If you’re serious about your sound and you have a modest home studio set up, you need the best home studio monitors you can get your hands on. So we’ve collected what we think are some of the best studio speakers in the world today, so you can enjoy the best sound possible and make the right decisions in the mixing process. We’ve already covered the best cheap studio monitors, so we’re going for a selection of the more expensive options that professional level producers would often rely on.


 Yamaha HS8 Active Studio Monitor Matched Pair

 We’re going to start off with an industry standard here, and a perfect option for studios of all sizes. The Yamaha HS8 Active Studio Monitor Matched Pair pictured here has been designed to ensure maximum cohesion between each speaker. Yamaha has said that each pair of monitors has been manufactured using a unique process, utilizing specially selected parts. This helps to provide tonal clarity and near perfect sonic unity between each monitor. We think these are some of the best home studio monitors available today as they provide complete, accurate sonic immersion via 2-Way Bass-Reflex Bi-Amplified Nearfield design. You also have an 8" Cone Woofer, 1" Dome Tweeter and an impressive 120 watts of power amplification at your disposal. The 38Hz - 30kHz Frequency Response makes these some of the best studio monitors for music of all genres as well as soundtrack, television and even composition of all styles. The 75W LF plus 45W HF Bi-Amp system provides all the detail you need and the Room Control and High Trim Response controls allow you to set up your monitors for each environment. In addition, XLR and TRS Phone Jack Inputs ensure connectivity is never a problem. The incredible HS series studio speakers are widely used in studios everywhere and extremely well received. You're in good company with these monitors.


Adam Audio A7X Active Studio Monitor

The Adam Audio A7X Active Studio Monitor is easily a contender for one of the best home studio monitors of all time. It’s relied upon by thousands of producers thanks to its high-quality sound, 7" woofer, X-ART tweeter and 150 watts (RMS) of output power. You’ve got everything you need. You have Adam’s proprietary Accelerated Ribbon Technology (ART) which offers extended high-frequency response up to 50kHz. This is far more than any traditional voice coil and neodymium tweeters usually offer. This means you get close to perfect phase response and your mixes sound incredibly tight, translating well to other systems when needed. A range of RCA and XLR inputs, dedicated 2-band EQ trim and volume control as well as an extended 5-year warranty make these studio speakers some of the best around.


KRK Rokit Powered RP8 G4 Active Studio Monitor (Pair)

Well, we obviously have to include the KRK ROKIT RP8 G4 Active Studio Monitor in our best monitors blog! These are another industry standard now in their 4th generation. We think these are some of the best studio monitors in the world today as they include some extremely useful features that take a lot of the guesswork out of mixing. Straight out of the gates you can enjoy room correction via the KRK App and even get help with speaker placement, level matching, crossover setting assistance and many more features. This ensures you get the best sound possible to suit your environment. There’s also a Graphic LCD Visual EQ on the rear panel which aids in finding those sweet spots. These make it easy to measure room acoustics in real time and set up your speaker to the exact specifications and size of your room/studio. An 8" Kevlar Aramid Fibre woofer coupled with matching 1” Kevlar tweeter, Class D power and a frequency response of 36Hz - 40KHz makes these studio speakers a perfect studio partner. The newly designed front-firing port also adds a better low-end extension and punch. You’ll really feel your music with these studio speakers and easily add these home studio monitors into your set up.


Adam Audio T7V Active Studio Monitors Pair

We’ve added the Adam Audio T7V Active Studio Monitors Pair into our best studio monitors list for a number of reasons. The fact you get two of these incredible studio speakers for just over £318 is one major reason, of course. However, the new U-ART 1.9” Accelerated Ribbon Tweeter taken from the S-Series monitors is another big reason we love them. This ART tweeter combined with a 7” polypropylene woofer and rear-firing bass reflex port ensures you get a tight and controlled low end response at all times. These speakers are also powered by a 50w low end amplifier so you get the perfect balance of smooth bass and detailed top end. You also have Waveguide technology, Class D power, 110 dB max peak SPL and a frequency response of 39 Hz – 25 kHz. Oh, did we mention the incredible price? If you’re on a budget, but you don’t want to scrimp on quality, then these are a great option. We recommend pairing these with the Adam Audio T10S Active Studio Subwoofer. This offers 130-watts of class D power through a 10” woofer. Definitely a great option if you need a sub around the studio. You also have handy features such as a phase reverse switch, three crossover points with bypass and a footswitch bypass option so you can make quick sonic changes.


KRK Classic 5 Powered Studio Monitor

The KRK Classic 5 Powered Studio Monitor makes our best home studio speakers blog with ease. They are a great studio companion and one of the best home studio monitors you can get your hands on.

The team at KRK have managed to create a quality powered nearfield studio monitor with 1" Soft-dome tweeter with optimized waveguide and lightweight, glass-aramid composite 5" woofer for under £150. You’ll hear everything you need to hear thanks to a wide, balanced frequency response of 46Hz – 34.5kHz. When combined with the bi-amplified design, the 5” woofer and 1" tweeter pumps out up to 50 watts of power, you’re on to a winning combination.

You also have a superior low-end extension with the optional setting of +2dB KRK Bass Boost for added versatility.

The onboard active 2-way electronics provide high-headroom/low-noise amplification so you can hear everything clearly at all volumes.

6. Yamaha HS7 Active Studio Monitor Matched Pair

Yamaha HS7 Active Studio Monitor Matched Pair

The Yamaha HS7 Active Studio Monitor Matched Pair are industry-standard 2-way bass-reflex bi-amplified nearfield studio monitors for those on a budget.

If you want a complete studio monitors package without breaking the bank, the Yamaha HS7 Active Studio Monitor Matched Pair is ideal at way under £500.

We think these are a contender for the best home studio monitors as they feature newly developed transducers that provide a smooth sound and a wide frequency range making them perfect for all types of sound editing.

You have a 6.55" cone woofer with 1" dome tweeter which the 43Hz - 30kHz frequency response makes full use of.

You have 70 watts at your disposal and the room control and High Trim Response controls allow you to set the monitors up depending on your environment. XLR and TRS phone jack inputs are particularly useful.

Also available:


RCF Ayra PRO6 Studio Monitor

 The RCF Ayra PRO6 Studio Monitor expands on the immense legacy set by RCF and offers a budget-friendly monitor speaker option that studio owners of any size will appreciate. These are some of the best studio monitors that offer colour free sound for rooms ranging from large to small. Everything you hear is an accurate reproduction of what’s been recorded, which allows you to make the most informed changes to your sound. We think this is one of the best cheap studio monitors out there as it's way under £200, but still offers a sonic quality that rivals options twice the price. Straight out of the box you have a 45 – 20 kHz frequency response, 0-Degree phase response and 80 watts of power pumping out through a 6.5" Composite Fiberglass Woofer and 1" ferrofluid cooled Soft Dome tweeter. We also love the fact each monitor has two high power, low distortion class-D true active amplifiers. They also have internal limiters in place so you're free to push the volume as hard as you want without distortion or clipping damaging the transducers. Furthermore, the 0-degree phase response ensures a coherent distribution of sound - an extremely important feature that will allow you to make the most informed decisions. Need a more budget-friendly option? Try the RCF Ayra PRO5 Studio Monitor. Shop all RCF Ayra Monitors.


KRK ROKIT RP10 G4 Active Studio Monitor

We simply had to include the KRK ROKIT RP10 G4 Active Studio Monitor as it has quickly become another go-to option for producers who need a 10” studio monitor they can rely on. This 3-way monitor features matching Kevlar construction so you can rely on them to transfer sound accurately and last a lifetime. There are a few key features professional-level producers will appreciate, like the built-in limiter – they won’t let you blow them up! A built-in Class D power amp powers the speaker so there's no need for external devices and the onboard LCD display with 25 visual Graphic EQ settings allows you to make all the changes you need, accurately. Again, this is perfectly paired with the KRK App as it will assist you in making accurate placement decisions. You also have an improved enclosure with front-firing port. This offers exceptional low-end punch and far more flexible room placement. This enclosure also negates the need for speaker pads as the high-density, open-cell acoustic Iso-foam pads decouple the speaker from the surface which minimises vibration transmission. Some of the best home studio monitors for pro-level sound at a great price.


Focal Solo 6 BE Active Nearfield Monitor Single

 Great frequency response, awesome power and a compact package. The Focal Solo 6 BE Active Nearfield Monitor is everything you need in a studio monitor. You can make informed decisions thanks to the extended bass response of 40Hz at -3dB and enjoy a max SPL of 113dB. The 6.5” “W” composite sandwich mid-woofer ensures you have a neutral midrange, but still provides a fullness in the midbass register and bass control. Its compact construction ensures you can take them anywhere and the front laminar port makes it easy to integrate into your existing studio. You also have a wide range of user controls to make tweaks when you need to, including input sensitivity as well as adjustable tweeter and woofer levels. One of the best options for those who want easy control and setup of their studio speakers.


Adam A77X 3-way Active Studio Monitor - A-Side

We’re now into the realms of absolute professional level studio monitoring with the Adam A77X 3-way Active Studio Monitor. You have an A Side and B Side which are best used in conjunction for stereo pairing. This ensures optimal waveform dispersion in any acoustic space. The main feature that producers love, lies within the 2.5-way speaker system. When you engage the monitors, both 7” woofers begin to work together at 38 Hz. However, at 400Hz, one woofer will fade out whilst the second operates in the midrange up to 3kHz. This nifty feature helps to prevent interference and phase cancellation so you can make informed decisions. The A77X features the X-ART Ribbon Tweeter technology which makes it one of the most dynamic and accurate high frequency tweeters available to date. This means you get an accurate reproduction of every detail of your sound. You can make the most informed decisions. With a max SPL of 114dB, 5 year warranty and impressive 250 watts of amp power , you’re all set to make great music.

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