around - and a synthetic bone nut is used in place of the bone nut on the original.

The 22-fret, 25.5” scale length neck features the original 635JM carve which makes the guitar feel at home in your hands, offering a supremely comfortable playing experience for players of all levels.

The Alder build of the original guitar is replaced here with a Poplar body, and is combined with a 2-Point Steel Tremolo Bridge in place of a 6-point unit.

Elsewhere, the pickups are 635JM “S” models. The pickups on the original Silver Sky were designed based on the best parts of the 1963 and 1964 pickups from John and Paul’s favourite guitars - the 635 (Six Thirty-Five) name refers to this period in-between ‘63 and ‘64 where the perfect pickup might have lived!

These pickups have been designed to sound like vintage-style pickups - but they’ve also been given the full PRS treatment so they maintain a musical high-end, higher signal-to-noise ratio, and with more consistency between each of the pickups.

What finish is the SE Silver Sky available in?

PRS SE Silver Sky Moon White and Dragon Fruit

The SE Silver Sky is currently available in 4 brand-new colours:

It remains to be seen whether or not any of the colours from the original lineup will eventually be available as SE versions, with models such as the Roxy Pink axe quickly becoming fan favourites.

The colours on offer here though will find many more fans and are suited to a wide array of different players and styles - our current favourite is the Ever Green model.

PRS SE Silver Sky Ever Green and Stone Blue

Why should I buy a PRS SE Silver Sky?

PRS SE Silver Sky Colour Options

There are countless reasons why you should make one of these guitars the latest addition to your collection.

Whether you’re a big John Mayer fan or not, these guitars are crafted to a spec that all players will appreciate - combining the best parts of vintage-inspired playability with innovation in tone and versatility that mean the modern guitarist is left more than satisfied.

The standard PSR Silver Sky guitar has been immensely popular for this reason, and with the SE model you have many of the same features that people fell in love with upon the release of the original.

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