Yamaha Pulse locations are the flagship UK destinations for Music Production products by Yamaha, and they can be found in six PMT stores near you.

Imagine a state of the art music technology department stocked with cutting edge hi-tech, home recording products, keyboards, synths, software and MIDI controller devices. Not only that, within these innovative zones are fully-trained, dedicated staff that are on hand to answer your questions on all Yamaha musical instruments, including Yamaha electric guitars, Bass Guitars, acoustic guitars, guitar amplifiers,  Electronic drum kits, studio monitors, keyboards and pianos.   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="920"]Yamaha Pulse Dealer near me Yamaha Pulse UK Stores Nationwide[/caption]  

Yamaha PA & Live Sound

Our Live Sound and PA experts are fully trained on Yamaha DXR and DXS Series, as well as their groundbreaking TF Series digital mixers. The Yamaha DXR and DXS Series are quickly becoming the go-to Active PA of choice for countless live sound engineers, performers and entertainers. Their price-to-power and reliability competes alongside other industry standard brand names in the world of Live Sound and PA.  

Yamaha Studio Monitors

In the studio, their perfectionist streak led to the development of the NS-10, perhaps the most widely-used speakers in professional studios today. You can find their DNA in the latest HS range of nearfield studio monitor speakers, like the HS5, HS7 and H8s available with or without a subwoofer.  

Yamaha Keyboards & Digital Pianos

Struggling with where to buy a Yamaha Keyboard or Digital Piano? Look no further than your local PMT UK Store. The Yamaha PSR Series are a great entry-level keyboard very popular with schools, colleges and music institutions for any beginners learning to play. Many of the more compact, affordable Yamaha Digital Pianos, like the P-45 and P-32, feature weighted hammer action keys for authentic piano-like response. Their FM synthesizers changed the face of pop music in the 1980's and the latest Reface synthesizers capture those pioneering sounds in a range of compact keyboard synths. While taking a browse in our Pulse shops, be sure to check out the Yamaha Montage synthesizers. With some of Yamaha's most forward-thinking technology and synth engines under the hood, these powerful synths can be the focal point of your studio set up.  

Yamaha Electric Guitars

It doesn't stop with high tech, Yamaha turned to electric guitar and bass design in a big way in the 90's with the Pacifica range. In a reaction to the tidal wave of low-grade, copy cat guitars the Pacificas offered a great choice for a low price. The series has gone from strength to strength and still represents one of the best value for money options for beginners.


Yamaha Acoustic Guitars

Yamaha's impressive line-up of Acoustic Guitars start aimed at beginners and smaller, travel-sized instruments like the F Series and APXT models. The full-size, mid-range FG and APX series guitars represent superb value and have become best-sellers at our stores around the country. For the perfect merge of analogue and digital technology, check out the Yamaha THR Series amplifiers that offer great tube/valve tone in a compact, lightweight package.  

Yamaha Drum Kits

Yamaha's DTX Electronic Drum Kits represent an impressive blend of synthesized and sampled drum kits, leading the way to capture the sound and feel of a full Acoustic Drum Kit without the cost and hassle. The PMT 'House of Drums' stores are the perfect place to spend time shopping for a new drum kit, with the DTX and Acoustic kits available for full demonstration and expert advice.   Yamaha Pulse PMT Stores   So far, six Professional Music Technology stores contain Yamaha Pulse departments, including PMT Cambridge, PMT Birmingham, PMT Leeds, PMT Manchester, PMT Bristol and PMT Norwich. So get yourself to your local Yamaha Pulse today and prepare to be mind-blown!   By Sophie Moss