YouTube personality, guitarist and now Director of Brand Experience at Gibson gets his own signature Gibson Les Paul guitar

Mark Agnesi, ex general manager at Norman’s Rare Guitars, host of Guitar Of The Day YouTube series and newly appointed Director of Brand Experience at Gibson gets his very own signature Gibson Les Paul guitar. The new guitar based on a 1958 style Les Paul will come complete with all new BS (backward style) pickups and black leather scratchplate in honour of Agnesi’s go-to look - his black leather biker jacket.

The guitar, entitled the Gibson Agnesi BS Les Paul will be available soon and comes after his hiring at Gibson in the wake of their new direction and complete overhaul of guitar design.

Mark Agnesi Signature BS Les Paul
Mark Agnesi Signature BS Les Paul

New BS Pickups

The guitar, which is a Gibson Custom Shop 58 Les Paul Standard model features a set of BS pickups installed backwards and out of phase. The neck pickup has been installed in the bridge, with the bridge pickup in the neck. Both pickups have then been installed backwards to give you that out of phase design, and mimic the sound of a compressed guitar tone similar to what you hear in a YouTube video.

This compressed guitar tone is what we are all familiar with when we think of Mark Agnesis’s YouTube videos and something which Mark specifically requested.

Of the guitar Mark says: “I want people to hear the sound and audio quality they’re used to with my videos, when they play my guitar. The Gibson Agnesi BS Les Paul will provide that sound of a compressed audio file so you can enjoy slick sounds that give the illusion that your guitar work has already been mastered!”

Custom leather scratchplate

In addition, the guitar will also feature a vegan black leather scratchplate. An homage to Mark’s black leather jacket which he often wears in the Guitar Of The Day videos. This will reduce the amount of damaged fingers whilst playing and offer up something unique for collectors.

“I love leather jackets. So I just thought yeah, let’s get a scratchplate made of leather that’s hard wearing and looks cool.”

Agnesi’s appointment is just another move in the right direction for the brand and yet another indication Gibson is in the right hands. The signature guitar is undoubtedly a show of appreciation for Mark’s enthusiasm and influence. His joining the brand and Gibson’s hiring of former Levi’s CEO James ‘JC’ Curleigh, who is now at the helm of Gibson, will no doubt prove to be a winning combination.

You can find more specs and details here.