If you're wondering what the best Studio Monitors for DJs are then you're in the right place. Monitors are an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to DJ equipment as they help you mix and produce tracks. Whether you're looking to produce tracks at home or just practice your mixing, we've compiled some of the best monitors for DJs which will help you get the best sound in the studio.

Here at PMT, we have a host of options for the best studio monitors for DJs depending on your room size, budget and personal needs. With plenty of excellent names on the market right now embracing a variety of new technology, it's important to know what you're looking for.


You might also be wondering whether you can DJ with Active studio monitors. The short answer is yes! There's no reason why you can't use active studio monitors for DJ purposes as well as production. Luckily all of our options listed below should be portable and adaptable enough to move around for various sessions and parties.

We've also compiled a blog on the Best Home Studio Monitors which will come in handy when it comes to choosing your perfect monitors. But without further ado, here are some of the best studio monitors specifically for DJs on the market today:

7 of the Best DJ Monitors


KRK Rokit RP8 G4 Active Studio Monitor

This first option is a no-brainer when talking about the best studio monitors for DJs. The KRK Rokits are much-loved by DJs because they offer immense power and bass as well as clarity and precision. A good go-to option would be the KRK Rokit Powered RP8 G4 Active Studio Monitors.

The slick and efficient design of these professional-grade speakers makes them a great part of any home studio or practise space, they're also great for listening sessions and house parties. Whilst these monitors are suited to any type of music, they're an industry-standard in the DJ community because of their superb bass capabilities and high-powered built-in amplifiers which will perform irrespective of temperature.

These had to make our Best Studio Monitors for DJs list simply because of how affordable they are for the quality on offer. There are lots of Rokit models available depending on your budget and needs.


ADAM Audio T5V Active Studio Monitor

We love the ADAM Audio T5V's here at PMT as they've been designed with small-room producers in mind. This means they're ideal for DJs starting out at home or within a small space as they'll still sound balanced with stunning detail.

With a frequency response that extends between 45Hz and 25kHz, you're going to get an unrivalled nearfield response with these monitors - perfect for DJs who mix with attention to detail before taking to the stage. This is vital as you'll never know what your mix truly sounds like until you've heard it through high-quality monitors.

The T5V features a polypropylene woofer and rear-firing bass reflex port which delivers tight and controlled low-end response, meaning you're still guaranteed stunning low-end bass sounds even within small environments - an essential for any DJ!


PreSonus Eris E5 XT

When talking about the best studio monitors for DJs we simply had to include the Presonus Eris 5 XT. This 2-way Active Studio Monitor features an integrated EBM Waveguide for wider high-frequency dispersion. This makes it ideal for any home studio setup as you'll get clarity and performance when it comes to sound.

Standout features of the Eris 5XT include an articulate driver combo, and the same robust connectivity options as has become standard on this range. We love these monitors because they’re basically a modern update of their trusted predecessors.

The Eris E5 XT can push out up to 102 dB of crystal-clear, high-quality sound, and thanks to the ported enclosure this monitor creates a deep, tight low-end. This works perfectly with the new EBM waveguide to ensure a wider and more controlled sweet spot - ideal if you're practising mixing or producing tracks.


Yamaha HS5 Monitors

The Yamaha HS5 Active Studio Monitor is another excellent choice for those operating within a small room. From a brand with years of history and development on their side, these are studio monitors for DJs we love here at PMT.

In addition to their superb sound quality, these monitors will also look the part in any studio with the iconic white woofer which has been a Yamaha staple over the years. We love the HS5 matched pair because they provide incredible sound at a fairly low price, and straight out of the box you get a monitor with 2-way Bass-Reflex Bi-Amplified Nearfield design.

You have 70 watts of power busting out through a 5" Cone Woofer and 1" Dome Tweeter, and the 54Hz - 30kHz frequency response ensures all styles of music are covered. The built-in Room Control and High Trim Response function allows you to set up your monitors for any environment large or small, and to ensure maximum cohesion between your speakers Yamaha manufactures them using a unique process, utilizing specially selected parts.

There's a good reason why these monitors are seen as an industry-standard within the DJ community. Expect incredible performance and versatile connectivity at a great price-point. You're essentially buying into years of development, history and research with Yamaha monitors. What's not to like?


M-Audio BX4 Monitors

We realise that life as a DJ can be tough, especially if you're just starting out or doing it part-time. You might want to be re-investing your earnings into decks, vinyl, headphones or other gear to enhance your live set.

That's why we've included this brilliant budget-friendly option which still carries a powerful sound. The M-Audio BX4 Monitors are an excellent choice due to their size and connectivity - great if you're producing tracks from home to take into the live environment at a later date.

These monitors are the ideal size for desktops, but still offer a professional studio sound that will offer clarity when it comes to hearing your mixes. Due to their incredible connectivity features, the BX4 Monitors are also suited for upgrading your sound to enjoy music, movies and video games - so these can be adaptable for use during downtime as well as when you're hard at work in the studio.


ADAM Audio A7X Monitor

The A7X is ADAM Audio’s most popular nearfield monitor speaker - and after using them for a little while, it’s not difficult to see why.

With transient and bass response that would usually be found on far more expensive monitors, the A7X also benefits from Accelerated Ribbon Technology (ART) which offers an extended high-frequency response up to 50kHz - far superior to traditional voice coil and neodymium tweeters.

In addition to this, these monitors feature a 2-band EQ so that they can be finetuned depending on your room size, meaning that set-up and integration into your existing workflow is seamless.

Mixing sounds tight and controlled through the A7X, with ADAM’s industry-leading development and innovation on products such as the S-series clearly audible in the AX range.

These monitors will offer high-grade performance for years to come, and they’re one of our favourite picks for DJs who need a little more from their monitors.


Genelec 8340APM

Last but not least, these monitors are designed for the DJ who takes their craft seriously - the Genelec 8340APM.

Utilising Smart Active Monitoring (SAM) technology, these powerful bits of kit feature improved frequency response flatness and eliminate all guesswork when setting up in any room.

The latency remains constantly above 200 Hz, meaning exact time-domain translation for accurate harmonics and sound image reproduction across a wide, controlled listening area.

Genelec GLM AutoCal™ measures the response in the listening area and applies relevant compensation in the low and low-mid frequencies to minimise detrimental room acoustic anomalies as well as differences between various listening positions - they truly are Smart Active Monitors.

You can use these units with all Genelec accessories, and they’re compatible with 7.1 and 8.1 setups with a relevant interface too!

We'd also recommend picking up some further accessories if required such as Monitor Isolation Pads or Monitor Stands - these will take your sound a step further, assisting with placement and positioning for that final bit of detail.


TOURTECH Monitor Stands

The TOURTECH MO20 Studio Monitor Speaker Stands are some of the best budget-friendly monitor stands on the market at the moment. Reliable, sturdy and guaranteed to help your monitor placement.


In summary here are some of our favourite studio monitors for DJs:

  • KRK Rokit RP7
  • ADAM Audio T5V
  • Presonus Eris 5XT
  • Yamaha HS5
  • ADAM Audio A7X
  • M-Audio BX4
  • RCF Ayra Pro6

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