Vox MV50 Rock Nutube Amplifier Head
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VOX MV50 Rock Nutube Amplifier Head

by VOX
The VOX MV50 Rock guitar amplifier is an analog pre-amp featuring the revolutionary Nutube to deliver monster sound from its minimal size. M..

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The VOX MV50 Rock guitar amplifier is an analog pre-amp featuring the revolutionary Nutube to deliver monster sound from its minimal size.

Monster Sound, Minimal Size

Weighing just over half a kilogram but delivering an incredible 50 Watts of power, the VOX MV50 delivers an awesome guitar tone that will rival the sound of even your favourite valve amp.

Incredible Nutube Technology

Since VOX began way back in 1957, VOX have designed numerous unique and innovative products such as the now legendary AC30. Now, in their 60th anniversary year, VOX introduce the MV50 – a revolutionary amp that is sure to be remembered alongside VOX’s most inventive products.

The MV50 is so small in size but don’t let that fool you. Thanks to its analog circuitry which includes revolutionary Nutube technology, the MV50 produces monstrous sound with authentic valve amp tone.

Similar to conventional vacuum tubes, Nutube has an anode grid filament structure and operates in the same way as a triode vacuum tune. Through ground breaking research and development, a structure has been devised with Nutube that when compared to conventional vacuum tubes has substantial power saving, quality improvements and come in a much smaller package while producing the same characteristic rich overtones.

MV50 Rock with Analog Circuitry

The MV50 comes in three different flavours catering to different styles and genres. The MV50 Rock model gives you aggressive high gain tones perfect for hard rock playing.

The design philosophy of the MV50 had a huge emphasis on analog circuitry. Starting from the Nutube, all the circuits consist of a huge number of analog components.

In order to accurately reproduce the character of a traditional valve amp, the MV50 incorporates specially designed circuits with variable operating points.  This unique circuit design results in incredible guitar tone reminiscent of classic tube amps.

Utilising an efficient class D power amp that has been specifically designed to interact with the unique circuit of the VOX MV50, the vacuum tube sound, that’s generated by the Nutube installed pre-amp circuit, is faithfully amplified.

The “AC30” and “Rock” editions of the VOX MV50 Nutube amp reproduce the varying load that is distinctive of valve power amps. This circuit is integral to the character of a vacuum tube amp and is responsible for producing the natural sound overdriving, the fast response and sensitivity to the nuances of your picking. Maintaining this design philosophy, the MV50 provides a truly authentic playing experience.

EQ Switch for Optimal Sound

When you connect an amp head to a small sized cabinet, you often sacrifice the low-end and accentuation of high frequencies. To tackle this age-old problem, the MV50 Nutube amp has an EQ switch that allows you to select a “DEEP” mode. This setting retains your guitar sound’s rich low-frequency range and prevents the high frequencies from becoming overbearing.

For large speaker cabinets, the VOX MV50 has a “FLAT” mode. This allows your sound to take make the most of the speaker cabinet’s characteristics without impairing the potential of the MV50.

Cabinet Simulation for Direct Recording

The MV50 comes equipped with line and headphone output so it can be directly connected to an audio interface or mixer; great for recording. Through the use of a cabinet simulator circuit, the MV50 is able to accurately reproduce the characteristics of a real cabinet and the way it moves air.

Based on the techniques of experienced audio engineers, this incredible circuity allows you to get amazing studio quality sound no matter the environment you’re in.

VOX MV50 Rock Nutube Amplifier Head Specs and Features:

  • Nutube Technology
  • Emphasis on Analog Circuitry
  • EQ Switch
  • Cabinet Simulation for Direct Recording
  • Tiny, Portable Size with Big Sound
  • Nutube 6P1 Preamp
  • Jack Input
  • Line/Headphones Output
  • Speaker Output
  • Max 50W RMS at 4 Ohms, 25W RMS at 8 Ohms, 12.5W RMS at 16 Ohms
  • 3.43A Current Consumption


Weight (kg)2.1000
SeriesMV50 Series
Amp Typevalve / tube amplifier

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