Full frontal view of a KRK Rokit Powered RP8 G4 Active Studio Monitor (Pair)
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Full frontal view of a KRK Rokit Powered RP8 G4 Active Studio Monitor (Pair) Full rear view of a KRK Rokit Powered RP8 G4 Active Studio Monitor (Pair)

KRK Rokit Powered RP8 G4 Active Studio Monitor (Pair)

by KRK
When it comes to choosing the correct near-field monitors for your studio setup, you will be looking for reliability combined with..

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When it comes to choosing the correct near-field monitors for your studio setup, you will be looking for reliability combined with high-performance. That's where the KRK Rokit Powered RP8 G4 Active Studio Monitor (Pair) comes into play!

These monitors are packed full of best-in-class features, but won't cost you an arm and a leg, ensuring that their quality far-exceeds their price point.

Next Generation Monitoring

Ever the innovators, KRK have re-designed their ROKIT Powered near-field monitors from the ground up to meet the demands of the modern musician.

As a result, the RP8 G4 once again sets the trend for performance, accuracy, and reliability.

KRK Rokit Powered RP8 G4 Active Studio Monitor (Pair) Highlights

  • High-end, active studio monitors, designed and engineered in the USA
  • Woofer and tweeter crafted from Kevlar
  • On-board efficient Class D power amp
  • Built-in Limiter
  • Rear-mounted LCD visual DSP-driven EQ
  • 25 visual Graphic EQ settings for different environments
  • 203 Watts power output (each)
  • Balanced TRS/XLR Combo jack inputs
  • KRK App with Room Correction Tools
  • Superb value for money

ROKIT Science

Each and every aspect of the 4th Generation RP8's design has been engineered to offer a perfectly balanced sound.

From the robust speaker enclosure and its front-firing port, to the minimilisation of speaker vibration, every aspect of these speakers comes together to deliver optimal performance for all studio situations.

Crystal Clear Audio

Thanks to the inclusion of a powerful Class D amplifier and the custom Brickwall Limiter, the KRK Rokit Powered RP8 achieves a wide range of dynamics, without ever overloading your monitor.

These speakers are the product of three decade's worth of monitor innovation, and offer efficient performances that go beyond their asking price.

LCD Visual EQ

Tailor the performance of each speaker to their position within your room, based on the room's dimension and size, with ease thanks to the on-board Graphic EQ settings.

Thanks to the included KRK APP, you can also measure your room's acoustics in real time, allowing you to fine-tune your EQ accordingly to find the sweet spots.

Scientifically-Designed Enclosure

A key feature of the new 4th Generation Rokit's design is the brand-new front-firing port.

These ports offer incredible low-end extension, punch, and flexible room positioning, whilst high density open cell acoustic Iso-foam pads decouple the speaker from the surface for minimal vibration, and improved clarity.

The entire system is now fully tuned to offer consistent air pressure behaviour at any volume, creating a never-before-seen wide, deep, and dynamic listening "sweet-spot", with superb imaging and 3D soundstage.

Matching Drivers

With both a Woofer and Tweeter crafted from Kevlar, the RP7 G4 offers identical sonic integrity across the audio frequency spectrum, which helps minimise listening fatigue, and offering a balanced listening experience.

KRK's Rokit G4 series follows the technology and legacy of the flagship KRK Expose E8, with their propietary drivers featuring a rigid, high-tensile strength-to-weight ratio materialthat's renowned for high-end sound reproduction.


Thanks to the afore-mentioned KRK App, you can fine-tune the output of these active studio monitors directly from your mobile device.

Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, this app will aid you with speaker placement, level matching, subwoofer level, and crossover setting assistance, ensuring you get optimum results in any acoustic environment.

Order Yours Today

Kit out your studio in style with this pair of KRK Rokit Powered RP7 G4 Active Studio Monitors, available to order Online and In-Store today for a fantasitc price.

Don't forget: if you order yours Online, you get to choose from our fantastic range of Home Delivery and Store Pickup options!

KRK Rokit Powered RP8 G4 Active Studio Monitor Specs (Each)

  • Configuration: 2-Way
  • System Type: Active Studio Monitor
  • Woofer: 8" Kevlar Aramid Fiber
  • Tweeter: 1" Kevlar Aramid Fiber
  • Max SPL: 111 dB
  • Power Output: 203 Watts
  • Frequency Response: 36Hz - 40KHz
  • Amplifier Class: CLASS D
  • Input Impedence: 5.12KOhms Balanced
  • Input Connectors: Balanced TRS / XLR Combo Jack
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 15.75" (400mm) x 10.47" (266mm) x 12.17" (309mm)
  • Weight: 22.6 lbs. (10.25 Kg.)


Weight (kg)10.2500
Warranty2 years
Power203 watts
SPL111 db
Tweeter1" tweeter
Woofer Size8" woofer

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