We take a closer look at the JBL PRX and EON One Series of PA Systems to help you decide which one is best for your set-up

JBL has been a market leader in loudspeaker technology for over 70 years, providing a stunning array of Studio Monitors and PA Systems that can be found on stages and in studios all over the world.

The audio wizards at JBL have constantly pioneered their PA technology in particular, with sleeker and lighter options that boast greater clarity than ever before.

In this blog we explore the PRX Series and the EON One Series, considering the pros and cons of each to find out what system would work best in your rig.


The JBL EON One Series of portable PA speakers are some of the most powerful, lightweight and versatile speakers in their class. A unique combination of portability, power and sound quality makes them perfect for solo artists or small bands.

Boasting a compact design, these speakers are easy to carry around but pack a punch when it comes to performance - thanks largely in part due to their high-performance transducers which deliver crisp highs and deep lows no matter where you place them in the room.

Each model is equipped with a built-in mixer, allowing for complete control over EQ settings via dedicated knobs on each unit - giving users complete freedom over how they shape their sound while saving time during set up by eliminating long cable runs between amps, mixers, and speakers.


PRX Series

The PRX Series of PA Systems are some of our favourites from JBL as they employ top-class features and are built to an exceptionally high quality every single time.

When JBL innovates and introduces new PA technology, the PRX series is usually where you’ll find it.

Those who appreciate the finer details and desire the best from their rig will certainly appreciate these models, which is why they’re used by bands and artists across the globe.

JBL PRX815w High Powered PA with Wi-Fi

All-in-One Systems

Setting up a PA system can be a hassle. You have to find the right cables, set up speakers and make sure everything is working before you start entertaining your guests.

Many systems struggle to reach a sufficient volume without distorting too, leaving audiences unimpressed by their muffled sound - which is often difficult to remedy without a decent quality mixer.

Artists are now choosing to opt for all-in-one systems to compensate for this, and JBL have a few options in this category that we think are great.

These systems all feature a mixer and a powered speaker system, as well as advanced DSP and modern capabilities such as Bluetooth connectivity and app control. This makes them perfectly suited not only for bands or musicians but also for fitness instructors, churches, or venues.

JBL PRX One All-in-One Powered Column PA System


The JBL PRX One All-in-one Powered Column PA System gives you the power to amplify your voice, instruments, or music without sacrificing portability - with this system, you no longer have to compromise between sound quality and size when it comes to performing live or traveling on the road.

Weighing in at just 25.7kg (56.7lbs), the PRX One uses a whole host of awesome components in order to get the best performance possible - and it’s built to last too, with rugged enclosures and an attractive yet discreet form factor.

The 12 2.5" custom-designed High Frequency drivers use copper-capped pole pieces to ensure the sound is truly best-in-class, pairing them with a solid 12” bass reflex woofer. Each speaker on this model works with JBL's A.I.M. (Array Inumbration Mechanics) technology so that the frequency-response is accurate and precise no matter the venue or space. The 12" bass-reflex woofer also utilizes this innovative technology to provide an incredibly natural low-frequency response.

With a maximum SPL of 130dB this system can get loud, but thanks to the ultra-efficient 2,000-watt Class D amplifier you needn’t worry about distortion within your mix. In addition to this, the 4 high-efficiency, low-noise mic preamps and integrated fully-featured 7-channel digital mixer (with powerful Lexicon effects engine) means you always have total control over your sound.

JBL EON One Pro All-in-One Portable PA System


The EON One Pro All-in-One Portable PA System adds battery-powered portability to the column PA template, and still manages to get in some pretty high-end features too.

Weighing in at just 17kg (37.5lbs), this system is ideal if you’re willing to sacrifice a few features from the PRX One for an even more portable option - solo artists and smaller ensembles will love it!

This model employs 6 2” High Frequency drivers alongside an 8” subwoofer, allowing the SPL to hit heights of up to 118dB at its peak. It still makes use of a 7-channel mixer, and with 4 channels featuring Reverb and EQ options some of the same flexibility is here to best suit the space you’re using.

With a patent-pending linear-array, this system features JBL’s own Directivity Control Geometry to optimise speaker angle-spacing for extra-wide coverage and a full range of directional sound.

The integrated USB port allows you to connect your device and keep it charged - particularly useful if you’re streaming or playing backing tracks via your phone or a tablet - and there is even a holder so that everything stays in one place.

Check out this video for a closer look at the EON One Pro.

JBL EON One MKII All-in-One Rechargeable Column PA System


Now you can get an updated version of the EON One with the MKII All-in-One Rechargeable Column PA System.

Weighing in around the same mark as the PRX One, this system is still easy to transport and boasts an extended feature list for a PA System at this price point. As the name suggests it’s battery-powered once again, giving users around 6 hours of uninterrupted playback as well as a swappable battery and rapid charging.

With a 1500w peak amplifier and unique C-shaped array for superb coverage, this model of the EON One makes use of another Lexicon effects engine and an awesome Dbx DriveRack - offering users automatic feedback suppression, 8-bands of parametric master EQ, a limiter and speaker delay.

The mixer here has 5-channels, but there is far more to play with across each input compared to the previous EON One model, with an effects send and Soundcraft dual-operating mode for heightened user-efficiency at all times.

The crossover-management here is more sophisticated too, whilst triple Tier DSP control offers multi-level user experiences based on knowledge level - so it really is suitable for just about anyone.

As with each of these all-in-one systems, the MKII comes with a carry case so you can get it to and from almost anywhere.


Which JBL PA is right for me?

Each of the JBL systems above is great, but there are benefits and drawbacks to using each. Some people will instantly fall in love with the enhanced features on certain models, and others will thrive with a stripped-back set-up that allows for a more basic plug-in-and-play approach.

For the professional who needs the best-of-the-best, it’s hard to go wrong with the PRX series. But with constant innovation from JBL and with new EON One models such as the MKII, it’s clear to see why this range also continues to be a firm favourite for so many.

Check out below for a full selection of products from JBL including monitoring solutions, standalone woofers, monitor controllers, and protective covers.

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