The Roland Store at PMT Leeds is the best place in Yorkshire to check out the latest gear from Roland and BOSS and get expert, one-on-one advice from a trained Roland Specialist.

The Roland Planet in PMT Leeds was the first Roland Planet location that opened in the UK back in 2001. Since then, nine Roland Planets have opened across the country and are known as Roland Stores. For of these Roland Stores are located inside four PMT Stores. However, only at PMT Leeds can offer you access to an exclusive selection from the Roland Systems Group catalogue, which contains incredibly high-quality digital mixing consoles, vision mixers, and AV live streaming equipment.

What Is a Roland Store?

A Roland Store isn't just an area of a music store that is completely dedicated to the latest Roland and BOSS instruments and equipment. With PMT Leeds being Roland's first-ever Roland Store, it means that not only does the store have all the latest Roland gear but also a devoted in-store expert who knows everything about every Roland digital piano, keyboard, synthesizer, amp, guitar, V-Drum kit, and AIRA product ever made. Plus, not only are these Roland Store Experts gear nuts, but they're experienced musicians too, so they can advise you on how to produce, write and record your music, no matter what style or genre. Click here to book a session with the Leeds Roland Store Expert.

PMT Leeds' Roland Store Expert

Leon is the current Roland Planet Expert at PMT Leeds and we caught up with him to find out what he loves about the brand and his favourite Roland and BOSS gear. When did you become a Roland Specialist? In March 2018. What has been your favourite pieces of Roland gear that has been released over the years? Favourite Roland gear over the years has to be the entire V-Drum range. The TD-8 was the first bit of Roland gear I used and grew up playing. I used it from my very first time on a drum kit right through to my A-Level music performance, before moving to Leeds for university. What's your go-to Roland or BOSS gear that you always use? The gear I always use is the ever-reliable TU-3 tuner! However, the next bit of gear I want for myself is a little more exciting... the Roland TR-8S! It’s a super-powerful and intuitive rhythm machine and after trying it out in the Roland Planet I instantly wanted it. You could create an entire 5-hour set all in this one little unit - it's amazing! What's the top seller in your store right now? Top seller at the moment has to be either the BOSS Katana amplifiers or the Roland FP-30 piano. The Katana amps are universally loved and BOSS has done an incredible job with them. The FP-30 is so popular because the features it has at that price point are unmatched. Do you specialise in any particular musical skill sets? For my final project in university, I created electronic music within DAWs, particularly using Ableton Live, so I would say that's something I specialise in. If you need any help doing this yourself, feel free to come into PMT Leeds and have a chat! What's your favourite thing about the brand? My favourite thing about Roland and BOSS is that they’re always bringing out new and innovative products, whilst also having the strongest back catalogue of electronic instruments in music history.

Roland and BOSS Products at PMT Leeds

Roland Synthesizers & Roland AIRA Creative Hub

Producers and DJs of Leeds, if you're in need of new sounds and hi-tech devices, then you have to check out the fantastic Roland synthesizers, MIDI controllers, drum machines and DJ gear available at PMT Leeds. Plus, if you've been itching to try out the critically claimed AIRA gear, PMT Leeds is home to an official AIRA Creative Hub that houses all the latest AIRA products.

BOSS Pedals & Katana Amplifiers

PMT Leeds is well-known for its enormous selection of acoustic, electric and bass guitars, so of course, we have every BOSS pedal under the sun available in store! BOSS stompboxes are an iconic sound staple for guitar players and cover pretty every effect you could want, so if you've not tried out BOSS pedals yet, PMT Leeds is your go-to. The BOSS Katana amps are a firm favourite at PMT Leeds too. There's a Katana amplifier for everybody, from beginners to pros to battery-powered amps for buskers. Plus, the tones available from these versatile modelling amps are plentiful - another reason why they're so popular. And of course, the all-time Roland Blues Cube and AC acoustic amps are available at PMT Leeds.

Roland V-Drums - The Best Electronic Drum Kits

Roland V-Drums have become the world's favourite electronic drum kits, and it's easy to see why. There's a kit for every price range and skill level, they have a superb natural response like an acoustic kit, and there are plenty of sounds available to inspire you. The full V-Drum range is set up and ready to play at PMT Leeds, so if you'd love to try out these electric drums visit the store soon.